TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Jade “Raynes” Over a Former Champion and Fellow Rival (March, 8th 2016)

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Welcome All to Unbelievably the first TNA Xplosion Report of 2016. Amid a recent set of tapings, New Knockouts Matches were filmed in coordination with recent storylines, and believe it or not, rather than have a several month wait, TNA have gone on to post their aired content within days, and serving us with Knockouts Action for the first time on Xplosion this year, its former Knockouts Champion and Beautiful People Member Madison Rayne vs The Dollhouse’s Jade.

Jade is out first, and solo, for this Knockouts Bout. Madison emerges second to the Beautiful Peoples music, as this was taped before her entrance theme change. Madison and Jade, now in the ring, kick off their match with a lock up which Jade easily breaks off from as she shoves Madison away. The Knockouts Vet regains her composure and tries to tackle her a second time, catching the enemy in a waist-lock. Jade counters into her own then sends Madison to the mat. Jade tries to execute a knee to the side of Madison, but misses, and Madison takes advantage with a swift roll up that gets her a near fall. Madison rolls over Jade again for the second near fall. She doesn’t give in there, as she rolls up Jade for a third time, but only to get the same result as before.

Madison returns to using offense, scoring a kick to an unamused Jade, who hits back with her own. A Battle of kicks ensues between the two ladies, and following one last kick, Madison hits the ropes and sends Jade over to a corner via a hurricanrana. Jade is far from shaken and comes back within moments with a big boot to Madison. Jade attempts to cover Madison, who battles out at the count of one. Jade applies her knees to Madison’s back as we come to a short break.

Returning from the breather, Jade appears to be still much in control, as Madison crawls around the ring while taking kicks from Jade. Jade continues to dominate as she slams Madison against the mat, reverting to a hold which Madison counters by falling on top of Jade. Jade battles out of this pin attempt at two, resulting in a near fall. Madison elbows Jade then attempts a running crossbody, but is caught by Jade, who sends her down to the mat via the Fallaway slam. Jade takes one leg and covers Madison once more, getting a near fall. Jade resorts to choking Madison against the second rope, additionally choking her with her boot against the nearest corner turnbuckle, but again breaks off to avoid a count-out. Madison tries to shove Jade away on two attempts, but is knocked down by returning offense. Jade covers Madison following the well executed stalled suplex, getting a near fall once again.

Jade seems stunned over this result, and ends up taking an inziguiri from a retaliating Madison, sending her backward to the mat completely. Both Ladies soon get back to their feet, and its Madison seemingly in control as she executes chops to Jade. One last forearm by Madison sends Jade stumbling to the ropes, and Madison charges outside, but not before clotheslining Jade on her way out. Madison climbs to the apron, hitting Jade with a dropkick, crawling back to the ring after knocking her down and trying hard to weaken her, but the follow up pin attempt leads to yet another near fall. Madison seems to set up for a suplex, but before she can do so, Jade wedges her knee multiple times into the stomach of Madison. Jade whips Madison, but misses her clothesline, allowing Madison to position herself behind Jade and lay her out with a DDT. Madison crawls over to Jade for one hopeful winning pin, but after the count of two, its noticed that Jade has her foot on the ropes, disallowing the count going further.

Madison heads up the turnbuckles, prepping for her next move, but as she dives, she misses Jade, sure to work in the favor of Jade. Jade, on her feet still, sets up Madison in position for her recently used Package Piledriver finishing move, and nails it. With that out of the way, Jade pins Madison and wins the match.

(Madison Rayne vs Jade)

Thoughts On This Match:
Seemed slow at times and the crowd reaction didn’t help, but it seemed to pick up for me following the clothesline from Madison on her way to the outside to Jade, and further from there. Considering this was taped before the UK Tour, the result could have gone to either, but nonetheless Jade again, may have got the win to look like a credible challenger, considering the match with Gail didn’t air here till today and this aired beforehand, and both Knockouts made the best of the time given to try and put on a good display despite the lack of effort from the crowd. You can even see some on various sides of the front row having eyes turned elsewhere and it just doesn’t help. Focus on the Athletes, its what you paid for.

– Catherine


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