WWE RAW RESULTS: Seeds Planted for Deviousness Heading Closer to the Big Stage (March, 14th 2016)

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Welcome All to Another RAW report heading even closer to this years WrestleMania. While the Championship feud this week wouldn’t have its seeds entirely planted until Smackdown this week, mass focus on RAW turned to the side feud as Lana continued to make extra enemies for Brie and her reunited comrade Alicia Fox, amongst others. Lets see what catty drama went down on this weeks show.

The first, or more so should i say ONLY divas match on the show this week saw a quiet Team Bella reunion, as Alicia Fox, who has been inexplainably M.I.A during the previous times Brie Bella has been attacked by the likes of Lana and Charlotte, returns to RAW to join Brie in divas action against NaoMina. Of course, another match cant come without a bit of Lana to stir the pot for another week running, as she immediately heads to the ring the moment the match is about to get underway.

Lana’s expected arrival is a key factor in the early momentum unleashed for NaoMina as Naomi attacks Alicia just as Lana closes her entrance to view the rest of the contest from ringside. Naomi pounds on Alicia with fast forearms, continuing her assault in the corner. Naomi dropkicks Alicia for a near fall, the first of the match. Naomi tags Tamina, whipping an overwhelmed Alicia into Tamina’s huge starting clothesline. Tamina aggressively works over Alicia amid a chin-lock, and Alicia tries to fend off the intimidating opponent with forearms amongst other strikes, but to no avail. Alicia slips out of the slam attempt from Tamina to make the desperate tag to Brie.

Brie blocks the oncoming attack of Tamina before hitting the ring. Brie sends Tamina down via her missile dropkick, followed with her Bryan-esque Yes Kicks. Brie finalizes that load of offense with a running dropkick then quickly turns the focus to Naomi by attempting to forearm her off the apron. Brie strikes with her running knee then makes it to the middle turnbuckle, blocking the charging Tamina with a kick before returning to ascending up the turnbuckles. Taunting Lana as she makes her way up, Brie hits the Bella Buster off the turnbuckles to Tamina, an innovative way of using her finisher that hasn’t been executed in a rather long time. Brie eyes Lana as she covers Tamina, looking for the winning pin there but Naomi causes an intervention to break it at two.

Alicia rushes in to save her partner, hitting with a boot to Naomi. Tamina gets retribution for Naomi by attacking Alicia and tossing her to the apron. Alicia crashes to the outside in a moment very much GIF’ed by the WWE Universe, then a re-cooperating Brie ends up switching focus from her own opponent to Lana, who has climbed to the apron for a possible distraction. Lana gets the referees attention, allowing Naomi to run back to the ring and assist Tamina with an impressive double team finishing move. Tamina pins Brie, winning NaoMina another match.

Post Match, Alicia, frustrated over the result, stalks Lana, who asks her to turn around, a demand Alicia shouldn’t have taken as she ends up being double super-kicked by Naomi and Tamina. Lana laughs at what has transpired while Naomi and Tamina make their way to the back, with smiley faces only understandable due to the victory.

Following up right after the match, JoJo undergoes a backstage interview with NXT Alumni Paige regarding the recent chaos with NaoMina and Lana as well as whats been going down with her own personal life, the said split between herself and Kevin if it couldn’t be anymore obvious, but Paige tries to move from the topic upon the mention by instead reminding JoJo that its WrestleMania season, and with that being said, its about each diva making an impact in and out of the ring. Before she can say much more, Lana approaches the professed Anti Diva and delves into what has labelled her far from a success, not being able to keep her men, her friends and also a championship. Lana finds some amusement in calling Paige’s friends from Total Divas “Weak Americans” especially mentioning Brie. Paige makes it clear shes far from a friend of Brie Bella’s, but what Lana has to say is rich considering she has no friends, has bounced from man to man, and she hasn’t had a match, let alone a championship title. Paige teases forcing Lana into the ring but Tamina and Naomi step in, and both ladies make it clear they don’t take kindly to the threats by Paige, warning her to choose her words wisely, because they never know whose listening.

Lastly Divas Champion Charlotte is interviewed backstage on the subject of her Mania Opponents Becky and Sasha, and how she seems to have had little care for them as of late. Charlotte reminds Renee that she has known the two for an extensive time, letting all know on how she supported Sasha with her nervousness right before her first match in NXT. Suddenly Sasha changed and began to act like she owns the place, and in Charlotte’s opinion, she is instead the same scared little girl she sees her as. Charlotte jumps over to the topic of Becky Lynch, revealing Becky had begged to have some inclusion amongst the crop of ladies in NXT. Renee comes to the belief that through Charlotte’s mannerisms and words, that she doesn’t seem to care for either ladies, but Ric jumps in in defense, reminiscing when he gained knowledge of Becky and Sasha through communicating with Charlotte, hearing how they were going to be great, but because of that, Charlotte had to be better. Renee brings up that this coming Thursday, Charlotte has requested to call out Sasha and Becky, and Renee wants a scoop on what exactly this could be. Charlotte reminds Renee that their history cannot go ignored, but on Thursday, both women will learn that they cannot run from their past.

Lastly, Stephanie McMahon, who has recently been causing trouble for Dolph Ziggler, trouble he could have triggered himself through a quickly deleted tweet about the “powers that be”, set up a match between the furious former IC Champion against one of his biggest career opponents, the still WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. Hunter would go over Ziggler then face a brutal beat-down by a returning Roman Reigns.

PLUS Major Congratulations goes out to Jacqueline (Jackie Moore) who is the next female to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!

(Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Naomi and Tamina feat Lana)

(Paige, Lana, Naomi and Tamina Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte and Ric Flair Backstage Segment)

(Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs Dolph Ziggler)

(Jacqueline joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2016)

(Brie Bella and Alicia Fox on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Brie/Alicia vs Naomi/Tamina: Even though Alicia’s reunion with Brie was out of the blue considering she could have been used during Bries last storyline (unless they wanted Brie to have the spotlight to herself) the match served its purpose in finally teasing a Divas Tag for Mania. The double team finish by Naomi and Tamina looked phenomenally done and based on cut entrances, i didn’t expect them to win as the babyface has yet to get proper revenge-type momentum. With Nattie, again, vying to work Mania, mentioned in a recent promo (look back to last weeks Main Event) and Summers improvements being highlighted on commentary during her matches, there is really no reason to not include the two divas in the teased bout. Also, in regards to momentum, the heels have had it for a while now, so im slightly getting the feel of a babyface win happening at Mania just for the soul thought of it being Bries Last Mania and/or for Total Divas. Personally i wouldn’t mind Brie losing to put Lana or another heel over to continue the feud and get retribution another time considering she mentioned retiring during the summer time, but the lack of babyface momentum has me seeing otherwise.

Charlotte Promo: It feels weird not seeing Sasha on an episode of RAW, and Becky, but despite the nixing of whatever may have happened with the three on RAW, we have an interesting confrontation angle going down on Smackdown featuring three of the four Horsewoman. Its finally shying away from the constant mid or post match attacks that have ensued to using promo work to further a feud, and in my opinion, there’s legit unpredictability as to what could be brought up in the three diva confrontation. Spoilers should be interesting tonight.

– Catherine


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