WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Summer Tries to Keep The Momentum Against the Queen of Harts (March, 4th 2016)

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Greetings to Another Superstars report that features the Divas, i believe has been for a third consecutive week. This week two divas who showcased a major grudge against each other on Total Divas clash in the ring as former Divas Champion Natalya (you’d think she’d have more than one reign by now) faces her fellow underrated performer in Summer Rae.

Summer is out first, followed by Natalya. Shout Out to What Sounds Like Greg Hamilton taking announcing duty for the show this week. Nattie is getting chants early on from bell time onward, as she begins the match by targeting one of Summers arms, before rolling up the leggy blonde for a one count. Natalya continues the momentum as she takes down Summer mid headlock. Summer counters into a head-scissor which Natalya quickly leaps out of. Natalya calls out to the audience and works them a little before visibly smiling as she easily finds a way out of Summers waist-lock. Natalya rolls up Summer again for another near fall.

Natalya continues to wrap her arms around the waist of Summer, instrumental in preventing the fellow diva from reaching the ropes nearby. Summer runs Natalya back first into the near corner, then face palms her after breaking off. Summer soon ends up seeking solace in the ropes after being chased by the unimpressed Natalya, then finds herself begging again as she tries to quickly boot Natalya and fail. Natalya doesn’t accept this apology, sending her face first into the mat. Natalya looks to lock in her sharpshooter, but to her dismay, Summer forces herself to the ropes before the hold can be applied fully.

When we return, Natalya whips Summer into the corner, only for Summer to recover in quick time and bolt from the corner to avoid the oncoming offense from Nattie. Summer stomps against Nattie in the corner before the ref is forced into intervening. She lets out the aggression again, then taunts to the pro Nattie audience. Summer yanks Natalya from the corner and pins, getting a near fall. Summer does a variation of an indian death-lock to Nattie, also attempting to force Nattie against the mat for a pin attempt as she does so, and getting another near fall. Natalya reverses into her own pin attempt, scoring the same result. Before Natalya can regain complete momentum, Summer sends her down with a big clothesline. Summer nails a single leg drop to the Jaw of Nattie, getting a near fall once more.

Summer chokes Natalya against the ropes with her knee, arm dragging her into a follow up rear choke-hold. Summer manages to prevent any attempted comeback for Nattie, and she tries to pin Nattie again, scoring a near fall once more. Summer steps over the body of Natalya while showboating, but Natalya tries to get an equal measure of revenge as she rolls up a surprised Summer. Another near fall for Natalya. Summer strikes back with a knee to the gut, following with a side headlock. Summer throws off another comeback for Natalya by sending her to the mat, then targets the leg of Natalya for a possible submission, only to be kicked jaw first into the turnbuckle. Natalya uses this chance to fire back with forearms and a side Russian leg sweep, then clotheslines. Natalya moves from the corner to avoid Summers offense, then slingshots her to the mat, taking her down again but via the basement dropkick. Natalya attempts the sharpshooter but is kicked away by Summer. Both Natalya and Summer are then floored when the roundhouse and discus clothesline connect in unison. Natalya is up first at the count of seven, scooping Summer upwards and whipping her. Summer uses her foot to counter, shoving Natalya to the ropes and hitting the roundhouse again. Summer tries to lock the indian death-lock but Natalya rolls through into the sharpshooter, making Summer submit despite her efforts. Natalya wins the match.

(Summer Rae vs Natalya)

Thoughts On This Match:
Theres no doubting there’s some immense chemistry between Natalya and Summer which works wonders in their matches, and Summer was oozing with so much personality that she legit had me laughing at her trying to apologize to Nattie for trying to boot her. I Didn’t see the roundhouse and discus spot coming, but it was so unique, that i could say with continued improvement, Summer and Nattie could be the next Sasha vs Becky chemistry wise. But Loved this match and the further highlighted improvement of Summer. Shame she couldn’t be awarded the victory on this particular outing.

– Catherine


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