LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Taya The New Female Trouble In The Temple (February, 24th 2016)

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lu taya

lu catrina

Hello All and Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground Report. Ive had a very busy past few days with Job Interviews and early morning wake up calls and have had barely any time to update the site with everything wrestling wise, but moving forward, i have some free time on my hands, so lets first talk everything Lucha Underground offered us Women’s wise this week.

The first female appearance on this weeks episode goes to Black Lotus, who, alongside a returning Dario Cueto, hasn’t been seen since they offered a couple of simpletons a fight inside a certain location against an unknown assailant. Whoever this assailant is, the humans are just simple targets for he or it to rip apart, as Dario states hes waiting for this particular mystery to be ready upon noticing Black Lotus’s impatience. I Can Only assume the assailant is Dario’s Brother, as Dario explains to Lotus about how he saved him from a rough background family wise. Lotus, for the first time, expresses emotion and sympathy towards Dario over his story, but Dario doesn’t see such a moment as something of sadness, but rather a learning curve, as he become to like violence following this particular event.

Moving forward, and we return to the Temple, and Catrina walks herself passed an underground ring, turning slowly as she acknowledges the call of Pentagon Jr. Pentagon declares that his once tag team partner Prince Puma must be taught a lesson thus Catrina tells him to teach him one. Pentagon sees this as a good idea as to suggest a match that only she, Jefe to the Temple, can give him. Catrina reminds Pentagon on how he assaulted Mil Muertes, breaking the arm of the current champion, and thus giving him such a match wouldn’t be applicable due to those actions. Catrina and Pentagon end up exchanging blows to one another inside the ring, and Pentagon gets the upper hand, threatening to break her with arm in hand, but before he can execute this, Catrina seems to use her magic to break free from Pentagon, and she then accepts his challenge towards Puma, but with an additional warning, that he will learn for putting his hands on her.

Johnny Mundo faced his newest rival, Cage, in the main event of this weeks episode, winning the match per a distraction by the debuting Taya. Taya and Mundo then added insult to injury by beating down Cage after the match before further celebrating the victory.

In the closing segment of the show, Catrina has returned to her office, only to be confronted by the Gift of the Gods Champion, King Cuerno. He drops his title on Catrina’s desk, soon making intentions clear that he wants Mil, regardless of current injury status. Catrina lets Cuerno know, to his dismay, that rather than challenging Mil, he is instead defending his own title against Fenix. Cuerno reminds Catrina how his title gives him the right to a challenge for Mil’s Championship, but Catrina again abuses her power in favor of her clan. Catrina makes one last announcement before Cuerno can leave, revealing he is facing Fenix in a Ladder Match.

Thoughts On:
Taya/Mundo: Ive known for a while about Melina being pulled from the promotion, and im gutted, but its also early into Taya and Mundo’s alignment and im excited to see where it goes. I Haven’t watched any promotions Taya has been in, so im new to watching her wrestling on Live Television, but heard enough about her to know shes good, so since LU spoilers can be hard to find, i haven’t got a clue really as to who her first opponent could be, but im really excited to see what happens with the partnership, even if nothing can top Mundo and Melina’s alignment in WWE in my opinion.

Catrina/Cuerno: I Loved this segment as much as Catrina’s Last with Pentagon, and i can furthermore expect Catrina to overthrow anyone’s hopes of reaching Mil’s Title until someone with as equal power steps in. The Ladder match easily can be said to be next weeks main event, and easily a thrilling one, and i don’t know spoilers wise what happens if anything even happens after the match, but unless Catrina uses some supernatural power to heal Mil, aka the mysterious stone that has appeared time and again to make Mil manifest stronger power, then they are selling the injury sustained to him easily, and if next week goes like i think it will, then Fenix could be the next number one contender.

– Catherine


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