Your Monday Post #99: The Dollhouse Debut; Jade vs Laura Dennis (April, 24th 2015)

mia yim 117

Welcome to this weeks edition of Your Monday Post, another late one but well timed in coordination with tonight’s episode of IMPACT. Tonight, Gail Kim defends the Knockouts Title against Jade of the Dollhouse, and keeping this match in mind, we take a look back at Jades debut match with the Company, disregarding her Knockouts Knockdown Appearances of course.

Jade, aka Indy Wrestler and former SHINE Champion Mia Yim, and real life best friend Marti Bell debuted on the Especially Named TKO: Night of Knockouts as the newest additions to a needing-to-be-expanded Knockouts Roster, after weeks of rather mysterious vignettes. The Heel intentions of the duo (as well as their viciousness) would be exposed through the match, not only through Jades brutal physicality, but through Marti taking out the referee and assisting Jade in a post match beat-down on the allocated opponent, Laura Dennis aka Cherry Bomb. The Psychotic tendencies of the soon to be expanded faction materialized as they then targeted ring announcer and retired Knockout Christy Hemme. If those attacks weren’t enough of a statement, they later re-emerged during Taryn Terrell’s Knockouts Title Match against Terrell’s contender Awesome Kong, assisting Taryn in a major swerve to take out Kong and end the quest to go over Kong once and for all, and in turn, revealing Taryn as the leader of the Dollhouse and turning her heel for the first time in her wrestling career. Looking back on that and moving onwards to today, Jade is fully showcasing her in ring talent, and looks to do so furthermore as she battles Gail Kim in a sure to be great match with the Knockouts Championship on the line.

– Catherine


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