TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Jades Biggest Challenge Closes the British Tour (March, 8th 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks TNA IMPACT Report, and i can indeed confirm as i write this, that this will be the last episode of this years TNA UK Tour, and it went out in style as Jade got her Match against the reigning champ, Gail Kim, for the Knockouts Title, a match signaled after Jades behind attack to Gail from the week prior. On a Night that would see Angle bow out of in ring action for the company, would someone bow out title-less? We will soon see.

But before we can focus on that hyped match between Gail and Jade, we see Gail’s other possible rival chasing the title, Maria, approach TNAs Chairwoman Dixie Carter to try butter up the Hench, trying to propose a role as a “leader” to the Knockouts Division. Though Dixie tries to act the kindest she can, she cant erase the issue she had seen ongoing last week between Gail and Maria, and in support of her champ, she states that Actions are better than words. So Much like Reby weeks ago, Maria expresses facial displeasure at the possible dismissal.

Hoping to turn Dixie more to her side, Maria comes out sometime later with the Hubby, Mike Bennett, over a proposal given out also by Bennett. However, rather than be addressed wholly by the Head of the Company, instead Drew Galloway, who was pinned by Bennett one week ago, emerges from the back with some words of his own.

Later, following a recap of Jades attack from the past week to Gail Kim following a confrontation with Maria, we get to the Knockouts Title bout, and Jade is already in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the dark clad Ninja and Champion of the Division. Gail emerges, and when another recap closes, the Title belt is raised, and Gail strikes at Jade as revenge from last week the moment the bell is rung. Gail forearms Jade in the head multiple times, then running her into the corner top turnbuckle, hitting again with forearms. Gail hits further with a running dropkick and Jade rolls out of the ring moments after contact.

Jade returns to the ring, taking more hits from Gail, but she eventually hits back by avoiding a forearm, scooping her onto her shoulder to score the backbreaker. Jade then kicks Gail against the nearby corner, followed with a series of forearms. The Referee gets involved, backing off Jade but Jade continues the momentum by clotheslining Gail to the mat. Jade steps on the midsection of Gail then gets a series of knees in. Gail tries to block off a third, but Jade counters. Jade attempts to boot Gail against the corner, but Gail bolts out of the way. Gail splashes Jade in the same corner then slips to the outside, where she secures her ring post figure four to the opposition. Gail rallies the crowd and heads to the top turnbuckle but Jade backs off to the ropes, too far away for Gail to hit her with anything, so Gail jumps to a different plan. She takes the foot of Jade, dragging her away from the ropes, but Jade strikes back with a kick that sends down Gail.

Jade reverts to the Muta Lock, grasping the chin of the champ, but she soon breaks free. An Unimpressed Jade kicks Gail onto the mat then nails a Gutwrench suplex. The Move gets Jade her first near fall on Gail. Jade counters a possible backslide by Gail into an armbar. Gail tries to push herself to the ropes to break off, but Jades own strength leads to Gail being forced away. Gail rolls Jade into a head-scissor counter, using her legs to force Jade upwards while keeping her hold applied, but as she forces her back down, she has a certain shoulder landing, hurtful enough to break her submission. if this wasn’t enough for Gail, she soon takes a boot by Jade. Jade stretches the right arm against the ropes while also choking Gail against the turnbuckles. Jade scales the turnbuckles, trying to hit Gail with a dropkick from the top rope, but Gail steps away and Jade has a crash landing.

Gail starts regaining her momentum as she hits with forearms to Jade. Gail clotheslines Jade against a corner then counters Jades upcoming move into a neckbreaker. Gail gets a near fall result on Jade. Gail calls for Jade to get to her feet, and once the Dollhouse member does, she attempts Eat Defeat, only to have it reversed. Jade sends Gail down with a German Suplex to get another near fall on the Champion. Jade tries hard to secure the Package Piledriver to the Champ but Gail tries to stay aground, and eventually uses the back of her foot to kick Jade and break free. Gail nails the diving cross-body off the top rope to Jade, attempting to pin but having it reversed, leading to Jade having her own pin attempt. Jade gets a near fall. Gail instantly counters into another and pins Jade, retaining the Knockouts Championship.

(Maria Kanellis and Dixie Carter Backstage Segment)

(Jade vs Gail Kim; Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another Good Match between Jade and Gail, and another display of fine chemistry between the opposers. The Only Negative is Gail using roll ups on a regular basis to overcome opposition as of late, unless the use of the tactic is to exploit the psychologically unstable mannerisms of the Dollhouse for possible revenge, and the finish is sure to lead to Jades rematch right? Revealed Today, next week Gail Teams Up with Drew Galloway (My Fave Former WWE Superstar Teaming with My Fave Knockout!! Never thought id see this tbh) against Maria and Mike! While im sure Maria will try her hardest to avoid any contact and physicality, there is so much unpredictability with direction after this week. Is Jade getting a rematch? Is Gail moving onto Just Maria, meaning another struggle from TNAs creative team to keep the Dollhouse going? Or will Maria fit in both her current and her aspirational role, by sticking with Mike and also managing the Dollhouse? Personally i wouldn’t agree as the Dollhouse can develop as their own characters rather than have any exploitation in promo and ring work taken away by just being backseaters, but im keeping hope the Dollhouse have something going on heading into the next tapings.

– Catherine


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