WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Former Allies Go To War (February, 11th 2016)

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Greetings to All and How GOOD has Smackdown been not only this week, but just in general over the past few weeks with build up? Okay not every week but still, this weeks Smackdown excelled the importance of story-building in the divas division as the heated rivalry between Team BADs remaining members Naomi and Tamina Snuka and the yet to be official pairing of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks made its way to the blue brand this week, creating a fab encounter between Naomi and Sasha Banks that i will admittedly say is a Match of the Year candidate. This wasn’t one of those get in, get out within 3 minutes type of matches, as both girls went to double digits to present the heat between one another. Enough talking, lets get reviewing..

Before the mentioned match can get underway, previous contender to the Divas Title Becky Lynch emerges from the back and heads down to watch the match from the commentary table. Sasha heads out to the ring after, expectedly solo considering the recent issues with the remaining members of Team BAD. Speaking of the remaining members, out comes Naomi and Tamina, and just to note here, shouldn’t “Unity” be counted as Taminas Theme? Naomi’s theme is too good to be snubbed, and why is Sasha still on the units titantron? Anyway…

Naomi attacks Sasha from the get go, scoring a knee to the midsection of the BOSS. In addition, she elbows the back of Sasha, forearming her to the ropes before Sasha smartly reverses a whip from Naomi, Lou Thesz Pressing her. Sasha hammers at Naomi with forearms, then helps her to her feet before running her into the corner turnbuckle. She leads Naomi to an opposite corner turnbuckle, then chokes her against it with her foot while calling out to the audience. Sasha snapmares Naomi out of the corner then hits the ropes, executing a low slap to the former companion. Sasha attempts her first pin of the match on Naomi, but Naomi escapes it at one.

Naomi lobs her fist into the midsection of Sasha, but she comes back as quick. Sasha tries running Naomi back to the same corner, but Naomi blocks with her foot to avoid collision. Naomi grasps the head of Sasha and sends it into the same turnbuckle. Naomi aggressively forearms Sasha then has her whip reversed into an opposite corner, but Naomi avoids the next offense from Sasha with a forearm. Naomi tries to keep her further away, trying to send her back with both feet, but Sasha swings both feet in a different direction, right on the ropes to allow her to hit double knees. Sasha goes to cover again but at the count of two, Tamina assists Naomi and drags her from the ring.

We return from the commercial break that follows this to see the tables have turned, as Naomi attacks Sasha in the ring. Naomi misses a roundhouse, and Sasha manages a double leg take-down into a pin attempt, but getting a near fall, this being because Naomi raises both their shoulders from the mat as a counter. Naomi backslides Sasha for a near fall. Sasha rolls Naomi into a surprise small package but gets a near fall like before. Sasha trips Naomi, trying to pin her again, but getting the same prior result. Following another near fall, Naomi scores a kick to Sasha, looking to make some sort of comeback. Naomi dropkicks Sasha over to the ropes, then nearly gets launched over the ropes by Sasha. Naomi finds her footing and hits a kick but it has little effect and Sasha sends Naomi crashing to the outside.

Naomi clutches the foot of Sasha after Sasha fends off Tamina, and Naomi sends Sasha back first into the apron. Naomi is far from forgiving, and far from allowing Sasha to recover, driving her back into the apron after forcing her to her feet. Naomi scores an additional hard kick to the midsection of Sasha, and she continues the beat-down before leading her back to the ring. Naomi scurries back in after her, attempting a pin and getting a near fall on Sasha. Naomi stomps on the hurt Sasha before executing a back suplex. Naomi nails a low running clothesline to Sasha, choking her also with her foot before Sasha tries to fire back into action with some punches. Naomi fires an insane flurry of kicks, back and forth at Sasha, finalized with an inziguiri. Naomi scoops Sasha upward and applies a chin-lock, hitting a knee to Sasha before she can break free. Naomi whips Sasha, who comes back with a furious flying head-scissor counter. Sasha starts to fire a flurry of forearms at Naomi, hitting the ropes after. Naomi charges after her, but Sasha sees this coming, sending her away with more offense and flattening her with a clothesline. Sasha nails one dropkick after the other, ducking under the clothesline attempt from Naomi and sending her whirling with a head-scissor once more.

Sasha hits with the running double knees to Naomi against the corner, and hits running knees to follow before attempting a pin. Naomi breaks free at two. Sasha kicks the chin of Naomi before being tripped by Tamina, who attempts her assist from ringside. Naomi uses this to her advantage to execute the head-scissor driver finish, but to the chagrin of herself and Tamina, Sasha kicks out of the pin that follows it as well. Becky, meanwhile, seeing enough of the heels antics, goes after Tamina and leaves the commentary desk. Unfortunately she doesn’t come across as durable as Sasha as shes sent to the floor via a clothesline by Tamina. Tamina screeches at Becky while Naomi misses her springboard maneuver back in the ring. Tamina plants Becky’s face against the barricade and Sasha darts outside to save Becky, shoving her into the commentary tables side chair where Becky was once perched, then knocking it, and Tamina, fully down with a big kick. Sasha returns to the ring, caught in a sudden roll up from Naomi, but Sasha kicks out. Sasha gets a sudden counter into the Bank Statement, and despite her hard fought battle, Naomi taps and Sasha wins the match.

(Sasha Banks vs Naomi w/ Tamina Snuka; Becky Lynch on Commentary)

(Sasha Banks on Smackdown Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
Where Do I Even Start? Theres no denying Smackdown has brought us some great matches in the past but they are few and far between, and this match is a pure example of great storytelling, presenting the heat between Sasha and Naomi and Tamina that has built over the few weeks. Regardless of how the result was predictable, the overall performance of the match in my opinion, didn’t make the defeat for Naomi matter, because she legitimately went out in a Blaze of Glory so to speak, and i loved how, for once, WWE let Naomi go all out, rather than just be a fed opponent to Sasha with momentum crashed and nothing to return. Naomi and Sasha have fantastic chemistry and i would LOVE to see this match happen again, just hopefully not in the manner of a Monday Night RAW quick less than six minute match ending via a cheap roll up, but an all out fiery, tense match like this one. Naomi and Sasha should both be proud of how well they worked this match, and im sure the fans agree that will go down for both of them as one of the best matches in their careers. Also got to give a shout-out to Good Ol’ Mauro who has been a FANTASTIC addition to the Smackdown commentary table, and has made matches so much easier to watch through play by play techniques, and with how he put over both women. If this Guy doesn’t make it to PPV as a commentator, i’d be disgusted. Mauro is a legit breathe of fresh air to the commentary team and too good to be staying on just Smackdown for so long. Now onwards to next week to see if Becky has any resuming tension considering she is currently the weakest presented diva in this feud.

– Catherine


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