WWE ROADBLOCK RESULTS: NXT Takeover Deja Vu For Canadas Fave (March, 12th 2016)

carmella roadblock

charlotte roadblock

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Greetings to All and welcome to another week of wrestling. Clear of another episode of RAW (report coming soon) we have plenty more wrestling coming up, but one cannot forget the events of this past Saturdays Roadblock Special on the WWE Network, which featured an added Divas Championship Match between Divas Champion Charlotte and the Home Country Diva sure to get a welcoming (as Roadblock was filmed in Toronto, Canada) Natalya!

But before that, an NXT match would also be a feature in this particular show as recently agitated contenders Enzo Amore and Big Cass, joined by the Fabulous Carmella, challenged the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson for the titles. Unfortunately for the duo, they fell short once again, and as for the heel duo, well they should be keeping the titles warm for their future challengers, Gable and Jordan, while the prior duo may be close to a main roster call up.

Moving forward from the loss for the charismatic duo, we now jump (later) to the oncoming match between Charlotte and Natalya and to build up to this sure to be stellar match, Greg Hamilton catches up with an excited Natalya in a pre taped backstage interview. Natalya cuts off Greg immediately, thinking up exactly what the question would be, regarding her feelings to be back in the home country, Canada. Natalya expresses her happiness to be back home, adding that she is excited to be challenging Charlotte later tonight, and shes dedicating his upcoming match to her Uncle, Bret Hart. Natalya is confident that she is winning tonight and that the win would surely bring her a step further to challenging for the title. Charlotte steps in, chuckling and mocking Natalya alongside her Hall of Fame Father, Ric Flair. Charlotte reminds Natalya that she will defend her title at Mania vs Sasha and Becky, and Natalya is a mere warm up as she heads into the upcoming title defense, no longer at her level. Natalya retaliates, stating that if Charlotte sees her as no threat then she shouldn’t have a problem putting the title on the line against her tonight. Charlotte tries to find a way out of this, that being that she is very close to Mania, but Natalya then brings up how Bret has always expressed the Flairs to be cowards, which Ric takes quick offense to but Charlotte calmly holds him back. To Prove the Statement by Natalya (and Bret) false, Charlotte agrees to put the title on the line.

Despite this match now being a Title Match, the Champion comes out first, and with her equally troublesome father joining her side. Natalya is out second as the challenger, with no one for accompaniment, but no problem for the Queen of Harts, who gets a nice elevation from the fans present in Toronto. As if that wasn’t kind enough, we even get a reference of one of Natalya’s favorite overall career matches, vs Charlotte back at the second overall NXT Takeover to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion, a match Charlotte won to begin her ascension in WWE. Moving forwards, and JoJo introduces Natalya first as the stated challenger, and follows with the introduction of the Divas Champion Charlotte, who receives plenty boos.

The Two kick off with a lock up, and Natalya gains momentum early as she manages to send the champ to the mat with a takedown. Charlotte tries a reversal out of the side headlock applied by Natalya but it falls flat, and Natalya places herself over the Champion for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a one count on Charlotte. Natalya begins working on the left arm of Charlotte as she looks to continue her momentum, but Charlotte soon counters into a waistlock. Natalya takes Charlotte down but gets caught in Charlottes leg scissor. Charlotte reverts to a sleeper which Natalya breaks out of, then she targets the left leg of Charlotte in her own reversal. Unfortunately for Natalya, Charlotte counters into a single leg crab, but despite grimacing in much pain, Natalya summons enough strength to roll Charlotte out of the move, cleverly trying to set up the Sharpshooter but Charlotte takes advantage of being near enough to the ropes and grabs them before the opposers finishing submission can be applied. Charlotte appears offended at the competitiveness on the opposing side, shoving Nattie, reminding her who the champ is before taking a hard chop to the chest. Charlotte blocks Natalyas attempted kick, taunting her, but Natalya counters into a takedown, stepping on the back of the champs legs before fully securing a surfboard submission.

Charlotte manages to break free, but not without crashing face first into the mat. Natalya sets Charlotte upward and nails her basement dropkick off the ropes. Natalya tries to lock in her Sharpshooter submission for the second time, but Charlotte is once again seeking solace in the ropes, pushing herself towards them, breaking the hold, and bounding to the outside. Natalya doesnt wait for Charlotte to regroup on the outside, and executes a baseball slide dropkick to send Charlotte to the floor. Natalya eyes Ric for a short moment before rolling his daughter back in the ring, then she climbs back in herself, chasing the Champ who is, again, on the retreat. Charlotte knocks off Natalyas grip, trips her from the outside and yanks her by both her legs to the floor. Charlotte taunts to the pro Natalya audience before throwing the hurt diva back in the ring. Charlotte strikes with punches to Natalya against the mat, stomps against her in the nearby corner then yanks her away from the corner for her follow up pin attempt. Charlotte gets a near fall on Natalya.

