WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Lone Fox Yet To Shoot to Victory (February, 12th 2016)

nat v foxy 1

nat v foxy 2

nat v foxy 3

Greetings All. So Yes i was very late reporting on NXT last night, and i didn’t have time to fully write this up last night, but with several minutes closing in until RAW, i think its best to get this final report of the prior week done ey? This being last weeks Main Event episode, as Natalya took on Alicia Fox in singles action.

Natalya heads to the ring first for the upcoming singles match, followed by Fox who not only has abandoned her Bella Gear, but there is no reference to such representation. It seems Team Bella have quietly disbanded with Brie shortly in the title picture, Nikki far from returning and Alicia possibly being the one to be worked over by the currently pushed, if not Becky or Naomi or so and so. The Two lock up to begin their match, and Natalya takes Alicia to the mat via a take-down. Alicia reverses into a head-scissor and Natalya kips up. The Two are at a stalemate and head back to square one.

Natalya catches Alicia in a side headlock and is pushed to the ropes. Natalya bounds back with an elbow that sends Alicia falling to the mat. Natalya looks for the cover there and gets the first near fall of the match. Natalya forces Alicia from the ropes but it isn’t long before Alicia summons momentum with a hard kick to Natalya’s midsection. Alicia leaps to avoid Natalya’s possible offense, using her legs to hurtle her across the ring. Natalya takes down Alicia, attempting the sharpshooter but Alicia makes her way to the ropes and forces her to break. Natalya doesn’t take too kindly to the antics of Alicia, throwing forearms at her while she screeches for restraint. The referee soon intervenes and pulls Natalya away, and within seconds Alicia sends her down with a huge boot. Alicia gets a near fall.

Alicia drives her knee into the back of Natalya before applying a rear choke-hold. Alicia sends Natalya to the mat before she can gather any momentum, kicking her as she sprawls against the mat. A Northern Lights Suplex by Alicia gets her another near fall on Natalya. Alicia reverts back to the rear choke-hold, and Natalya tries to escape as she hits Alicia with some elbows. Alicia pushes Natalya to the ropes, but a possible tilt-a-whirl is reversed by Natalya as Natalya collapses onto her instead for a pin attempt. Alicia escapes her pin attempt at the count of one. Natalya starts building momentum with a number of clotheslines, avoiding a splash from Alicia in the corner and executing her slingshot maneuver. Natalya scores the low dropkick, and after one pin attempt goes sour, Natalya attempts again, getting another near fall result on Fox.

Natalya attempts an attack in the corner but Alicia heads upward, leading to Natalya crashing into the corner between the turnbuckles. Alicia sunset flips Natalya from the top rope, then Natalya rolls back and takes both legs of Alicia, forcing her away from the ropes and locking in the sharpshooter, to the Chagrin of Alicia as she taps within moments. Natalya wins the match. Alicia appears far from happy after the match, yelling at Natalya and walking off as Natalya just laughs off the antics.

(Alicia Fox vs Natalya)

Thoughts On This Match:
An Enjoyable encounter between Natalya and Fox in my opinion, and as i expressed before, i do feel Alicia has been quietly thrown from Team Bella, or the Unit has disappeared altogether, maybe tonight’s RAW will prove me wrong, but at times in this match, the crowd were really into it, whether it would be Alicia’s athletic encounter or just the overall support for Nattie. It seems to me that until NaoMina are withered from their current role, Alicia will be the one putting over various pushed talent, as will Nattie, and i love how Alicia has also retained her crazy gimmick that got a few pops back in the day. The Match gave me vibes of Mickie vs Serena from long ago just because it seemed that Alicia transitioned from face to heel during the match. Regardless, an, again, enjoyable encounter.

– Catherine


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