WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Beyonce Bella Heads to Summer School (February, 26th 2016)

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This Past Weeks Superstars Greeted Us with Another Diva Encounter, and this time, exploiting the continued in ring improvement of Summer Rae, as the returning Blonde battled a now solo former Team Bella Representative, Alicia Fox, in singles action.

Summer is out first for the opening match of the event, followed by Fox. Summer doesn’t look too happy to see the opponent and demands a mic to address Fox. She questions how the Named Divas Revolution is going for Fox, before proclaiming that she was the one creating change for the divas division, stating she was on RAW and Smackdown every week creating change. She finalizes by stating that she is going to remind the folks by beating the “Beyonce Bella Tutu Wearing Wannabe”.

Summer attacks Alicia instantly following the bell being rung, hitting with a kick to the “Beyonce Bella” followed by an arm wringer. Summer elbows her multiple times at the side of her face, then sends her over her shoulders and to the mat. Summer works on the left arm of Alicia, but Alicia fights out, scoring an elbow additionally before whipping Summer into her legs, hurtling her across the ring. Summer is overwhelmed by Alicia’s momentum and escapes the ring, demanding for a timeout. Summer eventually returns to the ring, cautious but not cautious enough as to be caught in a roll up by Fox. Summer escapes the pin attempt at two, and is whipped to the ropes by Alicia. Summer comes back with a knee to Alicia, and drives her head first into the mat for a near fall.

Summer hits knees to the back of Alicia a couple of times before choking her against the second rope. Summer takes a slight chop from Alicia and fires back by choking the diva against the corner top turnbuckle. Summer rolls Alicia to the mat for another near fall. Summer continues her momentum as she applies a rear choke-hold to Alicia, also forcing Alicia’s hand away from the ropes before she can potentially reach them. Summer sends Alicia backward to the mat, then prizes her to possibly drive her to the corner but instead Alicia sends her head first into the corner turnbuckle, creating a possible shift in momentum. Alicia starts gathering that momentum via dropkicks, also tossing Summer across the ring by her hair. Alicia scores a Northern Lights Suplex to get another near fall on the opposer.

Alicia attempts a knee in the corner but Summer moves to safety, leading to Alicia’s knee connecting between the turnbuckles instead. Summer sends Alicia down with a roundhouse kick for yet another near fall. Alicia regroups in the corner, blocking an attack from Summer by forearming her. Summer goes for a shoulder tackle but Alicia floats upward and sunset flips Summer. Summer, however, hangs to the ropes, then sits on Alicia for a pin-fall counter, surprisingly pinning Alicia and walking off with the win.

(Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae)

Thoughts On This Match:
Not entirely memorable, however i loved the smart booking behind the finish with Summer, even if the momentum is sort of dwindled by falling to Paige last week on Main Event. Also, as much as i like Alicia’s babyface role, i expect to see her embrace the crazy heel role like she has been doing back and forth, but the switch to the babyface character cant be seen more than for the reasoning of putting over fellow heels and babyfaces under reverse roles because of WWEs beliefs that Alicia can put over others via her own performances also. But I Love the commentators somewhat taking Summer as the threat she should be to the division, even though based on past battles, we should be used to commentary hyping up numerous challengers then dwindling them to nothing to play it up as rather false hope, but i love Summer being back, and love Summer overall with her ability to carry herself, continuously improve and to hopefully get that brass ring i feel she more than deserves. I Just wish Summers promos, as great as they be, weren’t based off a false narrative on the script as she had been managing through much of 2015 rather than partaking in the divas revolution WWE reference as being kickstarted by the four horsewomen, when, with no disrespect, it was kickstarted by the revamping of the NXT brand, as Summer and Paige kicked off the first feud, and first heated feud of the NXT Women’s Division, booked in a way their main roster couldn’t at the time. Regardless i hope Summers victories translate to more important shows like RAW again, and lead to something. #GiveSummerRaeAChance

– Catherine


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