LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Go Big or Go Falling (March, 16th 2016)

ivelisse velez 66

ivelisse velez 67


Amongst the numerous updates provided today, we cant go without talking about another action packed Lucha Underground episode. This past Wednesday, we were sure to see Catrina assure Mil Muertes grip on the Throne of the Boyle Heights Temple as Champion, a status threatened by the Multi Time Gift of the Gods Champion turned now contender Fenix. On Top, as found out last week, Catrina surely played into the possible firing of Ivelisse, as Ivelisse and her partners Angelico and Son of Havoc were forced to combat the Trios Champions, the Disciples of Death on this weeks episode, where losing to the reigning champions would mean packing their bags and heading home.

Catrina confronts Fenix in the first women’s related segment of the night, making out with the contender to the Lucha Underground Title in a sure swerve move, before declaring after their steamy moment that that was none other than a final kiss (of death?) as after tonight, destruction for Fenix would be assured.

Moving from one villainous moment to another, the High Priestess of Darkness stands by as her Boys, aka the Trios Champions (the Disciples of Death) face off against their chosen challengers, Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse, in a match where the Trios Championship would be on the line. For those in need of updating, it was back at Ultima Lucha where Ivelisse, Havoc and Angelico were dethroned by the Disciples, who were first to add to the Underworld Stables collection of Gold that night that was finalized by Mil Muertes becoming Lucha Underground Champion. Per Expectations, Challengers (Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico) emerge first, followed by the defending champions, The Disciples of Death, joined, as mentioned, by the troublesome Catrina.

When the bell rings, the three faces take an onslaught from the fellow trio on various ring sides. Ivelisse, Angelico and Havoc take over and get in various attacks to their enemies. Havoc clears the ring of one disciple while a smart kick from Angelico blocks anothers sneak attack. Ivelisse finalizes the onslaught with an inziguiri before the other Disciples re-emerge to throw off Angelico and Havoc. Ivelisse is distracted and Disciple Bario leaps back to the ring and dropkicks Ivelisse into the ropes. Ivelisse also takes an attack from the outside that gets a fellow disciple a near fall in the follow up pin attempt. Ivelisse struggles with the follow up submission that follows a huge clothesline, and doesnt get a chance to break it, instead having her knee smashed into the mat. Ivelisse is choked against the ropes then caught up in a submission in the rings center.

Ivelisse floats out of the suplex attempt but the counter falls flat when she is instead caught in a headlock but she counters the next suplex attempt, chopping the back of the disciple, followed by a dropkick before making a needed tag to Son of Havoc. Havoc, as well as Angelico, have control for the next few moments, also executing dives to the outside alongside Ivelisse. Just as Angelico looks to be in control as he fends off Bario inside the ring, Catrina distracts from the outside. Inside the ring, a switcheroo is done, allowing the fellow disciple to try sneak in a roll up on Angelico, who luckily kicks out. Finishers from Havoc and Angelico allow themselves and Ivelisse to recapture the Trios Championship.

We get a short glimpse also at Black Lotus this week, as we’ve learnt in the past few weeks that herself and the scheming Dario have been M.I.A from the temple, instead standing by as the yet to debut Matanza has been fed victims to fuel him for his eventual arrival in the temple. While hearing another unseen onslaught, Dario begins to change his mind and decides to unleash his chaotic “brother” early on the temple, and the Blood Covered Warrior is lead by himself and Lotus to the obvious place. All Hell is coming to Lucha Underground next week….and one can guess in which match…

Sometime later, Unforgiving towards the Disciples over their loss, Mil Muertes crushes them with such ferocity backstage, while Catrina barely flinches over the bone crushing powers of the Lucha Underground Champion. Watching them decimated, she then walks Mil to his main event contest against Fenix.

Unfortunately Luck runs out for the Villainous Group, as Mil is also dethroned in the stunner of a main event against Fenix. Looking to regain momentum in some form, and rather quickly, Catrina comes to the competitors aid post match, using her power as Jefe to shake things up regarding the pre-announced Aztec Warfare match. She immediately sets a cruel challenge for the newest champion of the promotion by announcing Fenix will put his title on the line in the multi man contest. Fenix will enter at one, while Mil will enter as the final and 20th combatant per Catrina’s order.

Thoughts On:
Trios Championship Match: Another extraordinary match showcasing the great tag team/trios performers of the promotion. Despite it being shorter compared to what was thought, it was fun to watch, and just seeing the New Trios Champions mesh so well makes one realize how great an idea it was to turn them all babyface all that time ago. Only negative is making out on camera on the far (dark) side whether Ivelisse was attacked at one stage or whether she hit a hurricanrana to Catrina. Wasnt too sure, but i find it so hard to identify the Disciples, i don’t know about anyone else. Not sure how many episodes is left in the season, but should be interesting to see where the Trios/Tag Division goes without the Disciples, even if the Crew remains.

Catrina/Fenix/Mil: I Was, in all honesty, gutted to see Mil lose the title not only in this season but at a time where Mil could have helped establish other babyface characters. Even though i do feel Fenix’s title wins and the cash in has been both predictable and a feeling of repetitiveness in terms of the fact that hes already been Gift of the Gods Champion before via a predictable outcome, theres no denying that it was another great match to watch, with his Casket Match vs Mil being one of my all time faves in the promotion. That and leave it to the imposing, badass character of Catrina to immediately turn things in her and Mils favor to shake off the dethroning of the supposed unstoppable force. If next week is the debut of Matanza, it will be interesting to see if Mil, a force of darkness as portrayed, has a sudden change by trying to stand against someone much bigger than himself.

– Catherine


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