TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Miraculous Cheating Stunt Propels One to Possible Contention (March, 15th 2016)

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The Tour of England has concluded, and with that in mind, TNA are back on home(ish) turf this week for a new broadcast, ready to further the storylines within every division, including the Knockouts. As announced late last week, my Dream Tag Team Pairing of Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and a man who would accomplish a dream of holding TNA Gold, Drew Galloway, united for one night to take on their respective rivals The Professed “Miracle” Mike Bennett and his wife and equally troublesome Maria Kanellis.

Getting some confident words in before the match, Maria and Mike reflect on their debut on the Jan 5th episode, continuing the claim of changing the game for TNA. Mike says this will only further tonight, adding that both competitors Drew and Gail want them to stop talking and actually back their actions through fighting, and thats exactly what they are going to do. Mike claims Maria is unafraid of the Champion Gail, saying the same for himself when it comes to Drew, considering he had pinned him before (but not without help). Mike is proud in declaring that the pair will shut their opponents up, and in turn, make another miracle happen.

Some Minutes later, Mike and Maria walk hand in hand to the ring for the booked mixed tag which counts as Marias in ring debut for the company. Gail emerges first for the babyfaces with her Knockouts Title in hand, joined moments into her entrance by a fierce looking Drew Galloway. Gail calls Maria in in hopes to fight her in the opening moments, and Maria seemingly agrees to open the match alongside the champ, but retreats seconds in and tags Mike into the match, thus Gail must tag Galloway in. Drew overly dominates Bennett, tagging in Gail also and assisting in her own attack, a running splash into the corner, to Bennett. With the move executed, Gail continuously tries to force Maria into the ring. While they bicker, Mike swivels Gail over, but makes a bad move, when Gail unleashes fast kicks to him. Gail hits forearms and takes to the ropes, only for Maria to bend them, causing Gail to crash to the outside ground. Maria gets one kick in before rolling the legal Knockout back in the ring.

Maria stomps a few times on Gail before missing a running elbow drop. Gail goes for a running clothesline but Maria darts over to Mike and tags him in, retreating once again. Mike tries to go for Galloway before he can even step in the ring but takes a huge punch. Gail tags Galloway into the match. After sending Galloway off the top rope moments later, both men are down and in need of reaching to their partners. Mike tags in a clearly hesitant Maria, who tries to pull Drew away from Gail. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the strength to force away the tall Scot, who merely turns at the screaming Maria, and while gripping Maria in one hand, he tags Gail into the match with the other.

Gail dropkicks Mike off the apron and stalks Maria around the ring. Gail gets her hands on Maria at last after much aggro, gripping her by her hair. Mike runs back in to try save Maria, but he misses the attack to Gail, who sends him down with her finishing Eat Defeat maneuver. As if it couldn’t be bad enough for Mike, he also takes a massive big boot from Drew, but while Drew focuses on his rival, Maria sneaks in and rolls up Gail into the schoolgirl pin and has her caught. Getting the three count finish, Maria wins the match for the team.

This night wasn’t only an in ring debut for Maria, but for the terrifying macabre mistress of the Decay, Rosemary, who agreed without hesitation to join her comrades, Abyss and Crazy Steve to challenge Beer Money (Bobby Roode and James Storm) and 1/2 of the former TNA Tag Team Champions, Eddie Edwards. Unfortunately for Rosemary, she was barely involved physicality wise in the match but nearly took a suplex for interference. Luckily Steve pulled his woman out of harms way, then Rosemary would later unleash the freakish mist that would gain her team the victory.

Lastly Reby blasted TNAs Chairwoman Dixie Carter in the backstage area at her husbands side over deciding to pit Matt in a match with EC3 with his world title on the line. As if it couldn’t be anymore bad for the heels, Dixie not only throws Matt’s brother Jeff into the match, but chooses to add a No Disqualification stipulation to the match that would eventually ensure Drew’s World Title Briefcase Cash In and eventual crowning as the new TNA World Champion. *Insert Triple Heart Eyes*

(Drew Galloway and Gail Kim vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis; Mixed Tag Team Match)

(Eddie Edwards, Bobby Roode and James Storm vs Abyss, Crazy Steve and Rosemary; Intergender Tag Team Match)

(Matt Hardy, Reby Sky and Dixie Carter Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Drew/Gail vs Mike/Maria: First of all, Can I Just Voice My Happiness at TNA doing the honor of letting two of my fave wrestlers EVER team up! I Never thought we’d ever see Gail and Drew team in a promotion until this day and its a shame the match didn’t go on longer because i enjoyed their short term teamwork, even though i thought the ending and the match overall was booked well.

Intergender Match: Continuously becoming a fan of the Decay and their gimmick, that Rosemary additionally is playing excellently. Shame Jimmy Havoc wasn’t signed because we didn’t get a full on explanation of his past with the particular character. Wasn’t too pleased at Rosemary not being able to showcase her ring skills to those wanting to see for a first time or for those who already know but are just waiting for her to get involved in the ring, but just like the other match, heels winning was logical, though Beer Money being early into their reign means they wont be dethroned too early, or even by them unless they do a best of three series perhaps.

– Catherine


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