LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Villainous Shenanigans of Taya….and Mariposa? (March, 9th 2016)

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Time to Return to the Temple for another week of Luchador (or Luchadora) action, and i can indeed say this weeks episode of Lucha Underground was Woman-a-plenty. We see Sexy Star finally be introduced to the longtime teased female nemesis, Mariposa, Ivelisse learns a possible fate of doom for next week, and Taya looks to set herself as another fearless Luchadora in the temple by taking on her partner, Johnny Mundo’s enemy, Cage, and in a brutal No Disqualification Match.

Sexy Star is gearing herself up in the back in the shows opening segment, appearing to be a far cry from her usual self, which Mack, who just happens to be Marty the Moths Opponent for the night, notices. He tries to give Star a pep talk about who she truly is, and it works, as Star finally gives Mack a smile of encouragement and accepts his given offer to be at his side for his match with the creepy opposition tonight.

Unfortunately their plan is overthrown by tactics on Moths side, as the mysterious Mariposa (Cheerleader Melissa aka Alissa Flash and Raisha Saeed back in TNA) emerges during the match in the entryway to distract both Star and Mack. This costs Mack the Match, and Moth, still presenting his ongoing issues with Star, introduces Mariposa to her, revealing her to be “his sister”. Mariposa then attacks a very much frightened Star.

Later, Cage, who has had issues of his own with a certain Johnny Mundo, is in the ring, readying for the No Disqualification Match with Mundo. However, to some surprise, Taya fearlessly shows up and decides to take Mundos Place as his opposition, of course with some heel insults to add by claiming that Cage is not a man, but she wants to see if he has the balls to fight. Cage seems to talk this through with Taya in the ring, but only gets the palm to the face for it. She further smacks him to tempt him into the fight, and the professed “Machine” charges at Taya, taking her down with a massive clothesline. Cage makes a mockery of Taya with some lifts with her body in both hands, before slamming her against the mat. Cage gets another slam in, and this gets him the first near fall of the match on Taya.

Taya takes advantage of the No Disqualification rule to boot Cage in his lower region, sending him rolling into the corner after a running dropkick. Taya DDTs him off the ropes to continue her momentum, then executes double knees into that corner to Cage. Taya goes for the pin, getting her first near fall on Cage as a result. Taya rolls out of the ring, retrieving a lead pipe from under the ring. Cage strikes back then rams Taya back first into the guardrail then the ring post. Cage follows Taya back to the ring, showcasing his full on strength with a powerbomb in the ring center then another to Taya into the corner turnbuckles. The Crowd elevates as Cage reveals a Table from underneath the ring.

Cage sets the Table up in appropriate position, then hauls himself to the turnbuckles, scooping Taya all the way upward, over his shoulders and downward into the table at ringside. Cage brings Taya back to the ring, setting up for another possible relentless move, but Mundo eventually emerges, attacking Cage then knocking him out with the lead pipe. Mundo yanks his partner Taya onto Cage for the hopeful winning pin, but both are left dumbfounded when the nemesis kicks out at a count of two. Mundo sees it fair to assist Taya further, and reveals some cinderblocks, but that isn’t all, as he seems to find some beer bottles also. Cage manages to avoid the plotted assault by Mundo, taking Taya by the throat, but Mundo recovers, and helps Taya break free as he smashes the beer bottle over the head of Cage, but seeing him soon unphased, he bolts from the ring, pushing Taya into Cage during the escape. Cage takes out Taya with his finishing move for the victory.

Ivelisse is the next of the women to appear, revealing to her partners Havoc and Angelico that next week they will be challenging for the Trios Championship as they so hoped, however it isnt all as sound as it may appear, as the trio losing will mean they will leave Lucha Underground for good. Havoc and Angelico bicker, but Ivelisse soon silences them, making it clear they must win the match next week and become 2x Trios Champions.

Lastly, Catrina emerges to walk Mil Muertes to his match against both Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma, a match revealed last week in a backstage segment by Mil, who had crashed the match featuring both contenders last week to remind all of the destruction and damage he can inflict in the ring. Putting his title on the line as he said he would, Mil ultimately managed to retain the title and obtain victory with the “High Priestess of Darkness” at his side, challenged after the match by the new Gift of the Gods Champion, Fenix.

Thoughts On:
Mariposa/Sexy Star: Finally, after weeks we are finally introduced to Mariposa, and i thought it was a well done debut, done right after giving the heel the momentum, and adding only more to it. I’m not sure when Mariposa and Star will clash in the ring, but im sure Mariposa’s sure to be twisted persona will be revealed long before that happens, being Marty’s on screen sister, that and behind this persona, is the worker known as Cheerleader Melissa, one of the best women’s wrestlers known today, so she is sure to put on phenomenal matches with anybody in the temple.

Cage/Taya: Im So Excited to see Taya in the Lucha Underground Ring and make myself familiar with her in ring work, not to mention she is incredibly over despite being a heel. Major props go to Taya for fighting in an intergender match of such a stipulation, taking spots that some may see as either savage or spots women shouldn’t take at all. I Loved the match overall, and its another storyline im invested in, so i cant wait to see how Taya and Mundo strike back and get redemption. Cage is a Legit BEAST. How he can be mis-used by any company, i will never know why.

Ivelisse/Havoc/Angelico: YESSSS My (secondary) faves (first being Catrina) were on this week, and despite spoilers being hard to find, i already know how next weeks Trios Title Match goes down, but its not like it isn’t hard to predict anyway, even though there’s been little build during this season for this particular feud. Who Knows what Catrina could be plotting if Ivelisse and Co reign supreme? Anyone else want to see Angelico and Ivelisse get together yet?

– Catherine


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