WWE NXT RESULTS: The Swift Kicker Sets Her Sights on Gold (March, 16th 2016)

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Hello All! Welcome to this weeks NXT Report! Apologies again for the late updates as Ive had a lot of things, both good and bad, go on in my personal life this week, thus i haven’t been able to carry out the duty of regularly updating this week. But in the short spare time i have, considering i have a work trial tomorrow, i thought id take the time to wisely review this weeks NXT episode, which indeed sets the stage for certain Women at NXT Takeover Dallas. While Emma looked to certify her position as a future threat by looking to overcome regular visitor Deonna Purrazzo, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley would team with the fearless Asuka against the recent enemies of Nia Jax and Eva Marie.

Emma and Dana are walking backstage, and Dana reminds Emma along the way how she is the woman running the division. As Emma backs up her claim with much agreement, she stops to notice Deonna readying for a match. Emma mocks Deonna over the numerous defeats she has taken at the hands of Asuka, but the damage she could do is far worse, announcing herself as Deonna’s opponent. Deonna reiterates the claim made by Emma that no one can stop the Emmalution, seeing herself as the one to do it tonight. Emma and Dana react in a jokey manner towards the possible threat, and clearly not without a signature Dana head pat.

The Match follows up right after. Deonna emerges first, followed by Veteran Emma and her still sidekick and equally villainous Dana Brooke. Emma returns her mocking nature at the beginning of the match by shoving the “lesser threat” but Deonna doesn’t take kindly. Emma is quickly on the attack with a kick to the midsection and a number of elbows to the back. Emma aggressively attacks Deonna against the corner after sending her head first into the turnbuckle. Emma snapmares Deonna into the near center and hits with a kick to the back. Emma applies an additional stretch and continues the domination as she chokes Deonna against the ring ropes. Deonna blocks an underhook suplex attempt and starts firing back with forearms, but Emma reverses her whip and flattens her with a clothesline. Emma returns to having the momentum as she attacks Deonna further in another corner.

After working her over for so long, Emma nails a running corner crossbody to Deonna, trying to cover her after with just her foot but to no avail as Deonna forces herself upward early. Emma drives her knee into the back of Deonna and keeps her working with a side headlock. Deonna fires elbows and snaps the jaw of Emma per a counter before elbowing the attacking Emma away one more time to deliver her numerous clotheslines. Following a kick, Deonna knees Emma in the chin, but then a splash in the corner falls flat when Emma moves to safety. Emma takes advantage of that to transition into the DilEMMA submission for a few moments. Emma knocks her head first into the mat then locks the Emma Lock on Deonna to eventually force her into submission. Emma wins the match.

Taking the Pre Main Event spot for this week, Asuka would team with NXT Women’s Champion Bayley to take on the former contender to the Championship Nia Jax and her companion Eva Marie in Tag Team Action. Of course this announcement cannot come without a recap of the Bayley/Asuka exchange weeks ago when Asuka made intentions clear, that despite saving Bayley and her Bestie Carmella from a beat-down executed by Nia and Eva, her true reasoning for running to the ring was to eye the championship gold. Nia enters first for the match, followed by Eva, then Asuka, then NXT Women’s Champion Bayley.

Bayley starts the match against her Takeover London Opposition, Nia Jax. Nia’s strength plays early into the match as she manages to force Bayley into a nearby corner at the start. Nia tosses Bayley to the opposite corner, tagging in Eva, who gets a large amount of boos as she steps inward. Eva takes the time to taunt the mad crowd, but it proves costly, as before she can even attack, Bayley sends her plummeting to the mat via her drop toe hold. Moving Eva towards the babyface corner, Bayley allows Asuka to tag. Asuka prevents Eva crawling to her own corner, and Eva tries to back off from the intimidating diva, avoiding a clothesline and forearming her moments after. Unfortunately for Eva, this only fires up Asuka, who hits her series of knees. She follows this up with strikes to the chest of Eva. Eva cleverly reverses a whip from Asuka, but is sent down by the countering hip attack. Bayley tags in, applying a front face-lock to Eva, of which she reverses into a side headlock. Eva is sent to the ropes, into Bayleys elbow, but Bayley, who takes her time to stare out the fallen opposition, didn’t notice a tag made to Nia, who is standing tall behind her. Nia scoops up Bayley and hits her strong Samoan Drop.

Nia clobbers Bayley against the heels corner, tagging Eva before doing so. Bayley eventually battles out of Eva’s rest hold by rolling up the red head, getting the first pin attempt and one count on Eva. Bayley gets a take-down, tries to cover after, but its broken before a count can even be made. Eva stalks Bayley then turns her attention to Asuka, slapping the awaiting tag partner on the apron, easy provocation and a distraction. As Asuka argues with the ref, Bayley hits her Belly to Belly Suplex on Eva, but breaks the cover that follows when Nia charges in, avoiding the attempted leg drop by the tag partner and in turn, Nia’s leg connects with Eva. As Nia seems in shock by her accidental actions, it couldn’t be bad enough that she ends up being drop-kicked out of the ring before having the chance to avenge. While the ref is focused on Nia, Asuka sneaks in a behind attack to the recovering Eva, causing her to stumble into Bayleys finish. Bayley hits the finisher once again, this time submitting Eva. Bayley and Asuka win the match.

However, for Bayley, there’s little time to celebrate the particular victory, and herself and Asuka turn to face the stage at hearing the music of NXTs General Manager William Regal, who announces the newest contender to the NXT Women’s Title as…..Asuka.

(Deonna vs Emma w/ Dana Brooke)

(Eva Marie and Nia Jax vs Asuka and Bayley)

Thoughts On:
Deonna/Emma: Liked the Match, and the overall focus on Emma as a threat despite her dwindling down the card in the NXT Women’s Division somewhat. Wasn’t my favorite match of Emma’s, or my favorite between the two, but it gives Emma equal momentum to Asuka for their rematch next week.

Asuka/Bayley vs Nia/Eva Marie: I Felt the match could have been longer but as Emma’s match had early in the night, it was booked wholly to give certain divas needed momentum, even if Asuka’s assist came off as heelish. The Only negative despite the match length is the lack of focus and ring time of Nia Jax, as she has come across as a dominant force with the executed attacks and should still be that visible threat in the match, but barely got the time to show it. Other than that, an overall good week of build for various divas, and some divide as to who will be NXT Women’s Champion by time NXT Takeover Dallas finishes.

– Catherine


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