TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY RIVALS RESULTS: The Beautiful People Rekindle Their Rivalry with IMPACTs Current Mean Girls (February, 5th 2016)

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Greetings All and Welcome to My Last Report of the Day, this time featuring a One Night Only Pay Per View from TNA that aired MANYYYY weeks ago, TNA One Night Only Rivals. As the name suggests, this PPV would feature rematches between various rivals in the biz, and everyone who has watched TNA recently knows there has been some lingering animosity between TNAs popular female faction of the Beautiful People and the Revamped Dollhouse, made up of Jade, Rebel and Marti Belle. After their first feud got cut down a little due to Angelina’s Pregnancy and the ever so lengthy World Title Series, the Two factions revoked their rivalry on TNAs Television Return, and on this PPV, would do so again. Representing the Dollhouse, Marti Bell and Jade would challenge the Beautiful Peoples two currently wrestling members, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky.

Joined by Rebel, out first for the match come Jade and Marti, and Marti, seemingly signaling herself as the factions speaker, has a few words about the Beautiful People upon completing their entrance. Marti reflects how there’s no bigger rivals to them than the Beautiful People, which she says with much expressed disgust. Marti says there’s a self belief from the fans that they are beautiful, but its much so the opposite. Marti says instead the fans love them, because this is their house….the Dollhouse. Marti finalizes by stating she cares little about what anyone says, because its clear the Beautiful People have nothing on them.

Out come Velvet Sky and Madison for their entrance. Madison also has some words to express, as she takes note of the Dollhouse hating them over the belief they are beautiful, and despite whats said, they didn’t give themselves that belief, the fans gave them the name. Madison adds that there’s only one way to solve this rivalry, which can only be fighting considering they are in a wrestling ring. Velvet pretty much confirms this and both herself and Madison charge at Jade and Marti to kick off the match. They use their double team maneuvers to clear them from the ring, and soon a legal Knockout for each side is allocated.

Jade starts off for the Dollhouse, while its Velvet opening up for the side of the Beautiful People. Velvet reverses a lock up between herself and Jade into a roll up for the first pin attempt of the match, and the first near fall. Velvet follows that up with a small package to Jade for a second near fall. Velvet ducks under the clothesline attempt by Jade and rolls her up once more, getting another near fall. Velvet secures a side headlock to differ from her earlier offense, and she gets thrown to the ropes by Jade. Velvet knocks Jade a little with her shoulder, and she additionally takes to the ropes and scores back elbows that barely move Jade, who calls for more. Velvet tricks Jade into believing shes running the ropes and executing the same offense again, instead swiveling and hitting Jade with triple kicks. Velvet hits a neckbreaker to Jade then tags in Madison.

Madison and Velvet hit back kicks to Jade, then run the ropes and floor Jade with running dropkicks. Velvet heads to her post while the Legal Knockout, Madison, attempts to cover Jade. Madison gets a near fall as a result. Madison counters Jades offense, trying to keep herself in one position, but Jade lobs her into the heels corner as she had tried to before. Jade tags Marti, who is sent face first to the mat by Madison’s retaliating drop toe hold. Marti runs Madison back first into a corner, missing a running shoulder tackle when Madison moves away, rolling Marti from the corner to get a near fall. Madison trips Marti for another pin attempt, resulting in a near fall once more. Madison forearms Marti, whipping her to the ropes, then flooring the heel knockout via the inziguiri. Madison gets a near fall once more.

Velvet tags in, hitting a basement dropkick to Marti following Madison’s snapmare. Velvet covers Marti, and just like with Madison’s attempts, its another near fall on a resilient Marti. Velvet constantly attacks the back of Marti, and Marti reverses with an arm wringer into a high kick. Marti elbows Velvet to the mat, with Rebel looking on in clear enjoyment. Marti continues the momentum by choking Velvet against the second rope, before being forced to break off to avoid a count-out. As Marti gets in a verbal scuffle with the ref, the temporary distraction allows Jade and Rebel to get nasty with Velvet at ringside. Jade Tags in, kicking Velvet in the back, then running her to the nearest turnbuckle, of which she chokes her against.

Jade continues the onslaught with a huge boot to Velvet against the corner, then setting up the package piledriver in the middle of the ring, though Madison runs in to knock down Jade via her inziguiri. Marti and Madison tag one another in, returning to the match, and Madison fires in, avoiding the offense from Marti and shoving her to the mat. Madison chops consistently at Marti, hitting also with an inziguiri before managing to knock Jade off the apron. Madison executes a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle to Marti, attempting to pin right after but only getting a one count when Jade gets the attention of the ref. Jade kicks Madison in the back of her head, taunting to the crowd and not noticing Velvets oncoming spear. While the ref deals with the Jade and Velvet scuffle, Rebel tries to use the familiar face powder used in the two factions first battle to completely blind Madison, but to her dismay, she gets Marti instead. Madison elbows Rebel off the apron then DDTs Marti for the win. Velvet and Madison win the match.

(Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky vs Marti Bell and Jade w/ Rebel)

Thoughts On This Match:
Even though this match has been redone so many times, it was a fun match to watch, and the pre match promos were a surprise when i first watched it on its UK airing (because Ive been waiting for the match to be uploaded since). The constant pins, i wasn’t a fan of, but i loved the finish from Madison and booking wise its wholly understandable why the Beautiful People came out on top. Its just a shame the crowd don’t seem to put too much effort in, even if certain Knockouts are over in this particular bout.

– Catherine


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