Your Monday Post #97: The Bella Twins Confront a Reunited AJ Lee and Paige (March, 26th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to a Post Fast Lane edition of Your Monday Post. This weeks RAW, currently airing by the way, has already delivered one surprise and hopefully with more to come. So in the spirit of WrestleMania, which is just weeks away, i thought it would be appropriate to look at last years Mania feud for the divas division, and probably one of the most well built feuds for the division for the particular Pay Per View, that this years could even top.

AJ Lee and Paige went through several months as friends turned enemies, and Paige had chased Nikki Bella’s Divas Title relentlessly into 2015, even alone as none of the divas division vouched to be her sidekick against the dominant duo of the Bella Twins that laid claim to the division during the year. However, through the birth of the Give Divas A Chance Movement, WWE used this (somewhat) to up the anti for the particular feud, even if it barely benefited those still waiting for a chance. This lead to AJ Lee returning from a small break to aid her frenemy Paige and try to throw past differences aside to take down the Bella’s once and for all. However when Paige vied for Nikki’s Title once again, AJ soon became an accidental factor in continuing the Bella’s reign, leading to the two partners attacking each other and being portrayed less a threat to their WrestleMania opponents. However on the Pre Mania Smackdown, AJ Called out Paige to rekindle their severed ties in a heated promo crashed by the Bella’s, who took shots at AJs time as Divas Champion to a realistic level. Bringing some rumored legit heat into play, Nikki looked for a fight in AJ before the promo closed, but instead backed off with the title and declared she would see the “bitches” at WrestleMania.

– Catherine


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