WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Another Round for Foxy and the Queen of Harts (February, 19th 2016)

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Greetings All and welcome to a very late report on last weeks WWE Superstars Episode, featuring Divas in Singles action! The Show (which has a theme that tops RAWs in my opinion) sees a rematch between former Divas Champions Alicia Fox and Natalya.

Natalya is out first for the opener, to a nice pop, followed by the entrance of the former Team Bella Representative, Alicia Fox. Alicia, despite a seemingly babyface entrance, shoves her shrug at Natalya before the bell, and Natalya hilariously poses with it, to the chagrin of Fox. Natalya tosses it out of the ring and the in ring battle finally happens as Alicia and Natalya position themselves for a lock up. Alicia saunters across the ring for a bit before they finally lock up, but Natalya soon breaks off via an arm wringer counter. Natalya manages a take-down but Alicia quickly takes back control with a head-scissor. Natalya kips up, and Alicia looks none too happy at the possible reverse momentum.

Alicia escapes a second lock up and gets an arm wringer, even seeming to bite the fingers of the fellow diva. Natalya tries to wheel her way out, then she rolls up Alicia to get the first pin attempt of the match, scoring a one count. Alicia makes it clear she may not want anything to do with the match anymore, but Natalya rallies the crowd then takes down Fox to the mat. Alicia scrambles with much might to the ropes before Natalya can successfully lock in the finishing sharpshooter. Alicia calls for a time out before Natalya can lunge at her, receiving You Suck Chants no thanks to encouragement from Nattie. Alicia screeches for another time out, when confusingly offers her hand to Nattie. Natalya baits Alicia before throwing her hand downward and stamping on it. Natalya slingshots Alicia to the mat, executing a follow up low dropkick. Alicia rolls out of the ring to avoid Natalya possibly pinning.

Natalya charges outside to try capture Fox and force her back to the ring, but Alicia darts back in before she can get her, and bolts from the ring as Natalya tries to follow her back in. Natalya grabs the head of Alicia, trying to pull her back to the ring, but she gets snapped against the ropes. Alicia hits the ring to try and pin Natalya, getting the first near fall of the match. Alicia follows with a Northern Lights Suplex for a second near fall on Natalya. Alicia chokes Natalya against the bottom corner, also mocking supportive chants for the babyface. Alicia hits the Northern Lights Suplex one more time, and for another near fall.

Natalya elbows her way out of Alicia’s rear choke-hold, followed with punches. She takes a knee from Alicia in retaliation and the heel throws her backward to the mat. Alicia misses a running moonsault, and Natalya takes advantage of Alicia’s tumble to secure the sharpshooter unlike before, and she locks it in successfully. Alicia taps and Natalya gets the victory.

(Natalya vs Alicia Fox)

Thoughts On This Match:
An Overall fun crowd pleasing opener, and i loved the personality and charisma on show by Alicia in this particular bout, making the match entertaining outside of the wrestling perspective. The Crowd, unless its inserted sound effects on the company side, seemed very much engaged in the match. It seems Alicia is returning, if not, continuing her role putting over other divas and switching character roles as suggested by her match on Superstars this week with Summer Rae, but Alicia isn’t a prime focus in the division as of late so the switches in personas don’t matter at this rate. Just like before, i would like to see this match again.

– Catherine


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