Cattie’s Catch Up: Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella at Hell in a Cell 2014 (October, 26th 2014)

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Hello All and welcome to another Brie Bella related flashback post for this week, this being not only due to Brie’s Championship Match this Sunday, but the retirement that may follow, unless going ahead in the summer as reiterated. So for those new or not so new to the Main Roster Women’s Division and Brie Bella, heres an example of one of Bries best in ring highlights during her full scale improvement in the ring, reflecting back at Hell in a Cell 2014, when Brie took her heated feud with her sister Nikki to the ring following a mass betrayal at Summerslam of that year, when Nikki cost her her career making match with Stephanie McMahon, an angle that had become the hot topic for the women’s division that year.

Nikki, hurt by Bries decision to “depart” the WWE to protect her then injured husband Daniel Bryan’s title reign back at Payback, on top of outside Total Divas drama, aired her hatred for Brie week in week out following the huge betrayal that followed Bries tough decision, at Summerslam, and after being thwarted out of a possible title win at Night of Champions, even through no sisterly fault, Brie and Nikki took their continuing feud to the ring at Hell in a Cell weeks later in the form of a singles match where a loss for Brie would mean serving Nikki for a number of days and professing her unwanted loyalty for the heel Bella.

– Catherine


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