WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: One Half of NaoMina Seeks to Regain Momentum vs An Anti Diva (February, 26th 2016)

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Welcome to another Main Event report to feature workers in the divas division. Unlike two weeks ago, where we saw Natalya and Foxy throw down, this week the two underrated gems are thrown out of the fray for two others, as Naomi, looking to regain momentum after a loss at Fast Lane to an equally stellar team in Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, tackles Becky’s former comrade, Paige, who was challenged by a recently returned (and equally as underrated) Summer Rae last week. Naomi and Paige face off in singles action.

Paige makes her entrance first for the match, the second overall on the show, and is introduced by Eden, who is announcing as always. Naomi follows with her entrance, joined by the comrade Tamina Snuka, her remaining due to the split off from their former Team BAD partner Sasha Banks. Regardless both Naomi and Tamina need to pick themselves up after the Fast Lane loss, surely on the mind of Naomi as she heads to the ring. The Two finally lock up after Paige shortly engages with the crowd, and they soon release themselves from each others grip to go for another round, only Naomi dodges the potential lock up instead and pushes at Paige. Paige sarcastically claps at her fellow competitor, before chasing after her. Naomi bolts from the ring, seemingly wanting a time out. Naomi tries to haul herself back to the apron, and Paige tries instantly to grab her again, so Naomi goes back into retreat.

Naomi continues to tense things for Paige by consistently avoiding any chance of an altercation. She eventually climbs the apron, engaging with the referee and being kicked off by Paige. Paige mocks the Team BAD taunt then makes her way to the outside, grabbing Naomi and throwing her back to the ring. Paige takes Naomi down and goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a one count on Naomi. Tamina hilariously reacts to the chants for Paige from the outside as Paige continues to work over Naomi inside the ring. Paige gets a second pin attempt on Naomi, and a second one fall. Paige whips Naomi to the corner, but Naomi smartly floats, additionally shaking her rear in the face of Paige before kicking her backward. Naomi misses a low running clothesline, allowing Paige to connect with a retaliating knee to the face of the athletic diva. Paige goes to cover once more, and gets a near fall.

Paige snapmares Naomi and kicks her in the back. Paige covers Naomi once again, and gets a near fall as she had before. Paige leads Naomi to the ropes, where she hits with a number of knees. Paige pushes Naomi to the floor, and toward Tamina rather than pull her back to the ring, then climbs to the apron where she executes a rolling senton on both Tamina and Naomi, sending them fully to the floor. Paige taunts to the crowd, who are happily up in arms for her, and she mocks the Team BAD taunt once more as Naomi and Tamina remain down on the floor.

When we return, the action is back in the ring, as Naomi flings her arm at Paige, who is balancing on the top turnbuckle. Naomi makes her way upward also, and both ladies throw shots at each other on the turnbuckles, and Paige then headbutts Naomi back to the mat to stall the possible suplex attempt and also break free from her grip. Paige notices Tamina yell at her from the ropes and its enough of a distraction for Naomi to send Paige collapsing to the floor via an inziguiri. Paige manages to get onto her feet at the count of eight and leap to the apron to avoid being counted out, but Naomi is immediately on the attack. Naomi nails a high kick then yanks Paige back inside the ring, getting a near fall as she attempts her pin. Naomi aggressively forearms the back of Paige, then chokes her with her boot against the mat, releasing before a possible count out. Naomi nails a hard kick to the back of Paige, then tosses Paige through the ropes and to the floor. Paige clambers to the apron at the count of seven.

Paige returns to the ring, executing one headbutt after another to Naomi. Paige runs the ropes, hauling Naomi upward before another attack but instead being sent down via a side kick. Naomi places her knee against the opposer for another pin, scoring another near fall. Naomi applies a rest hold for a short period, as it is broken by Paige’s various punches. However it does little in throwing off any momentum by Naomi, as she takes her flurry of kicks, but Paige tries to bounce back by catching Naomi mid flight during the next attack, and she nails a great fallaway slam. Both Ladies are down. Paige makes it up first, trying to knock any momentum for Naomi with a number of low kicks. A Super-kick soon floors Naomi, and Paige regains the needed momentum as she knees Naomi against the corner turnbuckles. Paige rolls her out of that corner and hits with another knee, but even that hot offense cant simmer Naomi, who kicks out of Paige’s following pin attempt at two, and thus another near fall.

Paige clings onto both Naomi’s legs, but seeing the possible submission finish, Naomi reaches the ropes within moments, and forces her to break. Naomi knocks Paige down a peg with a knee shot, leaping upward to execute the head-scissor driver. To Naomi’s surprise, Paige kicks out of the big move at the count of two. Naomi screeches at the ref over the result and Paige tries taking advantage by pulling Naomi into a roll up, which Naomi escapes from at the count of two. Naomi avoids a clothesline and clings to Paige’s hair, trying to run her to the corner turnbuckle via the running bulldog, but Paige counters, sending Naomi straight into the turnbuckles instead. Paige drags her out of the corner to take her out with the Rampaige, and looks to finish with the hopeful last pin, only for it to end at two when Tamina drags Naomis foot under the bottom rope, gone noticed by the fellow competitor and the ref. Paige takes herself outside and yells at Tamina, who tries attacking her, but instead takes a super-kick instead, one she knows too well. Paige returns to the ring, walking into Naomi’s rear view. Naomi covers and gets a near fall to her surprise.

Naomi drags Paige into position for her next offense, but Paige thwarts it. Paige sits on her to perform her final pin attempt but gets a near fall. Naomi quickly reverses after and rather than roll up the diva, she secures the finishing submission. Paige taps out, awarding the win to Naomi. Naomi wins the match.

(Paige vs Naomi w/ Tamina)

Thoughts On This Match:
LOVE…LOVE….LOVED IT. Though not on par with her match with Sasha weeks ago on Smackdown, this match adds to a sure growing list of one of Naomi’s best matches this year, if not one of her best out of the many she has been greatly performing in over the past year and above. Having watched for the first time while reviewing, i honestly did not see the count out of finisher move happening, but was relieved to see that Naomi didn’t win via the Rear View, as i fail to take the move as a finisher seriously, while moves such as the ending submission and the head-scissor driver is pure fire to me, and goes well with the heel persona, being lethal and dangerous. Also i couldn’t help but notice Tamina oozing yet more personality at ringside, and also couldn’t help laughing at her mannerisms time after time. The alliance of NaoMina may not be heading for Mania victory stardom, but they are a perfect fit of charisma, personality and at most times, in ring excellence (yes im noting Taminas miscues in the past). Though i fear for the pairings future after Mania, the two are no hit and miss currently, and have far more to deliver and a possible match with either Paige and Natalya or Natalya and Brie or even Paige, Brie and Natalya at WrestleMania with a possible Foxy, Cameron or Summer addition. Another Good Match from Naomi with subtle Pay Per View feels at a time, even if there was no backstory like the gist of most matches on Main Event, of course counting out the likes of Nattie vs AJ and others hence the word most.

– Catherine


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