WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: NaoMina Have a New Target Set During Friendly Encounter (February, 25th 2016)

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Greetings all and welcome to the final pit-stop before this weeks sure to be lit episode of RAW, that being this past weeks Smackdown, where a scheming Divas Champion Charlotte continued to rile up her hopeful contenders Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. As Questions loomed as to which of the two would be deserving of such a big moment, one half of these contenders, that being Becky, battled an equally respectful Natalya one on one, but Charlotte wasn’t the only scheming diva looming.

Natalya makes her entrance first, followed by fellow babyface Becky. Natalya accepts a friendly gesture from Becky as they circle one another in the ring, and they eventually lock up. It doesn’t take long for Natalya to take Becky down to the mat and have control, battling out of the potential reversal by Becky and attempting an early pin, getting a one fall on the Lasskicker. Natalya rolls Becky over for the second one count finish, and she then catches Becky in a waist-lock. Becky executes a drop toe hold, then works over the left arm of Nattie with an arm wringer. Nattie reverses into her own, soon busily working over Becky via a headlock. Becky whips Natalya then ends up being sent down by a clothesline. Becky bridges out of a follow up pin attempt, and she dropkicks the Queen of Harts.

Becky gets a near fall on Natalya. Becky hits an elbow drop, followed by a leg drop that misses when Natalya moves to safety. Natalya hurtles Becky near to the ropes via a German Suplex, and Natalya follows Becky to ringside to get her, but takes notice of an arriving Tamina and Naomi. Natalya eyes them carefully then rolls Becky back to the ring. Natalya clambers to the apron and is grabbed by Naomi, sent into a lethal super-kick by Tamina, thus the match ends with a DQ result. The Two Women head into the ring and target Becky, but Sasha charges in as quick and joins Becky to clear off the duo.

As Sasha and Becky check up on their targets, they make themselves familiar with the entrance music of the reigning Divas Champ Charlotte, who walks to the stage alongside her Hall of Famer Father Ric Flair. Charlotte applauds both on the earlier actions, before providing an update on Becky and Sasha’s Match, revealing it will be this Monday on RAW. Charlotte further reveals she’ll be sitting by to watch the match, to see which of these performers want the championship more, wishing them (sarcastically of course) the best of luck.

(Becky vs Natalya feat Sasha Banks, Tamina, Naomi and Charlotte)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Very short encounter between Becky and Natalya, and a technical one, while the rest of the time was left for the post match developments and of course the NaoMina onslaught. So it appears what i predicted, for Natalya to be a part of Mania, may be falling into place, as they targeted the Queen of Harts, so looking at it from this perspective, and the fact NaoMina will look to further one up the possible opposition, i can see a new member to the previously named Team BAD added, either Cameron or Summer Rae, join NaoMina to take on Natalya, Brie and Paige or (if they take the singles championship route for Mania) then Becky, Brie (or Paige) and Natalya vs NaoMina and Summer or Cameron. Either way, if it appears to be confirmed, then im happy for all girls, including Naomi, getting a deserved Mania spot. You would think though, with Natalya being the veteran that she is, would have had one or more Mania Moments during her career by now.

– Catherine


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