WWE NXT RESULTS: Fights Settled and Future Fights to Come (March, 2nd 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks report on everything Women’s Based in WWEs developmental territory, NXT. This week sees the Road to Takeover Dallas narrow further, but while the Champion yet to have a contender remains absent, someone who has yet to battle the Champion for the belt looks to get back on top of the Women’s Division, as Emma battles a talented yet to be signed Santana Garrett. Plus Eva Marie and the Companion in Arms, Nia Jax, learn their fate as they are set for a major clash next week versus the absent NXT Women’s Champion and the Fearless Asuka!

As i spoke first on Emma, we do see her and her current manager (soon to return to the ring) Dana Brooke be interviewed backstage. The Interviewer, Alex, reflects on Indy Performer Deonna getting another match with Asuka, and coming out on the defeated side again, which Dana insinuates she isn’t surprised by. Dana lists Deonna as a nobody compared to herself and Emma, and when they say something is going to happen, it happens. Emma has her share of time on the mic, telling Dana shes going to deal with her opponent tonight, as usual, then turns her attention to Alex, declaring he is about to be “emasculated” at the ending of her countdown. To clarify, he was about to get Dana’s annoying head pat.

Emma heads to the ring alongside her equally as villainous Dana Brooke, to a pretty good pop from the audience. Santana is out second to a possible alternate version of Emma’s theme….seems like it anyway. A Battle of strength ensues in the opening lock up, and the Heel Emma is soon pushed to the ropes by the fellow performer. Emma reverses, and soon forces Santana against the corner turnbuckles. Emma aims a kick in the midsection of Santana then pulls her from the corner. Santana is sent head first into the same corners top turnbuckle, then toward another. Santana tries to break off from Emma, and takes a load of elbows for it. Emma continues the assault by bashing Santana’s head against the corner turnbuckle a number of times. Emma showboats then tries to run Santana to another corner. Santana blocks the possible landing with a boot, but before she can fend off the diva, Emma kicks under the knee of Santana. Emma sets up for an under-hook suplex, but attacks the back of Santana first.

Emma hits the double under-hook suplex to Santana, then applies a temporary stretch to Santana while stood on Santana’s hair. Emma continues the momentum with a snapmare and kick to the back of Santana. Emma kicks Santana around the ring, but its not long before Santana looks to strike back, hitting punches to the midsection of Emma. Santana executes a forearm to the face of Emma, adding with it a headbutt. Emma uses the landing on the ropes to bounce back and send her down, and her momentum, with a dropkick. Emma showcases her viciousness with a load of punches to Santana against the mat. Emma clenches the hair of Santana while choking her against the ropes. Emma is back with all momentum as she applies a stretch hold to Santana, applying her knee to the back of the fellow performer. Emma throws off a potential reversal by kicking Santana, and she hits with a knee before re-applying the hold.

Santana escapes then headbutts Emma, but is wedged into the corner. Before Emma can execute another attack, Santana forearms her, knocking her off with an additional kick. Santana starts to regain control with some furious clotheslines and a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Santana scores the handspring moonsault to Emma in the corner, then heads up top, but the next move is stalled when Emma attacks from behind. Emma viciously kicks at the midsection of Santana, hauling Santana upwards after with her arms to allow her to hit knees to the defenseless Santana’s back. The Ref is turned and does not notice Dana pulling at the hair of the already hurt Santana, distracted by Emma. Emma sends Santana off the turnbuckles, slapping her before Santana strikes back with a take-down into a pin attempt. Santana gets the first near fall of the match on Emma. Emma breaks off then has Santana in a perfect position for the finish and locks in the Emma Lock. Emma wins the match when Santana taps out to the finishing submission hold.

Following this, NXTs General Manager William Regal meets backstage with the Duo of Nia Jax and Eva Marie. He makes it clear he has heard their comments after crashing BayMellas hopes of a victory last week, and agrees that they are indeed big stars and should be treated as such, which Eva quickly agrees to. So these Big Stars have another chance to showcase their greatness, as next week Nia and Eva will take on NXT Women’s Champ Bayley and Asuka. Neither look thrilled over Regals Match Booking whatsoever.

(Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage Segment)

(Santana Garrett vs Emma w/ Dana Brooke)

(William Regal, Eva Marie and Nia Jax Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Nothing Much Match Wise from the Ladies of NXT this week in terms of furthering storyline development as there doesn’t seem to be a clear path for the pairing of Emma and Dana Brooke with Asuka setting her sights elsewhere, so id see this match as just a way to try reaffirm Emma in the division rather than lose credible momentum, and not only did i believe she oozed heel charisma here, but she also works really well against Santana. I’m interested to see where the pairing of Emma and Dana go after Takeover Dallas, hopefully one that doesn’t involve jobbing to Asuka and taking away the feeling of specialty their original matches had. But it all depends on how NXT Takeover closes women’s wise, and regardless, im excited for the event itself and also the Women’s Tag Next Week.

– Catherine


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