WWE NXT RESULTS: Nia And The Red Queen Look To Be The Divisions Dominant Force (February, 24th 2016)

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Welcome Everyone to a report on this past weeks episode of NXT, which featured the pre hyped Women’s Tag Team Match as the United force of Nia Jax and Eva Marie took on the equally united force and one night rivals combating over the NXT Women’s Championship, Bayley and Carmella.

Before we can get to this particular match up, Alexa Bliss accompanies her boys and former NXT Tag Team Champions (I Hate calling them former champs..) Blake and Murphy for the opening contest vs the hopeful contenders to the titles, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, now labelled and to be referenced as American Alpha. Once again the heel duo fell victim to another defeat, sure not to go down well with the Blissed Off Manageress.

Its not until much later in the show that Baymella appear, only in a backstage interview rather than just in the match itself. Shying away from Nia’s brutal attack following the women’s title match, Bayley acknowledges Carmella’s continuing friendship with her, glad to have her back for this match. Carmella says she is hoping to go for the title again, but tonight its all about payback for what Eva and Nia had done, and they are about to learn how she does things where she comes from. The attention soon switches to Bayley in regards to the intense stare-down with Asuka that also ensued in the post match moments. Bayley praises Asuka for her assistance against the villains, but its also clear that the intentions of Asuka were to come for her title.

The Divas Tag main events this weeks episode, as the divas are an actual norm for main event placements. Nia is out first, rather quickly, followed by Eva, then Carmella comes out, staring out the duo before the NXT Women’s Champion Bayley steps out to join Carmella for tag action. The Bell finally rings and respective partners retreat to their corners, as Carmella and Eva appear selected to start the bout. Carmella wastes little time in ensuring payback as she Lou Thesz Press’s Eva to the mat, hitting her with forearms also. She takes her down again via the Lou Thesz Press, unleashing more angry forearms. She continues this sequence then lobs Eva into her own corner, also tagging in the champ, Bayley. Carmella and Bayley nail a double team suplex to Eva, and Bayley gets a near fall on Eva early into the bout.

Eva scrambles away from Bayley to tag in her powerhouse associate, Nia. Nia no sells punches from the champ and throws her across to another side of the ring. Bayley tries to roll up Nia from underneath both legs but Nia remains standing, grasping Bayley and forcing her upward before headbutting her to the mat. Nia drags Bayley by her foot towards the heels corner, tagging in Eva. Eva taunts to a soundly frustrated crowd, then grasps Bayley, but before she can do much else, Bayley trips her jaw first to the mat. Bayley smacks the face of Eva against the mat then leads her closer into her corner to allow Carmella to reach for a tag. Carmella assists in whipping Bayley into Eva. Bayley duplicates with Carmella, whipping her into Eva. Carmella and Bayley have some fun, duplicating moonwalks. Bayley mocks Eva’s kiss taunt as we come to the commercial break.

When we return from the commercial break, the babyfaces are very much still in control as Carmella keeps a side headlock applied to Eva. Eva screeches for Nia, managing to make it to her feet and move Carmella towards the ropes, also within short distance of Nia to allow her to tag in. Eva sends Carmella to the ropes, ducking against the mat as Carmella runs forward, scooped into the hands of Nia, who executes a shoulder breaker to the Princess of Staten Island. Nia stalks Carmella as she helplessly helps herself over to the ropes, shoulder tackles her then throws her from the corner. Nia works over Carmella against the heels corner as Eva tags back into the match. Eva scores kicks into the midsection of Carmella, and taunts as she sets up for another maneuver, but Carmella manages to counter into a roll up which gets her a near fall on the redhead. Eva retaliates with a hard knee to Carmella’s midsection before running her back to the heels corner. After smashing the face of Carmella against the turnbuckle, Eva tags Nia back in.

Nia works over Carmella in the center of the ring with a bear-hug. Carmella attempts a reversal into a face-lock, but gets run back first into the corner before it can be fully applied. Eva tags in and chokes Carmella against the ropes, and further chokes against the bottom rope before tagging Nia back in to further inflict the damage. Carmella throws forearms to try knock off the larger opponent, and tries leaping over her shoulder to reach Bayley, but Nia catches her. Nia chokes Carmella against the ropes, then applying a modified cobra clutch. Carmella avoids fading and eventually breaks off from Nia and uses the ropes to send her outside. Nia finds her way back and tags Eva, and Carmella also reaches Bayley, who additionally tags in.

Eva takes fiery clotheslines from Bayley, and a suplex also. Bayley elbows Eva against the corner multiple times, following with a flying elbow off the turnbuckles. Bayley hits the signature Belly to Belly to Eva, hoping for the winning pin there but Nia takes her leg midway through her pin attempt, cancelling it out. Nia headbutts Bayley while the referee is turned away, dealing with the yelling Carmella who has took notice of Nia’s illegal actions from the outside. Despite the damage done, Bayley makes it to Carmella, who tags in to avenge, and she rolls over Eva moments after getting in the ring to get a near fall. Carmella applies her finishing headscissor but Nia runs in and boots Carmella, breaking the hold over Eva. Nia also clobbers Bayley then drags Eva back to her own corner to make the legal tag and do the rest of the work to Carmella. She hits a load of devastating leg drops to Carmella, as Eva tags in right before the third. Nia exits, allowing Eva to scurry in and pin Carmella for the win. Nia and Eva win the match.

(Carmella and Bayley Backstage Segment)

(Nia Jax and Eva Marie vs Carmella and Bayley)

(Nia Jax and Eva Marie WWE.Com Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Good Match and also another main event closed in the books for Eva. Carmella’s ring work in this particular match made me feel like she had been heavily watching Bayleys performance vs Nia at Takeover London prior to the booked bout as she seemed to use Bayleys expertise of escaping Nia to her advantage, and Nia also performed as well as the rest of the girls. The only downside is Eva’s lack of new ring maneuvers and Nia’s storyline intentions. They seem to be chasing the title, but its obvious its far away for Nia or even both of them with Asuka thrown into the mix, so i don’t think things will pep up for the duo until after Takeover, regardless of whether Asuka has the title. But the heel win was smartly booked as the Champion didn’t take the fall, thus it wasn’t a contendership earned for either team member. Plus the pin may originally knock Carmella further down the ladder from where she had ascended as a contender, but its to no matter, but only if she is instead heading to the main roster with Cass and Enzo.

– Catherine


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