TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Shortcomings Set Up for A Historic Clash (February, 16th 2016)

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Hello All and welcome to a second round of Brit Country Beatings as TNA continued its UK Tour with another Dollhouse vs Heroes Set Up. This week on IMPACT, Jade and Marti battled the team of Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, aka former TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions back in the day. In addition to this development, we get some post match developments, Rosemary backstory and the Miracle and the First Lady of Professional Wrestling….Professed by the way.

Since i didn’t deliver those developments in chronological order, lets do that in actual order so first we see Maria Kanellis emerge to introduce the Miracle, aka Mike Bennett. Following a promo from the Professed “Miracle” of Professional Wrestling himself, he faces the equally as talented Mandrews (should be X Division champ imo) one on one, a victory sure to be gained and completed.

We Next see the hopeful contenders to the tag team titles, Abyss and Steve backstage with their as maniacal manager, Rosemary. Rosemary still has the tag titles belonging to the Wolves held hostage, and she has more than enough to say about ending the Wolves once and for all. As Abyss makes a further declaration about the destruction the pairing will leave the Wolves in later tonight, British Talent Jimmy Havoc shows up, immediately announcing he has unfinished business with a hissing Rosemary, nothing to do with Abyss or Crazy Steve, but her.

Even with the assist of Rosemary, the heels were unable to capture the TNA Tag Team Titles as the Wolves emerged victorious in an insane monsters ball tag team match, with the championships on the line.

Following that physical affair, we finally get the Knockouts Tag Team Match, and for the second week in a row, the Dollhouse suffer from getting no entrance, already in the ring alongside Rebel to await the arrivals of Madison Rayne and Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, who come out together. As Gail and Madison pose on the turnbuckles, Jade and Marti cheap-shot from behind. The Bell is rung and Marti kicks Gail against one corner while Madison throws forearms at Jade to escape the other. Jade knees Madison then chucks her out of the ring. Jade dives between the ropes onto Madison on the outside while Marti chokes Gail against the same corner.

Gail sends Marti to the ropes, before having her follow up whip reversed. Gail boots the charging Marti back before dealing with an intervening Rebel on the outside. Marti uses the interference to her advantage to force Gail onto both her shoulders and nail a Samoan drop to the champ. A Flip cutter from Marti gets her a near fall on Gail. Marti tags in Jade, who scores a high kick to the jaw of Gail. She hits two more kicks, finalizing with a roundhouse. Jade goes to pin and gets a near fall on Gail.

Jade sends Gail to a corner, trundling over to her but taking an elbow. Gail runs from the corner and applies the octopus hold to Jade. Gail attempts to tumble on top of Jade, but she forces her knees upward, connecting with the midsection of Gail for her own counter. Jade goes to pin Gail once more but gets another near fall. Jade tags in Marti, and they hit their own double team moves to Gail in a nearby corner. Jade retreats to the outside while Marti stomps away at the throat of Gail. Marti tags in Jade again, who tries to dispose of Madison via a running dropkick, before elbowing at the back of Gail. Jade leads Gail to the corner, attempting to set up her package pile-driver finish, but cannot seem to scoop Gail, who sends her down with a huge clothesline. Madison and Marti then tag in.

Madison clotheslines and forearms Marti, scoring some additional chops before sending Marti down with another clothesline. Madison takes out Marti with an inziguiri, followed with the voodoo drop, looking to pin Marti there but Jade charges in and kicks Madison in the back, also breaking the pin. Meanwhile Rebel is trying to drag Gail away from the apron on the outside. Gail breaks free from Rebel to hit Jade with an elbow from the outside, and Jade rolls from the ring to the floor. Marti’s clothesline misses and Madison sets up for her next move, but Marti counters, rolling up Madison for a near fall. Madison counters into her own and pins Marti. Madison and Gail win the match.

Jade and Marti look to avenge this loss as they and Rebel attack the celebrating Madison and Gail after the match. The Numbers Game for the heels seems to work until a returning Velvet Sky, recovered from an attack unleashed by the not named Awesome Kong weeks ago, bolts to the ring. Velvet sends them all out with stunners and takes the mic to follow, challenging the three members of the Dollhouse alongside Madison and Gail next week to a Knockouts Tag Team Lethal Lockdown match.

(“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis vs Mark Andrews)

(Marti Bell and Jade w/ Rebel vs Madison Rayne and Gail Kim; Velvet Sky Returns)

Thoughts On This Match:
It was a Good Match and I Loved Jades outside spot to Madison, but i can only stress enough how long this feud has been going on. The Match only seemed to be happening because it was booked, there’s no reasoning behind the clashes other than referenced hate on both sides and the need for one-upmanship, and its also becoming a slow duplicate of the Dollhouse post Gail’s return in terms of the babyfaces getting one up, so the Dollhouse not only need a comeback next week, but its time for backstage segments and promos on the heel side, allowing fans to understand the intentions of the Dollhouse not just through their ring work. If they could make so much time to develop the Dollhouse through Taryn’s mic work, then im sure it wouldn’t be hard to pass that job onto Rebel with Kong gone for definite. Also Velvet being able to take out all three alone made her look stronger than the other babyfaces, even though the move was mainly because Gail and Madison had taken enough damage during the match. And Lastly, Mega Facepalm for Josh Matthews calling the Dollhouse “Dollhoes” on commentary…

– Catherine


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