WWE RAW RESULTS: Opposing Sides Look for Momentum Before Hitting the Fast Lane (February, 15th 2016)


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Hello Everyone. Happy Tuesday….or Wednesday. Its Time to talk this weeks rather intriguing, but also at times flat, episode of RAW. With Fast Lane, aka the pit-stop before WrestleMania, approaching as soon as this Sunday, it was time to kick things into high gear with the two presented diva feuds. Charlotte and Brie locked horns in a few minute segment, and Sasha and Becky seemed to finally confirm their alignment. Plus….SUMMER IS BACKKKK!!

The First diva appearance of the night goes to Becky Lynch, courtesy of a pre show segment i actually missed. Becky pulls up at the venue for the newest RAW episode and makes her way into the arena when she is stopped by the rivals, Tamina and Naomi. The Two try to casually greet Becky, but she sees right through the antics, demanding an explanation for their approach. Naomi just tries to sweeten up herself to Becky by claiming she was only trying to ensure she made it safely to RAW but Becky sees otherwise and sees that their obvious vendetta should be settled in the ring tonight. Naomi agrees and seems to venture off with Tamina, or so thought, because as Becky turns back around, Tamina super-kicks her against the car bonnet. Naomi leans over her and tells her she will see her in the ring, chuckling as she heads off with a proud Tamina.

Opening the Main show is Stephanie McMahon, interrupting Dean Ambrose, who is scheduled to join Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in This Sundays Triple Threat Qualifier where one man will stand tall and challenge Triple H for his WWE Title at WrestleMania. Stephanie continues to lay into possible breakdowns between Ambrose and Reigns, then ensures Ambrose will face an F5 tonight, but not in the Lesnar finisher type scenario, but a 5 Way Match following right up from the segment, where Ambrose will defend his Intercontinental Title against four other competitors, those competitors being Stardust, Tyler Breeze, Dolph Ziggler and the Victor, Kevin Owens.

Later into the second hour, and with a bit of hype, Brie gets an exclusive interview in the ring with Byron Saxton, and a week clear of her husband, Daniel Bryan’s Career altering retirement. Brie engages in a Yes Chant with the crowd before the interview gets underway. Byron begins by asking about the current state of Bryan, and Brie tries to answer but is overwhelmed by the support from the fans in the audience. Brie finally gets to answer, stating the moment was hard for Bryan, but because of the support given to him by the fans and many backstage, it turned such a bad situation into a positive. Brie adds that Bryan is excited for the next chapter in his life but before she can continue, Charlotte’s Music cuts her off and the Divas Champion struts to the ring, mic in hand and Ric also at her side.

Charlotte tries to make out that she hasn’t come out here to ruin her moment, insisting that she is as blown away as the fans were by Daniels speech last week. She adds that Bryan was a superstar who was in a league of his own, but Brie corrects her by stating he is, rather than was. As Charlotte intends or so to correct herself, Brie reminds Charlotte that hes very much alive and looking forward to the next chapter of his life. Charlotte then pulls a possible reference to Bries impending retirement by insinuating that no one knows whether the next day is going to be the last, and because of this, she understands wholly if Brie has to forfeit challenging her at Fast Lane, but Brie sees differently, questioning as to why she would walk away from this match. Charlotte explains that this is because she feels Brie should be at home caring for her husband, and her decision to compete on Sunday could be seen as selfish but she admits herself that it wouldn’t be her right to judge her marriage, which Brie agrees with.

Brie adds that she owes Charlotte no explanation as to why she will remain competing, but Daniel supports her 100% over this. Charlotte digs into her meaner side by overturning Bries statement, and that she only supports herself and Daniel 100%, and that Brie is only staying because of the money needed. Brie reminds everyone how Charlotte laid claim to injuring her sister only a few weeks ago, and how she has the nerve to come out and suddenly talk about Daniels injuries (on a more kinder note). Charlotte interrupts, stating that the fans have been watching, and therefore they know she wasn’t jabbing personally at Daniel, but rather making a sympathetic gesture in the wake of his retirement. Charlotte sees the Yes Chants as agreements to her statement, and repeats how she was being sympathetic, and sees it only right due to all that’s happened that Brie should go home and see to Nikki and to Daniel. Charlotte adds that the fans don’t need her like Daniel and Nikki do, but Brie just laughs this all off, seeing it rather as mind games from the champ.

Brie claims Charlotte is scared of her so she has to use Daniel and Nikki’s name to mess with her because she knows shes no “easy beat”. Brie says all this fuels her instead and she stands before Charlotte in disgust at the champion she has become. Charlotte strides back, allowing her father to leave the ring, then turns all focus back to Brie. Charlotte angrily spits at Brie that she had given her the opportunity to walk away, and its not about what she has become, but rather her “goat faced, vegan babies”. Seeing red, Brie slaps Charlotte then fires at her with Daniels Signature Yes Kicks, standing tall.

