LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Kobra Moon Arrives, Catrina Continues to Plot (February, 10th 2016)

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Greetings All and Welcome to this weeks edition of Lucha Underground, featuring scheming, great matches as per and the debut of Kobra Moon aka Indy Performer Thunder Rosa. We are now into the third episode of this new season and Catrina’s stranglehold over the temple still remains, and she has plans for Fenix amongst other names this week.

Gracing the Television, or Live-stream for those who cannot access El Rey like myself, with her presence first is Thunder Rosa, going now under the name of Kobra Moon. The Female Luchador is making her debut in an intergender match against Bengala. She is even regarded a mystery to the commentators as the sultry performer slinks into the ring. The Bell rings and each try to throw hits at each other but evading before Kobra gets her first strike with a Dropkick to Bengala. A Hurricanrana then sends Bengala into retreat, but Kobra does not wait, executing a dropkick underneath the bottom rope to Bengala. Kobra leaps over to the top rope and nails another hurricanrana to Bengala on the outside. Kobra awaits in the ring for Bengala’s return, sizing him up with back kicks when Bengala climbs back in. She hits knees then charges to Bengala, who sends her back with a kick.

Bengala begins to summon momentum with flying headbutts to Kobra. He follows with a side kick after evading an attempted clothesline by Kobra. The comeback offense is enough to get him a near fall on Kobra. Bengala forces Kobra upward but she stalls his offense, but Bengala weakens her grip with some knees. Kobra manages to clamber onto the back of Bengala to lock in a sleeper, but Bengala uses the turnbuckles to knock her a little then throw her downward to the mat. Bengala scores a kick to the face of Kobra for a near fall. Bengala calls for the finish, attempting to execute a top rope moonsault, but Kobra lodges her knees upward, connecting with the body of Bengala to counter. Kobra locks in a snake sleeper and Bengala looks to use the ropes to break, but doesn’t manage to reach it, instead tumbling to the mat. A Body-scissor from Kobra forces Bengala into submission, and the newest addition to the roster, Kobra Moon walks out with a victory.

Catrina is up second women’s wise for this weeks show, sensing the presence of the former Gift of the Gods Champion Fenix, who was dethroned on the season opener by King Cuerno. Turning in her seat, the Mistress of the Temple turns and questions Fenix’s demand to challenge Cuerno. She warns Fenix that a Thousand Lives eventually run out, but Fenix is assured he will destroy Cuerno before that happens. He even fearlessly threatens to destroy the alignment of Catrina and Mil but she just smirks at the given threat.

Catrina returns for more segments of sinister plotting, first approaching Fenix’s nemesis and Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno. Emerging from the shadows, she informs Cuerno that despite his title victory, he had not finished off Fenix. Cuerno makes it clear that he only battered up Fenix to protect Mil from him, or so say, make him less a threat. Catrina denies such a claim then suggests a better mission for Cuerno this time around, by having him challenge Fenix in a Last Luchador Standing Match. Catrina adds that Cuerno wont have to put his gold on the line in the stipulated battle, and Cuerno agrees.

And as said, the appearances for Catrina wasnt finalized till this moment, when she approached the former Champion of the promotion, Prince Puma backstage. After going over the previous allegiance Puma had to Konnan, she announces that Puma will hit the ring and face his tag team partner from the week before, Pentagon Jr, next week.

Thoughts on This Match:
Despite it being a short affair, i already love Kobra Moon, knowing little beforehand about her in ring wise. The overall shortness of the match makes me want to see more of Kobra in the ring, but little is to be understood about her character so far and her reasoning for being in the temple, though im sure we’ll learn more over the weeks to come, but one thing is for sure, despite Kobras portrayal as someone who clearly loves herself per her body language, the overall portrayal does not take away anything from her in the ring, she is both beautiful and deadly, not someone who is just there because of looks, but because shes an incredible athlete like the rest of the female wrestlers on the roster. I don’t recall any spoilers of any future matches for Kobra, so anything that comes regarding the developments of Kobra is a probable surprise.

– Catherine


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