TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Dollhouse Seek Retribution Inside The Deadly Structure (February, 23rd 2016)

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Greetings All to this weeks report on everything Knockouts Related from this weeks Lockdown Themed Episode of TNA IMPACT (gosh i wish they would go back to their Multi Pay Per View Format). As made last week during TNAs continuing Tour of England The Beautiful Peoples Two Remaining Members Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky would join the Current Knockouts Champ Gail Kim to battle Marti, Jade and Rebel of the Dollhouse in the first ever Knockouts Lethal Lockdown Tag Match.

Unfortunately, for one of the babyface Women, their addition to the match would be thwarted as various staff are shown tending to a hurt Madison by a flight of stairs. She cant seem to recall what happened but makes it clear she is in much pain, thus leaving her out of the tag match for later tonight.

Maria also confronts a fully attired Gail Kim backstage before she can head to the match. It appears Maria has heard about the possible attack to Madison, whether she demanded it or not, that or the Dollhouse may have played into it due to last weeks pin and Jade possibly seeing Madison as a threat to her contendership status? Maria riles up Gail about a Knockout needing to take charge, so Gail suggests Maria proves herself like she should, by aiding them as their tag team partner replacement tonight. Maria doesn’t say anything, so its yet to be known whether shes agreed to the champs idea.

Before we can get to the Knockouts Battle, the revealed past acquaintance to the frightening Rosemary, Jimmy Havoc, confronts the Decays Manageress backstage. He passes down a gift to Rosemary after reminding how she makes him a better man, and there is a certain effect she has on him that he wants back. After leaving, it seems Steve has a plan of his own, cackling in the face of the silent Rosemary.

Jade and Gail open the Lethal Lockdown Match, with an entrant for each side entering following a countdown in this contest. Jade scrambles up the cage instantly, but Gail quickly pursues and pulls her back to the ring. Gail and Jade trade forearms, and Gail eventually overwhelms. Jade reverses a whip, sending Gail crashing into the cage side. Gail manages to use her foot to block Jades oncoming attack, then sends Jade whirling into the corner following a hurricanrana. Gail gets kicked by Jade before she can dish out extra offense, and Jade comes back with a hurricanrana of her own. Jade runs Gail into the cage side, scoring a huge kick also to the front of Gail. Gail blocks the second, and she scores a retaliating kick to the back of Jade. Jade throws Gail off the cage side as she attempts to climb it.

Jade and Gail climb the adjacent cage side, scoring kicks and forearms to each other and managing to hang on despite the blows each take. Gail scores a big kick then both tumble back down to the mat. Gail makes it to her feet and nails forearms to Jade, then Jade reverses a whip to try clothesline Gail but misses. A Double clothesline sends both women back to the mat.

Returning from a commercial break, Jade and Gail are still battling. Jade takes a kick from Gail, who seems to be regrouping against a corner. Gail forearms Jade towards the cage side as a countdown begins, then whips her into a clothesline. The Countdown finalizes and Marti charges down, assisting the Dollhouse of course. Marti immediately gets to attacking Gail, throwing her face first into the cage side. Marti lethally stomps Gail against the corner, taunts then turns the attention back to the Knockouts Champion, hitting more forearms. Marti clotheslines Gail against the turnbuckles, then attacks further with running hip attacks against the same corner. Marti whips Gail into another corner, then is thrown from the cage side as she tries to reach a hanging weapon. An ongoing countdown closes, and Velvet emerges to be of assist to Gail and even the score against the heels currently.

Velvet double clotheslines Jade and Marti upon immediately hitting the ring, and clotheslines them singularly also. Velvet sends both down with some chops, then runs Jade face first into the cage side. Velvet triple kicks Marti then scores a neckbreaker. Jade gets sent into the turnbuckle by Velvet, and she floors a retaliating Marti with a running bulldog. Velvet shoulder tackles Marti a few times against the corner while Gail elbows Jade. A Third Countdown begins, and finalizes, and Rebel comes down, meaning all heels on the Dollhouse side have entered this match. Rebel immediately scores high kicks to both Velvet and Knockouts Champ Gail, taking down Velvet with a secondary move, before driving Gail into her knee via a backbreaker. Rebel climbs the cage and grabs herself an oven tray. Rebel chokes Gail with her foot then smacks her over her head with the tray.