Next in Diva Appearances, its Paige in a singles match with a Returning Summer Rae, a surely unexpected opponent, but Summer is given the no entrance treatment while for Paige, its a complete reverse. When the bell rings, Summer shoves at Paige repeatedly, then avoiding a clothesline from Paige, and rolling her over and getting a near fall. Summer arm drags to follow, then rolls her to the mat where she hits her with a series of forearms. After a small stare-down, Paige kicks Summer, then whips her, pinning herself against the mat, leading to Summer tripping to the mat jaw first. Paige knees Summer to the mat then takes her down for a one count. Paige gets a second one count pin on Summer, then drags her by her hair to the ropes, hitting her in the face with several knees.

Summer avoids a boot from Paige and counters with a roundhouse kick. Summer gets a near fall on Paige to follow, attempting to weaken her after with a series of leg drops. Summer chokes Paige with her knee against the second rope, proceeding to choke her against the nearby corner with her foot after. Summer snapmares her away from the corner and gets another near fall. Summer secures a stretch hold, and Paige escapes via an arm drag. Paige super-kicks Summer, securing another three, before nailing a high knee in the corner to Summer. Paige leads Summer out of the corner and hits another knee, getting another near fall on Summer. Paige grabs both of Summers feet, cunningly staring out into the audience rather than lock in her finishing submission, and this proves costly as Summer rolls her up and pins her. Summer wins her return match.

Lastly, looking for revenge for the earlier attack, Becky emerges for a singles match with Naomi. Tamina is in the corner of Naomi while Becky comes out alone. Becky unloads with swift forearms to Naomi the moment the bell rings, adding some additional kicks before executing an exploder suplex. Naomi rolls from the ring within moments to regroup. Naomi climbs to the ropes upon recovery, grabbed by Becky, but Naomi counters, kicking away Becky, then returning to the ring and hitting her consecutive knees before finalizing with an inziguiri. Naomi gets a one count on Becky.

Becky forearms out of a stretch hold, but takes a back shot by Naomi, who attempts to send her down via the running bulldog, but Becky breaks free and Naomi crashes into the corner turnbuckle. Becky fends off Tamina, who leaps upward onto the apron, then pulls Naomi from the corner to get a near fall. Naomi reverses into her own pin attempt, with the same result. Becky locks in the disarmer suddenly and Naomi submits, and Becky wins the match.

Tamina leads an attack on Becky after the match, but its not long before Sasha is forced to make the save, and storming down the ramp, removing her jewelry on the way, down comes Sasha but Naomi and Tamina have both fled by the time she hits the ring.

(Becky Lynch, Tamina and Naomi Pre Show Segment)

(Dean Ambrose and Stephanie McMahon Opening Segment)

(Brie Bella, Ric Flair and Charlotte Segment)

(Summer Rae vs Paige)

(Becky Lynch vs Naomi w/ Tamina feat Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On:
Brie/Charlotte: Overall im mixed on this segment because i feel in parts that Brie and Charlotte delivered on the mic, but what brought it down for me was how senselessly scripted it was, and how some jabs could have been explained in better context, for example Brie referencing herself as no “easy beat” when she took the falls most times between herself and Nikki after Nikki phased from TV and during Nikkis reign. Also looking back at her pin to Charlotte weeks ago, how is a dominant challenger established through such a finish? I Wish this segment had delved a little more deeper but not in distasteful taste of course. But, looking at Bries GMA segment where she has more or less stated retirement is on the way, what does this mean for her in the next few days, weeks or even months? Is she winning on Sunday? At WrestleMania? Is Brie getting a FL Rematch at Mania while Sasha and Becky take a backseat and join Natalya in a possible tag vs Cameron and NaoMina? Despite the deliverance of the segment itself, there’s still some unpredictability as to where the current championship feud goes and whether the marketable Brie Bella’s popularity and identity plays into the feuds extension.

Summer/Paige: I Honestly did not expect Summer back this soon, questioning when of course she would be back and in what role, but it has been made clear Summer is happy to be back in the ring just via social media posts, and by the fact she has brought her in ring improvements along with her (even though she was pretty good before phasing into the valeting role). Considering she had no entrance, it was a complete swerve to see Summer win. Im not sure whether this is a sympathetic approach like they had with Aksana for taking more pins than victories over time, or whether its a push oncoming, but commentary seemed to be hinting a good future for Summer, and a future push i can only hope for, being a fan of Summer since NXT/FCW. Are herself and Paige aligning? Is it a Best of Series? (Unlikely) Are they feuding? Is this a Total Divas angle that is going to have subpar booking? I’m not sure but considering Summer and Paige kicked off the Divas Revolution before it was even a hashtag back in NXT, a well booked feud not being done is a missed opportunity.

Becky/Naomi: Overall the match was unjustifiably short, and did nothing for Naomi considering how great a performance she had days before on Smackdown, though it helped Becky regroup after a loss the week prior. I Do feel the feud took a spill this week as its still not entirely sure whether Becky and Sasha are completely Okay working together, or whether they are just thinking of their own intentions instead, but the post match beat-down needed a better ending in my opinion, unless of course they are understandably protecting the babyfaces from potential pre Pay Per View injuries? Who Knows, but overall, this feud is still the one most heated and most well booked heading into the Pay Per View.

– Catherine


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