WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Last Shot at Momentum Before Pre WrestleMania Battles (February, 18th 2016)

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Welcome All and Happy Fast Lane Sunday. Before we can get to the PPV, Smackdown Presents us a last wave of momentum for tonight’s clashing divas. Charlotte has one last in ring performance against Natalya before her title defense against Brie and Sasha Banks looks to overthrow the strong Tamina before herself and Becky Lynch look to completely overthrow the duo of NaoMina at tonight’s event.

Sasha vs Tamina is first on the card, with Tamina coming out alongside Naomi. We get a look back at Naomi and Tamina sneak attacking Becky Lynch in the parking lot from this past Monday on RAW, before “The Bo$$” Sasha Banks arrives alone. Sasha barely takes her angry gaze off the powerhouse member of the NaoMina duo before their match begins.

Tamina looks dumbfounded at supportive chants towards Sasha as the bell rings, while Naomi jokes around by trying a distraction early on before any offense even gets exchanged. Sasha and Tamina eventually lock up, and Tamina nails a knee to Sasha nearly instantly. Tamina throws Sasha backward to the mat before mocking chants towards Sasha. Tamina continues showcasing immense strength as she easily tosses Sasha across to the other side of the ring. Tamina goes for her first pin attempt, which Sasha manages to kick out of at the count of two.

Tamina tries to launch Sasha over her shoulder but Sasha breaks free, using both her feet to execute a somewhat sturdy landing. Sasha knocks Tamina away with her elbow as Tamina charges to the corner. Sasha kicks at the knees of Tamina then attacks Tamina in the corner. Sasha nails double knees to Tamina also, not once but twice. Sasha gets a near fall result as she looks to pin Tamina right after. Naomi screeches over at Sasha, trying to distract, and Sasha sends her crashing off the apron with a forearm. Sasha avoids a clothesline from Tamina and runs the ropes. Sasha counters Taminas slam attempt into the bank statement and Tamina submits within moments. Sasha wins the match.

Sasha doesn’t get long to celebrate her victory, as Naomi attacks the victorious diva from behind. Naomi mocks Sasha before aiming a relentless number of elbows at the defenseless former comrade. The Two women gang up on Sasha before Becky charges to the ring to clear off Tamina and Naomi. However Sasha is displeased at looking as if she needed her help and pushes her away, leaving her to herself in the ring, to Becky’s confusion.

Becky confronts Sasha backstage over her actions. Becky asks Sasha what the possible outcome could be if they go into Fast Lane at each others throats. Sasha asks what the case would be and Becky answers by saying they would lose. Becky adds that if Naomi and Tamina come out on top at Fast Lane they get to ride the wave of momentum to WrestleMania, and shes been dreaming of having a wrestlemania moment, but Sasha wants the same also. Becky doesn’t deny she needs her help, but she knows Sasha also needs her, they need each other. She stammers as she recalls all the times shes tried to aid her but if Sasha’s ego continues to get in the way then shes best off out. Becky tries to walk off but Sasha forces her back into her view and reminds her they aren’t friends, which Becky doesn’t deny, but she hates losing. She offers her hand and Becky takes it in acceptance of their possibly temporary partnership.

Moving ahead to the championship storyline, and Divas Champion Charlotte has one last match to handle before her title defense tonight at Fast Lane. Charlotte battles Natalya before her championship match with Brie Bella. Charlotte emerges with Ric while Natalya is already in the ring. Natalya and Charlotte open with numerous reversals which Natalya overtakes by taking Charlotte down to the mat. Charlotte kicks her way out and looks unimpressed with Natalya’s early momentum. Charlotte shouts in the face of Natalya, which Natalya takes not too kindly to as she sends Charlotte back to the mat. Charlotte battles out by sending Natalya to the mat in retaliation. Natalya avoids Charlotte’s corner splash, then slingshots her rear first to the mat. Natalya executes a low dropkick to Charlotte, but doesn’t manage to pin as Charlotte darts out of the ring to regroup.

Back from a break, and Charlotte is back on her feet in the ring, blocking a kick from Nattie. Natalya uses her foot to whirl Charlotte over and send her jaw first to the mat. Natalya targets the leg of Charlotte but Charlotte counters into a headlock. Natalya pushes Charlotte near to the ropes then nails a chicken-wing suplex. Charlotte is once again scrambling to the outside to regroup and take a breather from the battle. Natalya doesn’t wait, instead baseball slide drop-kicking Charlotte to the floor. She chucks Charlotte back to the ring, not even eyeing Ric, but instead taking notice of Charlotte scrambling back to the outside. Natalya heads over to Charlotte and takes a huge boot. Charlotte rolls Natalya back to the ring for a pin and gets a near fall on the Queen of Harts.

Nattie tries to counter the leg scissor from Charlotte that follows. Charlotte elbows Natalya in the face and seems to lock in a sleeper on Natalya, submission still active. Charlotte tumbles on top of Natalya mid counter and gets another near fall. A Furious Charlotte goes for a knee drop but Natalya moves to safety. Natalya flattens Charlotte with a sudden discus clothesline, then German Suplexes the champ. Natalya tries to get her grip on Charlotte, grabbing her from the apron but Charlotte uses the apron to trip Natalya. Charlotte hits the ring and nails a sudden take-down, then locks the finishing figure eight on Natalya who taps. Charlotte wins the match.

Charlotte mocks the famous Yes Chants following the match, noticed by Brie who strides to the stage then eventually sees a fight coming and charges down to the ring, brawling with Charlotte. Charlotte is sent to the outside, while Brie continues to rally the crowd behind her by continuing the Yes Chants and clenching Charlottes title.

(Tamina w/ Naomi vs Sasha Banks feat Becky Lynch; Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Natalya feat Brie Bella)

Thoughts On:
Tamina/Sasha: Tamina and Sasha have good chemistry showcased in their first ever in ring TV clash, and Sasha’s smaller size seems to also work against a slightly taller Tamina. I Loved the counter finish, even if it didn’t garner much a reaction from the audience, and that NaoMina got to look dominant in a different fashion through a post match attack to redeem Taminas loss, even if it was cut short by Becky’s arrival. After weeks of debating, the backstage segment affirmed Becky and Sasha’s partnership that will crash even in victory at Fast Lane.

Charlotte/Natalya: For another week, Natalya vs Charlotte has proven to be another underrated singles clash. I’m glad Brie got another chance to engage with Charlotte to remind all of the importance of the feud, rather than WWE just book her to watch in the back like past efforts, but the brawl wasn’t much in my opinion. Still, all eyes on Charlotte vs Brie because there is still much unpredictability to it.

– Catherine


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