With the Champ down, Rebel assists Jade and Marti with double team attacks to Velvet. Gail manages to regroup in time to avoid the Dollhouse attacking her, then she clotheslines Marti and Rebel in unison. The Countdown begins and finalizes for the last entrant in the match, revealed as Maria. Maria bolts to the steps and teases getting in the ring, but her eyes meets the champs and she retreats, locking the cage door and sealing the Champ inside with Velvet and the members of the Dollhouse. Gail looks in shock as shes attacked from behind by Marti. Rebel teases Maria as she chokes Gail against the door with a kendo stick also in hand and Maria makes it clear she wants no part in the match. Maria walks off as Rebel and Marti choke both Velvet and Gail against the mat. The Dollhouse use Maria’s betrayal to regain momentum, as Jade hurls Gail into the cage with much force. Jade whips Velvet into an opposite corner, but Velvet avoids a crash landing, placing her boot against the turnbuckle. Velvet sends the charging Jade into the corner turnbuckle, and into the weapon placed against it.

Velvet forearms Rebel and Marti, following up with an additional jawbreaker to Rebel. Velvet hits a DDT to Marti, while Gail drives Rebels leg into the mat. Velvet smacks the back of Rebel with a kendo stick, then charges upward after Jade, with Gail following her also to the turnbuckle. Gail and Velvet work together to secure a flapjack from up top to Jade. Rebel is up on her feet, taking forearms back to back from Gail and Velvet. Gail sizes up with a kick then Velvet and Gail target Rebel with various shots from their kendo sticks. Marti runs to Rebels aid, smacking both Gail and Velvet with the oven tray. With Both women down, Marti rushes to the cage side and retrieves a steel chair, setting up a possible move to Gail after placing the chair against the rings center. Gail counters, sending Marti back first into her knee. Gail blocks Rebels offense and hits Eat Defeat, then tries to pin Rebel near the ropes but Jade stops it as she attacks Gail with another kendo stick. Jade nails the lethal finishing cradle piledriver to Gail against the steel chair and pins her to win the match for the Dollhouse.

And Lastly, despite aiding EC3 in his world title rematch against the defending champion Matt Hardy by thwarting Reby Sky’s attempt to lend a hammer to Hardy, Rockstar Spud instead revealed cruel intentions in the shows main event by turning on EC3 and slamming the cage door into the head of the former world champion. With Matt retaining through this assist, he celebrated with Reby and Spud.

(Madison Rayne Backstage Segment)

(Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage)

(Rosemary, Jimmy Havoc and Crazy Steve Backstage Segment)

(The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and Maria Kanellis-Bennett; Lethal Lockdown Knockouts Tag Team Match)

(Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy w/ Reby Sky; World Championship Match and Rockstar Spud Turns Heel)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its been a while since the Knockouts have had a lengthy match and this was truly the Match of the Year for the Knockouts in my opinion. Everyone got time rather than the Dollhouse have one quick comeback and the babyfaces overly dominating, and in turn, the Dollhouse were able to come back from some confusing booking in recent weeks to get a much needed win and bring more momentum to their side. Marti’s character truly flourished here and Jade finally cemented herself as a possible contender through the thought out finish, and Massive Props to Rebel not only for her showcased improvement that Ive come to see within weeks, but for the spots she also took regarding the kendo sticks and so on. I’m intrigued to see what exactly happened to Madison, even though it did confuse me how she said she wasn’t sure what happened when she was clearly attacked, unless her attacker was covered up, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Dollhouse due to last weeks pin, or Maria making a possible deal with the fellow heels to execute her own plan on Gail, seemingly knowing what would go down in their confrontation. I Liked how Maria did nothing in the ring, giving that feel that her in ring debut is being saved for the crucial moment, in a Taryn/Gail kind of way, even if Taryn got in the ring long before her Slammiversary show stealer. Many weren’t sure how Taryn would handle that match and it became one of the most well recognized Knockouts Matches to date, so who knows what Maria could pull off when her match with Gail eventually happens. Its just a shame there’s no multi PPV format or else the title could be traded on yet another IMPACT episode. Regardless i do feel its time for a new champion, and either Jade or Maria will bring a fresh reign to the Knockouts Division.

– Catherine


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