LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Rival Throws Off Stars Return to the Temple (March, 2nd 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks offering from the Boyle Heights Temple as the Sixth episode of Lucha Underground brought more backstory and classic wrestling to the Tuesday Night Television Screens. This week Catrina and the seething Mil Muertes are once again causing chaos, whether it’d be against or for each other, and Sexy Star returns after seemingly being rescued(?) by the Mack from her captor, Marty the Moth, facing off against the Slinky Heroine (if thats what she can be called after the ending?) Kobra Moon.

Catrina appears for the only appearance of the night in the opening segment, meeting with Mil Muertes in his candle-lit sanctuary, and the Muscular Power Slamming Beast that is Mil Muertes voices his displeasure at Catrina fixing up a match between Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma rather than throw him in a match where he can destroy both. Mil is still visibly injured, and Catrina reminds him of the scared person he had been when she met him, uttering his real name, which only fuels his portrayed anger, and she adds that if it wasn’t for her service, he would have never escaped the tomb the Aztec Gods sealed him in. Mil forces Catrina off the ground but she does not wince as he demands to face both the mentioned opposers and possible challengers for his title, to which she fearlessly proclaims no, and before Mil can tense the hands of himself round the sorceress’s throat, she disappears from view.

We return to the ring within the temple for the opening bout, and Sexy Star is already in the ring for her return match. Her Opponent is the appearing Kobra Moon, who debuted a few weeks ago also. Kobra, after slinking her way about the ring, opens the match with a waist-lock to take over early on. Star reverses but ends up tripped to the mat via Kobra’s counter. Star misses a boot near in the corner to Kobra, and the same goes for a second. Mack, who had approached the frightened Babyface some time ago, emerges from the back to view the continuation of this match, and Kobra is back in control with a knee to the midsection of Sexy Star. Kobra insults the opponent further with a loud smack to the face. Kobra strikes the back of Star following another knee, and she gets working on Star’s left arm as she extends it. Star looks to regain momentum with elbows, and she throws Kobra to another side of the ring.

Star boots the face of Kobra, then no sells chops from Kobra, retaliating with her own. Kobra blocks another slap, and she applies a submission turned into a cradle power-bomb. Kobra covers Star for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Star. Kobra knees and forearms Star, then whips her into the near turnbuckles. Kobra charges, only to run into a boot by Star. Star rolls up Kobra after hitting the ropes, following it into a sweet counter that leads to a modified surfboard. Star forces herself upward during the submission but becomes dazed at the appearance of the Frightening Marty the Moth, enough of a distraction for Kobra to capitalize on. Kobra lures Star into her dragon sleeper that Star eventually taps out to, and per Marty’s distraction, Kobra wins the match.

The First of Two Main Events of the show showed Prince Puma, the former Lucha Underground Champion, battle Pentagon Jr, a match crashed by the reigning champion Mil Muertes. Mil strides in the back with Catrina, proud at the devastation he left behind, forged through Catrina’s presumed motivation. He declares his prior attack as nothing, noting to Catrina that next week he will defend the Lucha Underground Title against both competitors. He solely believes no one can stop him as he walks away, which Catrina smirks over. What exactly is she planning? To screw him over in favor of a greater darkness? Or is she just proud of the chaos they bring to the Temple?

(Catrina and Mil Muertes Segment)

(Catrina and Mil Muertes Segment)

Thoughts On:
Star/Kobra: The Match was good, and at times, technical, but needed to be a little longer in my opinion. Even though there was no clear explanation as to how Mack and Star got away from Marty considering they seemed to have run into some creature or maybe even Marty’s Sister, the match did serve wholly to expand on the story between Star and Marty with the Macks addition. Though Kobra seemed to define herself as a heel in the ending moments, im not entirely sure whether Kobra is a heel or not, even with using Martys distraction to her advantage, especially considering shes definitely not the character Star is meant to be opposing in the future angle but rather Melissa as far as i know.

Catrina/Mil: Again, excellent segments, and Thank Goodness we get to see Mil in his full, destructive glory again. So it appears Catrina may be on hand for Mil defending his title against both Puma and Pentagon next week, but considering the closing victory for Fenix in the main event, he may also use the Gift of the Gods to ensure his title match, though if i recall, some spoilers i did see did confirm Mil was dethroned by someone else. I Cant wait to see what happens with Mil, Catrina and their future opposition in the next few weeks but Catrina’s expression in their last segment of the night is both confusing and mysterious.

– Catherine


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