WWE FAST LANE RESULTS: Only One May Carry Gold to WrestleMania (February, 21st 2016)




Greetings All and Welcome to My Fast Lane Report. Overall i thought last nights pre WrestleMania event was solid on some parts, though i fear the possible legitimacy of League of Nations dethroning the New Day. Love Barrett and Rusev but HELL NAWWWW. Anyway moving from that topic, the Divas were blessed with two matches last night, as Charlotte defended the Divas Championship against Brie Bella and Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch joined forces against the heel unit of NaoMina after weeks of clashing.

The Divas Tag is the shows surprising opener, something that hasnt been done in a while unless you count NXT and its recent Takeover London show that Emma and Asuka opened, with great critique once it was over. Sasha emerges first, followed by Becky, then Naomi and Tamina together. Becky is expected to open against Naomi in this tag team contest, but before Becky can even dish out some moves, Sasha tags herself in, to the chagrin of Lynch. While they argue, Naomi grabs Sasha and lobs her into the heel corner, launching her head first into the turnbuckle. Naomi chokes Sasha with her foot against the turnbuckles, also tagging in Tamina as she does so. Tamina whips Sasha, missing a clothesline as Sasha smartly dodges, then Sasha boots the charging Tamina while hanging on the ropes. Becky, who is close by, tags in. Another argument ensues but they turn their focus to Tamina, who misses her offense, and Sasha and Becky work together, nailing a double dropkick to her.

Becky runs the ropes and nails a single leg drop to Tamina, followed by an elbow drop then reverting back to the leg drop. Becky goes for the first pin attempt of the match, which Tamina kicks out of at one. Tamina retaliates as she slaps Becky, then she grabs Becky and headbutts her into the heels corner. Naomi tags in, returning to the match, elbowing Becky before attempting to run her into an opposite corner. Becky blocks this as she places her foot against the turnbuckle, then she sends Naomi face first into the top turnbuckle. Becky executes her springboard sidekick then arm drags Naomi to the opposite side of the ring. Becky gets in another arm drag, before taking Naomi’s furious flurry of kicks. Becky blocks her last one and hurtles Naomi across the ring via an exploder suplex. Naomi rolls to ringside and is checked up on by Tamina, and as Tamina looks to guide Naomi on the outside, Sasha and Becky take them to the floor via baseball slide dropkicks. But they don’t finish up there, as they also elbow Tamina and Naomi from the apron. Becky rolls Naomi back to the ring, but before she can return there herself, Naomi is already on the retreat back to ringside. Becky throws off a distraction by Tamina to try head up the turnbuckles, but Naomi dashes upward, hitting a neckbreaker to Becky as she hangs on the top rope.

Becky avoids a possible count-out by eventually making it back to the ring, but takes some aggressive elbows from Naomi instantly. Naomi stomps at the shoulder of Becky also before tagging Tamina back in the match. Naomi whips Becky into Taminas huge clothesline before heading out to the outside per Tamina being the one legal diva. Tamina yanks Becky slightly from her own side to try pin her and gets a near fall. Tamina keeps Becky busy with a chin-lock applied. Tamina sends Becky to the mat before she can attempt any offense to break free, suddenly turning all attention to Sasha and knocking her off the apron. Tamina runs Becky into the heels corner with Sasha down, and kicks repeatedly at her. Tamina nails a huge fist to take Becky back down, then tags Naomi back in. Tamina delivers one last slam before her retreat, allowing Naomi to finish this round of offense with a leg drop to Becky. Naomi gets a near fall on Becky.

Naomi works over Becky with a rear choke-hold, using additional offense to keep Becky grounded. Naomi kicks Becky, then tags Tamina. Naomi gets tripped by Becky, who sees Tamina coming but cant rebound quick enough to avoid being shoved into the corner. Tamina drags Becky from the corner after hitting some forearms, then looks for a slam but Becky escapes her grip. Becky crawls under Tamina to try reach out to Sasha, but Tamina turns herself over and notices this, gripping Beckys legs and dragging her backwards. Becky shoves off Tamina with both feet and leaps to try make the tag, but at that time, Sasha is forced off the apron by Naomi. Becky crawls back to her feet and notices the issue on the outside, and ends up being attacked by Tamina. Tamina hurls Becky to the outside floor. Becky tries making it to her feet, but doesn’t, as Naomi looks to kill any possible momentum for Becky with a huge clothesline. Tamina drags Becky by her hair back into the ring, using her free hand to tag back in Naomi. Naomi hits an uppercut to Becky then whips her to the ropes. Becky clings to the ropes rather than run forward, and she elbows Naomi in the face. Becky pulls the ropes downwards and Naomi goes flying over them, missing the specific target.

