WWE NXT RESULTS: One Chapter Closes But More Is To Come (February, 10th 2016)

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Hello All and welcome to a better late than never report on this weeks super important, diva-a-plenty episode of NXT. This weeks episode finally brought along the anticipated NXT Women’s Championship Match between Reigning and defending Champion Bayley and the best friend turned contender but still best friend, Carmella. In addition to that, there’s also a few appearances to note and a singles match between Alexa Bliss and a diva whose time in NXT might just be cut short, Cameron.

Before any physicality can get underway, Carmella and Bayley, dubbed affectionately as BayMella, share the backstage area for an interview regarding the upcoming bout. Bayley states how keeping the title around her has been a challenge, and adds how proud she is of her bestie Carmella, but shes not ready to abdicate yet. In Reaction to this, Carmella goes over how this upcoming match is the biggest of her career, one she must make the most of because she may never have the opportunity again. Carmella downplays any chances of disloyalty, confirming that the match coming will not affect their friendship, and Bayley closes by declaring that may the best woman win.

Before we can get to the battle of BayMella, it appears an extra women’s match was booked, as Alexa Bliss makes her arrival alongside Blake and Murphy to face Cameron in a not too common heel vs heel bout. Cameron makes her entrance second, to expected boos. The Two women begin with a lock up, but Cameron arm drags her way out. Cameron taunts to a far from impressed Alexa before a second lock up round. Alexa tries to outdo Cameron’s previous maneuver by arm dragging her. Alexa taunts Cameron, who lunges at her. Alexa and Cameron roll about the ring mid lock up, and Cameron manages to force Alexa to the corner turnbuckles. Cameron yells at the ref commandment before avoiding a clothesline by Alexa. Cameron sends down Alexa with a clothesline attempt, then proceeds to choke Alexa against the second rope.

Cameron scores double knees from behind to Alexa to follow up the prior assault, Following a running split leg drop, she stomps away at Alexa, who heads to the outside to regroup, in the hands of the former tag champs Blake and Murphy. Alexa storms back over to the apron and snaps the face of Cameron against the ring ropes, returning to the ring to smack her with a load of forearms before attempting her first pin attempt of the match. Cameron escapes at one, to the chagrin of Alexa. Alexa smacks the back of Cameron repeatedly, smacking her face also against the mat before standing on her back. She stomps the back of Cameron’s head, and even gets some cheers for it. Alexa looks for more offense, but Cameron takes her down, pounding at her with forearms in retaliation. Alexa is sent face first to the corner turnbuckle, and takes some extra kicks from Cameron. Cameron follows with a running clothesline to the corner and a bulldog, but its only enough to get her a near fall.

Alexa emerges with a roll up out of nowhere, but gets a near fall on Cameron, who escapes. Cameron looks to shut off the momentum of Alexa with a kick to the midsection. Cameron hits the ropes and nails a flip cutter, but again, its a near fall on Bliss. Cameron trundles over to the ropes where Alexa rests, but Alexa bursts back into action, hitting a knee to the midsection of Cameron. Alexa nails double knees and goes to pin, but swiftly changes her mind, instead climbing the nearby corner turnbuckles, calling for the signature sparkle splash. Alexa pins Cameron for the victory, celebrating with Blake and Murphy.

Next, being the main event, is the hyped women’s title match between the contender Carmella and the reigning champion Bayley. Carmella comes out with her introductory promo, followed by the champion Bayley, and both get introduced in the ring as contender and champion before this fight can get underway. The Two show no issues on the bell, hugging it out before there’s any physicality.

Bayley secures a side headlock to begin the match, reversed eventually by Carmella. Bayley counters this and targets the left shoulder of Carmella. Carmella battles back with another counter, catching the champ in a waist-lock. Bayley trips Carmella and locks a headlock. Carmella reverses a whip from Bayley upon escaping, but her splash in the corner falls flat as Bayley elbows her in the face. Bayley arm drags Carmella from the second rope, missing her offense in the corner when Carmella slips out of the way. Carmella dodges Bayleys clothesline and nails an atomic drop. Both try and hit a dropkick in unison, missing one another, and the two stare each other down.

