WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: NaoMina Seek To Make A Statement (March, 11th 2016)

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WWE Main Event this year is becoming quite a lengthy showcase for numerous divas, and it appears to be the same pattern this week. For this weeks episode, we get a set up match between NaoMina (Naomi and Tamina) vs A Chemistry-full but not exactly in the need to co-exist team, Natalya and Paige.

By not exactly in the need to co-exist, that would be because of late last year when Natalya was suckered into an angle with Paige following her turn on the still Divas Champion Charlotte, which excelled into a backstage attack with an attacker clearly made but never revealed. Regardless, in a backstage interview, Renee brings up these past issues between Natalya and Paige, without such reference, questioning whether both ladies can co exist tonight. Paige admits to these past issues, but she has respect for her partner Natalya, and it isn’t a shame to team with a “Crazy Cat Lady” for one night. Natalya thanks her for these comments, though it comes across more sarcastically, offering a compliment(?) of her own by stating Paige would be the “Miley Cyrus” of their division. Natalya reminds all how it will soon be WrestleMania, and thus its time to make a statement.

Before Natalya can state what she means by a statement, Naomi and Tamina drop in on the declaration. Naomi agrees with Natalya over making a statement, but it wont be her. Naomi declares that herself and Tamina want their WrestleMania Moment, and Tamina adds to this by stating they have no problem stepping over Paige and Natalya to get it. Paige wants Tamina and Naomi to back this supposed statement up by getting in the ring with both girls tonight, and NaoMina remain silent as the opposers walk off.

Paige and Natalya vs Naomi and Tamina follow up Ryback vs the Social Outcasts Bo Dallas as the shows Main Event. Paige mouths off with Naomi then hits the apron as Natalya agrees to open the match against the strong NaoMina Member, Tamina. Tamina and Natalya lock up to begin their match, then both break off in unison before a stare-down ensues. Tamina attempts to lock up again but Natalya counters swiftly and applies a waist-lock. Tamina knocks off Natalya then targets her left arm. Natalya attempts to roll out but Tamina tosses her to the mat. Tamina whips Natalya into a corner, attempting to strike with a running clothesline, but Natalya moves and Tamina crashes into the ring post. Natalya rolls up Tamina, getting a one count on NaoMina’s stronghold.

Natalya reaches out and tags Paige into the match, and they both send down the angry Tamina with a double suplex. Paige instantly tries to cover Tamina, and gets a near fall, the first of the match. Paige runs the ropes and hits Tamina with a running knee, but before she can hit with anymore offense, Tamina rams her into the heels corner. Tamina tags in Naomi, hitting some shoulder tackles on her way out to allow her partner to do the rest of the work. Naomi has a whip reversed by Paige, but Naomi smartly floats rather than crash in the corner, shaking her rear in Paige’s face. Instead of the usual kick to follow, Naomi ends up taking a high kick from Paige in the midsection, sending her crashing to the mat. Paige smacks Naomi with a running high knee to regain momentum, but the second is knocked off when Naomi kicks away Paige from the corner. Naomi goes for a crossbody, but ends up in the hands of Paige instead, and Naomi is flung to the mat via the fallaway slam by Paige.

Naomi rolls outside, and Tamina tries to attack Paige on the apron but eventually retreats. Paige instead heads to the apron herself, sending Tamina down to the floor with a rolling senton. Paige does a hilarious taunt while both Naomi and Tamina are down on the floor, taunting to the audience who are very much cheering for her.

Coming back from a short break, Naomi and Paige are back in the ring. Naomi accepts Taminas tag, and bolts from the ring as Paige gives chase. Naomi calls for mercy as she crawls on the announce table, and as Paige stalks her, Tamina comes in to save her partner as she super-kicks Paige to the ground. Tamina rolls Paige back to the ring, first knocking Natalya off the apron before returning to working on Paige. Tamina strikes Paige in the heels corner for a few moments, then allows a tag by Naomi. Naomi snapmares Paige out of the corner then applies a side headlock. Paige strikes Naomi in the midsection a few times, then heads to the ropes, only to run into an inziguiri from Naomi. Naomi gets a near fall on Paige.

Naomi kicks the arm of Paige, teasing her over being unable to reach out to Natalya. Naomi chokes Paige against the ropes with her left leg before returning to her own corner with Paige in hand to tag Tamina back in. Naomi chokes Paige with her foot before whipping her into a huge clothesline by Tamina. Tamina kicks Paige then knocks her back down to the mat. Tamina chokes Paige against their corner top turnbuckle, then gets a shot in before Paige starts coming back with own offense. Knocking Naomi off the apron with her elbow, Paige darts over and attempts to leap over the shoulder of Tamina to reach Natalya, but to no avail as shes caught in Taminas hands. Tamina drives Paige back into the same corner once more.

Naomi tags in, continuing the momentum for her side as she sends Paige head first into the opposite corner with a running bulldog. Naomi chokes Paige against the mat with her foot before applying a front facelock. Naomi dropkicks Paige into the ropes, then charges over to Paige to execute her next move, but instead, ends up crashing to the floor. Unfortunately for Paige, Naomi recovers in enough time to make it back to the ring and attack Paige from behind, stopping her again from reaching out to the still waiting Nattie. Naomi kicks Paige in the midsection then attempts to roll her up, but Paige scoops her by her hair then headbutts her. With that out of the way, Paige finally makes a tag to Natalya.

Natalya runs in and flattens Naomi with numerous clotheslines, quickly elbowing Tamina also off the apron before returning her focus to Naomi, avoiding her offense in the corner and slingshotting her to the mat. Natalya executes her basement dropkick to Naomi, but instead of pin she slams her against the mat, then begins to set up her sharpshooter. Tamina comes running in and attacks Natalya, launching her into the turnbuckles then also tossing Paige out of the ring. Natalya recovers and nails a discus clothesline to Tamina to ultimately remove her from the ring, leaving the legal divas left. However Natalya’s focus is left instead on noticing the hurt Paige outside the ring and she ends up walking into Naomi’s rear view. Naomi pins Natalya, winning the match for herself and Tamina.

(Naomi and Tamina vs Paige and Natalya 30.12 – 42.03)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another entertaining bout on Main Event this week, respectively featuring the heel and face teams of NaoMina and Paige and Nattie. With it being WrestleMania Season, and with every Diva rightfully vying for a spot on the card, and with the rumors floating Lana may have a team as will Brie to compete with each other at Mania, Main Event should currently be incorporating with current storylines as it slightly had last week, and did during the Paige and Charlotte feud when Paige cost Charlotte a match with Brie. Ultimately it did have a feel that it was doing exactly that, and now that it appears NaoMina are moving on from the Sasha debacle, they need fresh blood to compete against, so the victory in this case over the team of Paige and Natalya should be a factor in what goes down storyline wise on next weeks RAW and/or Smackdown, as it gives both the heels and faces a side to play on, the side of Lana or Brie, and like many other divas, Naomi has worked hard despite not being gifted a championship despite the numerous shots where she was believed to have been originally booked to win, and through these reasons and others i would love to see Naomi work this years WrestleMania. Good Match this week on Main Event, forgetting the numerous Spot Calling, and other than that, there was no negatives at all for me. I Loved also how Tamina looked strong prior to the discus clothesline “clean-out” strategy and Naomi returning to the ring despite the earlier crash to the outside to isolate Paige from Natalya further in what was continuous heel strategy type teamwork.

– Catherine


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