Cattie’s Catch Up: Summer Rae Makes Her In Ring Debut vs Paige (February, 13th 2013)

summer rae 1219

Welcome to the 140th edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. As International Womens Day Whizzed by, one could not help but notice WWE use the celebratory event to aimlessly promote the Four Horsewomen of NXT via their social media pages. With that topic in mind, i have no harsh words as to the treatment of the particular four athletes, but it does bring up the names of women who graced the NXT ring and birthed storylines before their particular showcases, even though these matches do seemingly come discredited to this day by anyone but fans for possibly birthing the “Revolution” in NXT. Coming to mind was the first ever full fledged divas feud on the revamped NXT season, Paige vs Summer Rae.

Paige had been thoroughly dominating NXT despite a loss in her debut to now Lucha Underground Star Ivelisse. Paige shot up the ranks through many victories, and the star power that Paige seemed to gain caught the attention of NXTs ring announcer at the time, Summer Rae, who unexplainably attacked the professed Anti Diva in January 2013 right after a match with Aksana. Paige took to the ring on the February 13th episode to demand a match with Rae, still questioning her actions, and was met with the presence of NXTs GM, the Late Great Dusty Rhodes, who spoke out over Paige hijacking the show as she spouted her demands. She then ended up noticing Summer, who hid behind Dusty to seemingly avoid a brawl with the top diva, and during the altercation, Paige suffered an unfortunate injury which would be exploited by the blonde villainess later in the night as Summer was booked to face Paige in her debut match. The injury inflicted was a sure factor in terms of Paige gaining a victory or not, as instead Summer nailed the still used roundhouse to Paige in front of a surprised audience to win her debut match.

– Catherine


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