WWE NXT RESULTS: Asukas Domination Continues While Red and Black Plan Domination for Next Week (February, 17th 2016)

asuka v deonna


eva 719

Greetings All and welcome to this weeks NXT report, which (sadly) doesn’t have an NXT Women’s Championship Match, but the road to NXT Takeover Dallas is very much ahead, and a hopeful contender in Asuka is looking to continue her road to domination, especially as she indicated just a week ago that shes chasing NXT Women’s Champion Bayleys Title. Asuka faces a returning Deonna Purrazzo, plus we get to see Nia Jax and Eva Marie sound off on last weeks main event intervention, and Emma and Dana Brooke ruffling some feathers..

But before we can mention any of the above, Miss Radiant in Red Alexa Bliss accompanies her boys, the (i wish could be current tag team champs) former NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy as they join the current champions Dash and Dawson in an 8 Man Tag Team Match vs the Babyface Team of Enzo and Cass and American Alpha aka Gable and Jordan. Unfortunately for 1/2 of the tag champs, Dawson, he ended up taking Enzo’s top rope finisher, and was pinned, putting Enzo and Cass in sure contention for the titles.

Later on Backstage, Alex Reyes catches up with NXTs recently appeared indy competitor, Deonna, to get her thoughts on clashing with Asuka once more. Deonna sounds off but is eventually interrupted by the heel pairing of Emma and Dana Brooke, who believe Deonna is disrespecting them due to her belief that she can do what they couldn’t and beat Asuka. Dana, reminding Deonna that herself and Emma run NXT, wishes Deonna Good Luck, sarcastically of course.

The Match follows not too long after, as Deonna comes out to an alternate Total Divas Theme, while Asuka comes out to her (awesome) own. The Two ladies make ways around the ring, and Deonna avoids a swift roundhouse as their match begins. After trying to find a way to lock up with Asuka, Deonna ends up taking a load of kicks from the Empress of Tomorrow herself. Deonna appears overwhelmed as a series of kicks keep her grounded somewhat to the mat, but then she leaps back into action, hitting Asuka with a quick forearm then heading for the ropes. Asuka runs the ropes near simultaneously, using her legs to force Deonna to the mat. Deonna escapes an attempted lock of the finishing submission by pushing herself to the ropes. Asuka then takes a kick from Deonna midway through charging towards her. Deonna avoids a clothesline then sends down Asuka with a running cross-body. Deonna covers Asuka and gets a one count result.

Asuka seems to recover no matter how many furious forearms she takes from Deonna. Deonna soon makes a possible insult of the competitor by slapping her in the face. The Familiar smile of Asuka soon emerges on her face and she blocks the attempted offense by Deonna and forearms her to the mat. Asuka whips Deonna from one corner to the other, but Deonna cleverly sets herself up on the top turnbuckle rather than take a crash landing. Deonna dives from up top, but, and in perfect timing, Asuka scores a kick. Deonna makes it up and tries to escape an indicated ankle lock by trying to find her way to the ropes, but doesn’t, and instead Asuka nails a German Suplex to get the first near fall of the match.

Asuka immediately reverts to an armbar to follow up the pin attempt. Deonna tries to roll out to no avail, caught in Asuka’s grip. Asuka connects with spinning fists then a roundhouse flattens Deonna. Completely KO’ed from the move, Deonna takes the follow up pin and is defeated. Asuka wins the match, expectedly continuing her domination over the women’s division.

Following this up, we see Eva and Nia in the backstage area. Eva reminds all that herself and Nia made a clear statement, attacking both Bayley and Carmella after last weeks huge title match. Nia explains that this attack was perfectly justified, because if she had been cleared much earlier, she would have been number one contender. Nia adds that Carmella would know that, as would Bayley, who she labels as the future ex Women’s Champion. Eva turns her focus to Asuka, sending a message to the vicious competitor that she should stay away from their business, and Nia warns Asuka that if she doesn’t listen, she will end up like the rest of the division. Broken.

(Big Cass, Enzo and American Alpha vs Dash, Dawson and Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss)

(Deonna, Emma and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

(Deonna vs Asuka)

(Nia Jax and Eva Marie Segment)

Thoughts On:
Deonna/Asuka: Easily my favorite match out of all that the two have had on NXT, and i especially enjoyed the closing moments. To Me, Deonna seems to be portrayed as Bayley in her beginning days at NXT, with a strong will to be the best and be courageous by taking on a competitor as fearful to the others as Asuka, and just that one midair kick alone from Asuka to Deonna had me feel legit sorry for her, it looked hurtful but she sold it perfectly. I Also loved Deonnas ring awareness, using the ropes to escape the offense of Asuka she has familiarized herself with. But the story closed with Deonnas redemption sunk once again as Asuka moves towards title contention. Deonna has had recent tryouts with the company, so if shes officially signed, could she become Emma and Dana’s protege and snap on Asuka?

Nia/Eva: Easily my favorite promo from Nia during her time in NXT though the next few weeks will make clear that Nia isn’t (SPOILER) heading towards contention or even facing Asuka like first thought. The soon to be announced card has waves of unpredictability because will Asuka be champion then move onto Nia? Will this be the first women’s title match with a dirty finish or no finish whatsoever? Regardless Nia vs Asuka is a match im waiting for and one im waiting to see, because i cant imagine at this time who will feud with the pair of Eva and Nia outside of Asuka with Carmella being possibly promoted (and i actually forgot she had a match next week) and Peyton and Billie seemingly being kept out until they have a proper re-debut, expectedly as heels.

– Catherine


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