LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Baddest Bitch in the Building Continues to Seek Out the Jefe (February, 17th 2016)

ivelisse velez 62

ivelisse velez 63

ivelisse velez 64

As i race through the reports to yet be done this week, theres no mistaking or leaving out another action packed Lucha Underground episode. This past wednesday, more action went down within the temple as the dark mistress herself, Catrina, looked to ensure more Havoc on Ivelisses side, booking her in a six person tag where she and her fellow comrades, Angelico and Son of Havoc battled the Crew.

This comes when Ivelisse confronts her at the beginning of the show within her office. Ivelisse hasnt forgotten how her boys and herself were left title-less at Ultima Lucha, having been defeated by Catrina’s Disciples of Death. Catrina brings up how Ivelisse should be thankful for Mil’s Mercy towards her, that being because shes still standing, but Ivelisse sees this far from mercy, and looks to perform in the same way as she suggests she makes a match between them and the Disciples but Catrina declares, clearly in the defense of her own trio, that there are no rematch clauses, and thus Ivelisse needs to prove her worth against another hopeful trio. Ivelisse just smirks at the suggestion, making it clear that the amount of obstacles thrown in their way doesn’t matter, because they will get their titles back, and she threatens Catrina by stating that one day she will finally get her hands on her, and when that day happens, there will be no mercy.

Striding off to meet her boys after, Ivelisse enters the arena with Son of Havoc and the Amazing Angelico for the Opening Trios Tag Team Match. Their Opponents are Cisco, Castro and Chavo Guerrero aka the Crew. Ivelisse tags in later in the match, first facing Cisco before Cortez tags in. Cortez moves Ivelisse to the corner turnbuckles and attempts to chop her but misses. Ivelisse hits high kicks to Cortez before being sent to the mat. Ivelisse escapes a suplex attempt, then kicks Cortez, following with a knee to the midsection. Ivelisse scores more knees before going for her first pin attempt, and Cortez kicks out at one. Cortez counters a whip and forearms Ivelisse, who tumbles to the mat. Chavo tags in, applying his foot to the throat of Ivelisse. He further chokes her against his own corner, getting in the face of the official while his partners get in some cheap shots.

Chavo snapmares her out of the corner, choking her with his knee before attempting to pin and getting a near fall. Ivelisse tries to summon back momentum with some kicks, one Chavo dodges, but Ivelisse brings in one last one to floor Chavo. Chavo tags in Cisco, who takes the foot of Ivelisse, trying to prevent her reaching her comrades. Ivelisse kicks away Cisco and tags in Havoc. Ivelisse isnt tagged in again but ends up on the winning team as Angelico gets the winning pin for the team. The former Trios Champs emerge victorious.

(Catrina and Ivelisse Segment)

(Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc vs Cortez Castro, Cisco and Chavo Guerrero)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another great match from the former Trios Champions and another standout performance again from Angelico. Im Guessing the move puts them in contention for the Trios Titles, and regardless of the result that possibly follows, the Ivelisse and Catrina angle will move forward, and i cannot wait to see what plays out as the weeks go on.

– Catherine


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