WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Ravishing Russian Tries to Crash Any Regaining Momentum for Solo Bella (March, 4th 2016)

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Greetings to All and welcome to my last late write up from the prior week, this time to a rather spectacular divas tag that brought along with it some meager storyline development. Brie Bella joined forces with Natalya and Paige to battle NaoMina and Summer Rae, with a spectator on hand in the form of Brie’s newest enemy, Lana.

Rather than coming out as units, the babyface divas get separate entrances, Paige first, Natalya second and Brie the Third. Representing the heels out first comes Summer Rae, followed by Tamina and Naomi, who don’t look to mesh with the charismatic blonde. Paige opens the match on the babyface side against the once Extreme Rules Opponent Tamina. Paige ties Tamina in a waist-lock to begin, but the much stronger opponent strikes back with an elbow. Tamina headbutts Paige into her own corner, continuing her attack by executing a few shoulder tackles to the fellow diva, then Summer tags in to hit kicks to the gut of Paige. Summer taunts as she drags Paige from the corner, caught in a sudden roll up that gets Paige a one count on the fellow NXT Alumni.

Paige knees Summer in the face for another one count. Paige tags Natalya and the two execute double arm drags to Summer. Natalya steps on the neck of Summer, taunting to Naomi before continuing the attack to Summer with a basement dropkick. Natalya grabs the left arm of Summer while also allowing Brie to tag in. Brie heads to the middle turnbuckle and nails a double axe handle to Summer. Brie sends Summers arm into her shoulder, then has her whip reversed, leading to Brie running into a perfectly executed roundhouse kick. Summer gets a near fall on Brie.

Brie stretches Summer to attempt to reverse momentum, only to be run into the corner by the opposition as Tamina and Naomi look on. Brie kicks Summer away from the corner, then both crash to the mat via a running bulldog to each other. While Brie attempts to regroup and reach out to her partners, the music of a certain Ravishing Russian Hits, and Lana, who has recently been spectating Brie for reasons unknown, strides to ringside to get a closer view of the match ongoing. Brie manages to switch focus back to the match and force Summer to the babyfaces corner, also allowing Nattie to tag back into the match. Nattie and Brie hit a double suplex to Summer, who charges into her own corner before Natalya can even try pin the fellow diva. Natalya stands her ground as the imposing Tamina steps in per the tag by Summer. Tamina nails punches to Natalya in the corner, whipping her to an opposite, attempting a corner splash that is averted when Natalya elbows her away. Summer tries to distract but it goes wrongly, but Tamina uses this to her advantage regardless, nailing the super-kick to Natalya. Tamina spends time showboating before attempting to pin Natalya, leading to a near fall result.

Tamina elbows the right shoulder of Natalya, setting her up for a slam, which she executes. Naomi tags in as Lana seats herself on the commentary table. Naomi begins her assault with a leg drop, which gets her a near fall on Nattie. Natalya aims punches to try reverse momentum, but is knocked down a little when Naomi kicks back. Naomi hits her fast kicks finalized with an inziguiri. Naomi offers the tag to Summer, Natties hair in the other hand. Summer tags in to continue Naomi’s work, hitting a hard knee to a clearly overwhelmed Natalya. Summer tries to keep Natalya grounded with a rear choke-hold, and Natalya tries battling out with elbows, only to be sent to the mat. Naomi tags back in, stomping down on Nattie. Naomi attempts the running bulldog into the corner, but like many times, its countered, and Naomi collides with the corner turnbuckles instead. Naomi falls, but recovers and tries to prevent Natalya reaching out to the fellow divas, to no avail, as Brie tags in.

Brie heads up to the middle turnbuckle, nailing the missile dropkick to Naomi. The Smile soon leaves the face of Lana as Brie showcases her momentum with the familiar Yes Kicks to Naomi. Brie sends Summer off the apron, nearly knocking off Tamina, after nailing the dropkick to Naomi. With them out, even for a slight amount of time, Brie strikes Naomi with the running knee. Brie covers Naomi, reaching to two before Tamina charges in with an axe handle to break up the pin on the teammate. This calls for the usual partner intervention as Paige returns to the scene to super-kick Tamina. Summer takes down Paige with the Roundhouse, but Nattie clears off Summer just as quick with the discus clothesline. Naomi floors Natalya with her rear view signature maneuver, then attempts to continue from where she left off with Brie, charging over to her by the corner. Brie sends her over the turnbuckles, and Naomi ensures her perfect landing on the apron, scoring a high kick to Brie. Naomi flies from up top and Brie manages an impressive counter off of Naomi’s cross-body into the Yes Lock. Naomi eventually taps and Brie, Natalya and Paige score the victory. Lana, despite the enemies victory, just applauds it.

(Brie, Paige and Natalya vs Summer Rae, Naomi and Tamina feat Lana)

Thoughts On This Match:
Again Another Positive Outing from the Divas on this past weeks Main Event just like this past weeks Superstars. I Wasn’t sure whether the final Roundhouse from Summer connected with Paige properly, but everyone got decent time, even Paige, even if it felt the shortest, and we got some slight build up for the possible second divas feud heading into Mania. Sure, Lana being given an in ring debut could be too much pressure, but the Ravishing Russian must be playing a role in this big PPV in some way, just like Brie and Paige could be. A Lana/Brie match could be at Summerslam, leaving the angle going for a while, so this match has left extra or equal questions from RAW in regards to Lana’s intentions. Is she looking to scout other divas against Brie? Is she scouting them to take Brie out for her? Or is she simply playing chicken until she finally laces up? Could she even turn Paige against Brie? Sure Paige’s last heel turn ended abruptly, but her face run recently has seen her dwindled down to an outside competitor. Hopefully RAW develops this sure to soon be heated issue between the two divas.

– Catherine


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