WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Concocted Brutality Sets The Stage for WrestleMania (March, 3rd 2016)

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Hello To All and Welcome to a Late Smackdown Report. (Superstars and Main Event also Incoming). If you haven’t heard the news yet, then heres the breaking news from me. A Divas Championship Match has made the WrestleMania card this year, determined through a RAW Rematch between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, one that would initially guarantee a contender to Charlotte’s Divas Championship. Charlotte vied a ringside seat once more for the bout, and even though she wasn’t trouble before, what would she have concocted for this particular round? If anything at all?

Becky is out first for the announced Number One Contenders Rematch, followed by the fellow hopeful contender Sasha Banks. Banks makes the priority clear that shes chasing the title at Mania as she points to the Sign symbolizing the Pay Per View high above, before either engage in physicality. Sasha takes down Becky near instantly for a one count. Becky shoves off Sasha before they engage in a lock up again. Becky arm drags Sasha for a one count. As Becky had, Sasha shoves off Becky and its a stalemate once again between these two divas.

A Test of strength ensues between Sasha and Becky, leading to a knuckle lock by Becky. Becky tries to force Sasha against the mat but Sasha escapes the multiple pin attempts that follow. Sasha counters into a wheelbarrow for another one count. Sasha executes a drop toe hold following with a front face-lock, which Becky counters into a take-down. Sasha kicks her away before she can do much else, but Becky then fires back with her own momentum, arm dragging Sasha around the ring. Becky misses an elbow to Sasha in the corner when Sasha moves to safety, but she retaliates with the elbow moments later and a kick. Becky takes Sasha to the mat, trying to force her into the disarmer early, but Sasha manages to push her to the mat for a near fall. Becky tries to keep her shoulders off the mat as much as possible before managing to release her grip on Sasha completely.

Sasha starts aiming forearms to Becky, then she arm drags her from the ropes. Sasha runs the corner, but Becky overturns her, and sunset flips her from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Becky jackknifes Sasha also for a near fall. Both miss a dropkick in unison to one another, and as both ladies stare down one another, the Divas Champ, who hadn’t been present as expected earlier, finally emerges from the backstage area, and with Ric at her side, gracing both hopeful contenders with her presence as she struts to ringside to analyze the ongoing battle.

We return from a short break to see Sasha working over Becky with a hold, before preventing breakage and possible strike backs from Becky by tossing the Lasskicker backwards to the mat. Sasha goes right into the cover, getting a near fall on Becky. Sasha locks another hold on Becky, but Becky breaks out as she hits knees. Sasha reverses Becky’s whip but ends up swiveling and being taken down via Becky’s clothesline. Becky hits with another clothesline, followed with a dropkick, and then a running elbow in the corner. Sasha escapes a suplex attempt from Becky and rolls her over, scoring a near fall once more. Becky scores her exploder suplex for another near fall. Becky continues her comeback assault with a leg drop and elbow. One last leg drop fails when Sasha moves to safety, and Sasha takes advantage as she floors Becky via the double knees. Sasha gets a near fall once more on Becky.

Becky rolls up Sasha, but Sasha counters into the Bank Statement. Becky tries desperately to make her way to the ropes, and luckily does, breaking the hold. Becky kicks the jaw of Sasha, grabbing her arm to possibly lock in the finishing submission, only to be sent to the corner. Sasha scores double knees not once but twice to Becky against the turnbuckles, and she goes for a pin one more time, that Becky escapes from at two, to the screeching self professed “BO$$’s” dismay. Sasha knees Becky then takes a retaliating uppercut. Like Sasha had with Becky before, Sasha kicks out of her pin attempt, leaving her absolutely dismayed. Sasha and Becky have yet to make it to their feet, but trade forearms as they try to. Sasha backslides during the twos exchange, getting a near fall on Becky, who soon sends her down with a dropkick.

Sasha rolls outside, avoiding Becky’s flying elbow. Both Sasha and Becky hit the floor via their double clothesline, and its not long before Ric tries to make a mockery of the hopeful contenders, wooing until he grabs the twos attention. Ric backs a little, allowing Charlotte to attack both Becky and Sasha from behind. The Ref calls for the bell to end the match with no result, meaning no contender is made for this particular match up.

Charlotte boasts over her assault backstage with Ric and is approached by Renee about her actions. Charlotte mocks Renee and Renee soon retaliates, by delivering news to the Champ that per her attack, she will defend the Divas Title at WrestleMania against both Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Both Ric and Charlotte are left speechless and wander off without a natter.

(Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks; Number One Contenders Rematch feat Charlotte and Ric Flair)

Thoughts On This Match:
In My Opinion, much better, especially ending wise than RAW, and cleverly setting up for the angle many were hoping for. I Loved the counters executed through most of the match and how Charlotte executed her intervention, and i cant say enough about how much Charlotte has evolved as a main roster heel. The most interesting thing about this particular moment, is how Sasha and Becky will get revenge tonight on RAW considering they arent technically portrayed as partners, that and this may be the most built feud since last years Mania Divas feud.

– Catherine


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