WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Another None Too Ravishing Moment for the Solo Bella (March, 10th 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks Pre Roadblock Smackdown report. For those who dont know, going on right now is a WWE Network Special, like Beast in the East many months ago, a mini Pay Per View with many title bouts, aka WWE Roadblock, and we only just had a divas title match booked on the show between Charlotte and Natalya. While all this is going on, Charlotte was not present for this weeks Smackdown, and while that note on the Divas Champion remains, the former contender to the Nature Boys Daughters Title, Brie Bella, faced Summer Rae in a RAW Rematch to make up for a loss that stemmed at the hands of her newest rival, Lana. The Ravishing Russian was also at ringside for this particular bout, looking to humiliate Brie for a second time running for sure.

Brie is introduced as she makes her entrance, while Summer has most of her entrance cut. Lana is also back to possibly cause trouble, perched legitimately on the commentary table, and for some reason, having her theme song played after the RAW recap that saw Lana not only cost Brie her match, but attack her afterward. Summer chokes Brie above the second rope to start off the match, while Lana refuses to give any hints towards her issue with Brie, concentrating on the match. Summer throws Brie to the outside floor, heading outside also and grabbing Brie and launching her into the barricade. Sending her back to the ring, Summer tries instantly to cover Brie, getting a one count in her efforts.

Summer applies a cobra clutch which Brie tries to break free from with a back elbow, only to take a knee from Summer in the process. Summer tosses Brie towards the nearby corner, executing a number of stomps to Brie against that corner. After a small verbal scuffle with the ref, Summer turns her attention to Brie again, charging towards her and taking a kick in return. Brie positions herself on the second turnbuckle and nails the missile dropkick to Summer. Brie furthers the momentum with her Yes Kicks, shades of her retired husband Daniel Bryan, finalizing with a running dropkick and a running knee that goes sour when Summer moves away from the ropes. Summer rolls Brie over for another pin attempt, which Brie counters to get a near fall on the leggy blonde. Unfortunately for Summer, shes in a position perfect for Brie to lock in the Yes Lock, and she does so, soon forcing Summer to tap. Brie wins the match.

Brie stares out the mocking Lana after the match, who has removed herself from the commentary table. Brie sees a back attack coming from Summer and forearms her in retaliation, then hits the running knee to add. As Brie hits this move, Lana quickly hits the ring, and Brie quickly turns and takes another kick similar to that from Monday by Lana. Lana hits Bries own finishing face-buster to her again and leaves, taunting a fallen Brie once again, and even leaving her old nemesis, Summer, confused.

(Brie Bella vs Summer Rae feat Lana)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though i cant understand why they couldn’t have booked anything else for the show, Bries win over Summer helps her regain momentum following the RAW loss, even if this momentum was super short at the hands of Lana. One thing intriguing about this particular re-execution is the small interaction between Summer and Lana. While we would normally expect for Summer to roll out of the ring and remain out of the cameras view during the near ending of the post match angle, they showed her, even for a small moment, confused at Lana’s actions. Unless they have erased any thought of bringing up the past angle between Lana and Summer, then this could mean that Summer has reasoning to team with Lana, but she could also do otherwise and be the babyface while Alicia could turn heel and possibly blame Bries “spotlight” for her fading out. Regardless, based on the analyzation, i have a feeling the Team angle will begin next week.

– Catherine


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