Cattie’s Catch Up: Eva Marie vs Peyton Royce on WWE NXT (July, 22nd 2015)

eva 657

Greetings All and Welcome to the Newest Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. So Tonight on NXT the aligned force of Nia Jax and Total Diva Eva Marie battle against the friendly alliance of real life best friends Carmella and NXT Women’s Champion Bayley. With that in mind, for this weeks reflective showcase, we look back at July of Last Year when Eva Marie made her return to NXT in her first match since her dread-to-be-remembered battle against Bayley a long time before, as the crowd appeared extremely hostile to her, and still appear to be to this day.

Eva hyped her return to NXT, to join a well established women’s division, weeks prior, even to the chagrin of some fans despite NXT being about second chances for some divas to either gain a better chance at a showcase or push, or in Eva’s case, to help her improve her ring skills by shying away from the main roster where the focus was on particular divas minus herself. On the July 22nd episode, Eva made her in ring return with a new theme song and entrance, but retaining her heel persona, and she battled Cassie Macintosh, later repackaged as NXTs “Venus Flytrap” Peyton Royce, emerging victorious via a finishing move taught to her by former WWE Superstar, Brian Kendrick, who was crucial in playing a part in her development in the ring. Keeping that match and the current situation in mind, Eva’s In Ring Improvement has come about in the many months she has been in NXT, and no one becomes a great wrestler overnight, so Eva, to some, is clearly still expanding on herself as an in ring performer, and should be regarded as a developing performer and serious threat someday to the NXT Women’s Championship.

– Catherine


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