Becky kicks Tamina off the apron, making the heel corner clear of any attackers and giving her just a few moments to make a hopeful tag to a recovering Sasha. Naomi dashes in, hoping to send Becky back, but to her annoyance, Becky makes an official tag to Sasha, who comes in fiery with a load of clotheslines, also kicking Tamina before she can make it back to the apron fully. Sasha dropkicks Naomi then whips her. Naomi tries to boot Sasha, who blocks it. Sasha scores a high knee and low kick to Naomi, then runs the ropes and blocks Naomi’s potential counter with flying double knees. Sasha hits double knees to Naomi against one corner, then looks to do the same again, but this time Naomi moves from the corner and Sasha’s attack does not connect. Naomi tries to use this to try hit a running bulldog, but Sasha counters and Naomi crashes into the corner turnbuckles. Sasha hits the Backstabber and locks in the Bank Statement, but within seconds, Tamina is on her feet and she pulls Sasha out of the ring to make the save. Sasha looks far from amused and chases Tamina around the ring and back into it, running into Naomi’s rear view signature maneuver. Naomi looks for the hopeful victory there, going for the pin attempt on Sasha, but she gets a near fall to her dismay.

Naomi looks beyond agitated as she argues with the referee, then charges at a recovering Sasha. Sasha bounds out of the corner and avoids Naomi’s attack. Tamina tags and misses a clothesline to Sasha, but gets a measure of revenge by taking her to the mat via a super-kick. Tamina goes to pin Sasha but Becky dashes back in the ring and breaks up Taminas pin. Naomi returns and lobs Becky out of the ring, leaving it down to herself, Sasha and Tamina. Naomi demands Tamina up and the two set up a double team maneuver. The Two attempt a double suplex but Sasha perfects her counter landing and the two are drop-kicked to the mat by Becky. Both Becky and Naomi roll out, leaving it down to Sasha and Tamina. Sasha avoids a clothesline from Tamina and Sasha counters Taminas maneuver into the Bank Statement. Despite the hard fought performance of NaoMina, Tamina succumbs and Becky and Sasha are the victors.

Moving onwards, and just like last year, the Divas Championship is on the line at Fast Lane, only this time a Bella is competing for it rather than defending it. Brie Bella challenges Charlotte for the Divas Championship, and the sure to be troublesome Ric Flair is in the Champions corner. Reminiscent of WrestleMania 30 where Daniel Bryan achieved another WWE Championship, Brie is wearing Bryan’s particular kick-pads from the event.

Charlotte is in control at the beginning by using the twos lock up to force Brie to the ropes, but Brie tries to stride forward and prove her strength before being rushed into the corner by Charlotte. The Referee calls for the break, and another lock up ensues as Brie finds her way out of the corner. Charlotte breaks their lock up quick by sending Brie face first to the mat. Charlotte mocks the Yes Chants and Brie takes notice, charging after Charlotte, who is quickly seeking solace over at the ropes. Brie reverses a potential clothesline by Charlotte, applying a stretch then taking her down to the mat. Brie works on the left arm of Charlotte, but Charlotte reverses into a head-scissor. Brie counters, pummeling Charlotte against the mat with forearms. Brie sends Charlotte over her shoulders, then returns to targeting the champs left arm. Charlotte uses her legs to swing Brie over to a corner and break free of her grip.