Back to square one, and the two women look to engage in a lock up again, but Bayley captures Carmella in a waist-lock. Carmella comes back with an arm wringer counter that Bayley looks to roll out of. Bayley secures the waist-lock again then tries to roll up Carmella, and the contender escapes at two. Bayley whips Carmella to the corner and hits a clothesline. She snapmares her away from the corner and scores a low clothesline, and runs the ropes and hits a single knee drop. Bayley gets another near fall on Carmella.

We come back for a break to see the momentum still ongoing for the champ, Bayley. Carmella escapes Bayleys hold with a roll up, getting a near fall on the champ. Carmella uses her foot to roll Bayley backward and to the mat, then Lou Thesz Press’s her. Carmella lobs Bayleys head into her boot in an opposite corner, then nails a hurricanrana from the top rope. Carmella charges but runs into a sudden clothesline from Bayley. Bayley makes it onto her feet, making her way to Carmella who rolls her into a small package for another near fall. Bayley starts to fire back with a running shoulder tackle and running back elbow to Carmella in the corner. She tries to knock Carmella down further with more elbows, then nails a powerslam after pulling Carmella from the turnbuckles. Bayley gets another near fall.

Bayley climbs to the top rope, but Carmella looks to avoid the upcoming move and charges over, also looking to head up the turnbuckles but Bayley takes a massive fall to the outside. Carmella is split between hoping for her friends recovery or continuing the offense, and eventually, after a few quick glances at the ropes, takes to the ropes and performs a suicide dive to Bayley. Carmella heads back to the ring, but Bayley is far from up, and Carmella hits the suicide dive again. Carmella hurries Bayley back to the ring, and hopes for the finish there, but Bayley kicks out of the follow up pin attempt, getting Carmella another near fall on the champ. Carmella tries so a few times after, but just cant seem to pin Bayley.

Carmella hits her splash in the corner to the re cooperating Bayley, then lures her to the center where she hits her Side Russian Leg Sweep, expectedly followed by the head-scissor submission. Bayley sees it coming however and counters into a jack knife pin attempt, getting a near fall on Carmella. Carmella rolls over Bayley for a near fall, as does Bayley for the same result. Carmella slides over the back of Bayley for another pin attempt, another near fall, then Bayley rolls her up but this time pins her completely. Bayley retains the championship.

Post Match Bayley hugs Carmella, allowing her to leave but on the way Carmella is taken out by Nia Jax and an also emerging Eva Marie. Eva and Nia continue the assault to Carmella after handling Bayley on the outside, and this prompts the arrival of Asuka. Asuka stares Nia down for a while, but the heel leaves, as does Eva, and Asuka then slowly turns her attention to Bayley, stroking the women’s championship belt, and signifying her plans for the future.

(Cameron vs Alexa Bliss w/ Blake and Murphy)

(Carmella vs Bayley; NXT Womens Championship Match feat Nia Jax, Eva Marie and Asuka)

(Cameron WWE.Com Exclusive)

(Bayley WWE.Com Exclusive)

Thoughts On:
Alexa/Cameron: Overall, even with the botched clothesline, it wasn’t a bad match between Alexa and Cameron, and Cameron has so many moves in her arsenal, and charisma that should easily tell WWE to never turn her babyface again. Alexa is still working perfect as a heel, though im not sure what direction they are going with herself and Blake and Murphy currently, though id love to see the trio on the main roster, though im also conflicted because Alexa could honestly be one of NXTs best heel champions if given the brass. The Heel vs Heel match overall was a little confusing, as it is rare, maybe it has something to do with Cameron’s tweets over creative, but it seems Cameron’s exclusive about being far from done with NXT is bad timing, because as of yesterday, it appears she may be back on the main roster as a part of Team BAD. Wait and see…

Bayley/Carmella: Another fantastic match with a well built babyface vs babyface backstory rather than the friendship gone sour route that some may have seen coming. I Do truly believe this was Carmella’s most high profile match on NXT, and a possible farewell should she head to the main roster with Enzo and Cass, looking to make a possible mark on an already stacked Tag Division (Don’t Job to the Dudleyz Please). That match was truly deserving of its spot and showcased the growth of Carmella’s ring work over time. With Enzo and Cass’s promotion reported to be imminent, the move to another angle aka Bayley v Asuka is no longer a surprise but the next few weeks should be majorly interesting.

– Catherine


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