Cattie’s Catch Up: Taylor Wilde vs Raisha Saeed (July, 3rd 2008)

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Greetings Again to All and Welcome to a Late edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. Instead of focusing on the theme of WrestleMania (which i will do closer to the time) many may have seen the recent episodes of Lucha Underground (a promotion i HIGHLY recommend watching) and the creepy teases from a certain Marty The Moth to Luchadora Sexy Star. This very storyline lead eventually to the reveal of his sister Mariposa, who some may recall as being otherwise known as Cheerleader Melissa, and, during her time in TNA, as the Manager of Awesome Kong Raisha Saeed, then eventually being renamed/repackaged as Alissa Flash after the partnership between herself and Kong concluded.

Melissa made her debut under the Raisha persona in 2008, revealed as the manager to the imposing Knockout that eventually became Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong. On the July 3rd episode of IMPACT that year, Raisha would face a rising Knockout at the time, Taylor Wilde, who was originally placed as a “plant” during Awesome Kong’s regular challenges to young females to try and capture her title. Despite Kong’s attempt to interfere and wholly throw off Taylor in this said match, it wouldn’t appear to work effectively as Wilde suplexed Raisha for the finish, going on to face Kong the following week in the $25,000 challenge, one which Taylor won to get her first Knockouts Title.

– Catherine


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