Charlotte hits Brie with a knee to the midsection, then whips her. After a reversal sequence, Brie arm drags Charlotte to the mat. Brie mocks Charlotte’s usual Woos and even gives the Flair strut a try, to the chagrin of the defending champion, who doesn’t take kindly to mockery against herself. Brie snaps Charlotte against her shoulder, and gets her first near fall of the match on the champ. Brie starts sizing up Charlotte with Yes Kicks, but only one hits before Charlotte heads into retreat. Brie grabs Charlotte, trying to prevent her escape, but instead Charlotte places her legs around the head of Brie and uses them to send her crashing to the outside floor. Charlotte spends some time mocking the Yes Chants again before rolling Brie back into the ring. Returning to the ring, Charlotte continues her momentum as she hits with shoulder tackles to Brie. Charlotte then carts Brie out of the corner as she clings to her back, attempting an Alabama Slam, a move Nikki used much in her career, but Brie counters into a roll up, and she gets another near fall on Charlotte.

Charlotte clotheslines Brie then taunts a little before turning the focus back to the opposition, who she attempts to pin, only getting a near fall. Charlotte works over Brie with a submission, tossing her by her hair to the mat before she can retaliate. Charlotte gets a near fall on Brie. Brie clings to the arm of Charlotte, swinging her around for a bit as she tries to firmly apply the Yes Lock, but doesn’t, instead using her legs to roll over Charlotte and get another near fall in the process. Brie stays clung to Charlotte, locking in a sleeper that is eventually broken via a standing neckbreaker counter. Charlotte gets a near fall once more on Brie. Charlotte elbows the right shoulder of Brie as she regains momentum, also sending her face first to the mat a number of times via the head-scissor stomp. Charlotte flings Brie across the ring using both legs, kips up and mocks the Yes Chants once more. Brie dodges a knee strike from Charlotte, then trips her as she charges back at her. Brie nails the running knee, looking to hit it again, but Charlotte gets to her feet and Brie switches strategy, forearming the champ instead. Brie sends down Charlotte with a forearm smash, shades of her sister. Brie gets a near fall.

Charlotte returns with some chops to Brie, continuing the momentum with another standing neckbreaker. Brie blocks a spear into a take-down and gets another near fall. Charlotte boots Brie in retaliation. Charlotte tries to set up for the figure four into the figure eight but Brie kicks her away. Brie dropkicks Charlotte off the apron, then dropkicks her additionally between the second rope. Brie rolls the champ back to the ring, soon scaling the turnbuckles and hitting her usual missile dropkick. Brie finally delivers the Yes Kicks, though a final is avoided by Charlotte. Brie hits her finishing Bella Buster but to her dismay, the champ kicks out of the follow up pin attempt.

Charlotte pushes Brie to the mat and looks to lock in the figure four, but Brie counters and applies the Yes Lock. Ric tries to grab his daughters feet and break the hold by pushing her to the ropes but to no avail as Brie locks in a half crab instead. Charlotte counters by sending Brie jaw first into the ropes. Charlotte locks in the figure eight to finish and Brie submits. Charlotte retains the title.

(Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Naomi and Tamina)

(Brie Bella vs Charlotte; Divas Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Divas Tag: A Fun Match deserving of being the opener that got the crowds engagement, and a surprise considering Intercontinental Title Matches or other championship matches open the card on a regular basis. The Teamwork on both sides was excellent, despite the small negative of Tamina running from Becky despite the expected portrayal of Tamina being fearless and dominant as the powerhouse of the division, even if its been played down multi times. I Liked how Becky and Sasha didn’t celebrate as friends but just as workers, meaning nothing will be lost when they split off to chase the title.

Charlotte/Brie: Another good lengthy match wholly to tell the story of Bries hopeful redemption and revenge for her family who have had their names slated by the champ, and once again, Brie has gone into full babyface mode with the use of Bryan’s offense, a tactic well used to not only make fans understand that shes babyface full time now but to allow her to return the particular babyface offense used rarely (in reference to the Yes Lock). I Did expect Charlotte to retain in some sort of unclean fashion, rather than Brie take the pin cleanly, which wouldn’t make sense based on the story the match portrayed. I’m expecting RAW to present a fatal 4 way for wrestlemania with Bries involvement or Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha as expected while Brie is in a potential side feud to build a tag match of some sort. But looking back on this match, even with the lack of chemistry, there’s no doubting how far expanded Bries in ring arsenal is or how much she has improved upon return.

– Catherine


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