Charlotte continues working on Natalya as she hits with elbows to Nattie’s shoulder. Charlotte drives Nattie’s head a number of times into the mat with her headscissor stomps, applying a headscissor right after. Natalya tries to push Charlotte backward to force her shoulders to the mat, getting a near fall in the following pin attempt, but despite that, she remains trapped in Charlotte’s headscissor. Charlotte sends Natalya around the ring using her legs, then attempts to pin, getting another near fall. While Charlotte argues over the result with the official, Natalya takes advantage and rolls up the cocky champ, only getting another near fall over her desired result. Charlotte retaliates by flooring Natalya with a big clothesline. Charlotte taunts, with Ric joining in, but its time spent not too wisely, as Natalya spends this time resting up, recovering in enough time to block Charlottes upcoming offense in the corner, but just as it looks like Natalya may get somewhere, Charlotte avoids her discus clothesline and executes a neckbreaker to drive Natalya back to the mat. Charlotte kips up, imitates her fathers signature strut to a booing audience then goes to pin Natalya once more, getting a near fall again.

Charlotte wheels Natalya around the ring as she seizes her legs, then hits with singular knee drops to Natalyas left leg. Charlotte taunts and sets up for the figure four but Natalya yanks at Charlottes hair, and pulls her into a small package pin, scoring another near fall. Natalya begins to regain her needed momentum as she blocks a boot by Charlotte, taking the same leg and sending Charlotte down to the mat face first. Natalya trundles over to Charlotte, who trips her into the corner turnbuckle. Charlotte chop blocks the back of Natalyas leg, tripping her in the process, and Natalya screams in pain at the possible damage done, but Charlotte relentlessly continues to target the same body part. Charlotte rams the same leg into the ring post, attempting to do so again but being kicked to the floor. Charlotte returns to the ring at the count of seven.

A Battle ensues in the ring center as Charlotte chops Natalya, taking an elbow back by Natalya. They repeat this sequence until Natalya unloads with a furious flurry of forearms. Natalya avoids Charlottes retaliating chop and sends the champ down via a side russian leg sweep. Natalya completely floors Charlotte via a discus clothesline. Charlotte rolls up Natalya for a near fall. Charlotte boots Natalya to regain momentum, attempting to lock in the figure four which Natalya attempts to reverse, and the two continuously battle for control, culminating in Charlotte locking in the figure four while hanging off the apron. Charlotte bolts back in the ring after and executes the natural selection, hoping for the finish there but is left flabbergasted and amazed when Natalya kicks out of the follow up pin attempt at two. Out of desperation, she goes to pin again, with Natalya escaping seconds before the count of two. Charlotte covers once more, getting a near fall. Charlotte suplexes Natalya to continue to further the damage to the Queen of Harts, then making her way upwards to the top turnbuckle for a possible moonsault, which Natalya tries her best to knock off as she attacks Charlotte from below. Natalya forces Charlotte into her arms and powerbombs her near the rings center for another near fall.

Natalya is first up on her feet as the crowd engage in Respectful “This is Awesome” Chants in respect for the two performers. Natalya looks to lock in her finishing sharpshooter submission but its evaded as Charlotte rolls Natalya into a schoolgirl for another near fall. Charlotte rushes into a takedown, looking to lock in her own finishing submission, but just like Charlotte had with her, Natalya counters, and she successfully captures the Divas Champion in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte is far from the ropes, and tries with all her strength to reach over to her father, but Natalya forces her backward to her dismay. Natalya makes it clear shes angry with Ric’s possible assistance, but the encounter plays in Charlottes favor as she rolls up the agitated challenger, even placing her feet on the ropes, unnoticed by the referee, and she pins Natalya to retain the title.

(Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady w/ Carmella vs Dash and Dawson; NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

(Natalya, Charlotte and Ric Flair Segment w/ Match Entrances)

(Natalya vs Charlotte w/ Ric Flair; Divas Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Massive Mat Classic from Two Divas that share amazing chemistry in the ring, chemistry that plays into them creating excellent matches. Though the result was wholly predictable, it doesnt take away how much effort both divas put in, putting on a match reminiscent of or even equal to that of their Takeover bout over the then vacant NXT Womens Title. I Loved every moment of the match, how seriously the women were being treated on commentary (Props to Cole) and how engaged the crowd was. Toronto couldnt have been an anymore excellent place to host this show.

– Catherine


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