WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Little Verbal Showdown before the Physical (March, 17th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks Post-RAW Smackdown Write Up. This week didn’t serve us a 3 minute or possibly more divas match, but instead build up to the Mania Match in the form of a promo that gathered interest through the announcement of the angle execution this past Monday. Charlotte, the Divas Champion, looks to address former comrades and now Mania Opponents Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, a sure trap for her numbers wise right?

Hitting the ring alongside her Hall of Fame Father Ric Flair is indeed the Divas Champion Charlotte. She reminds all upon entering the ring that her title will be up for grabs at this years WrestleMania spectacle, and her opponents are none other than two people she has come to know in her life, Sasha and Becky. She reflects over how the friendships between them has come and gone, but admittedly cannot credit her career without referencing how they were much help to it. Charlotte calls out Becky and Sasha to the ring to accept the moment of remembering their long history.

Charlotte may expect silence, but instead she gets at least one of her opponents rather than two on the go as Becky Lynch emerges from the back. Charlotte keeps a smile on her face as Becky enters the ring then suddenly questions the whereabouts of her supposed “BFF” Sasha, though Becky reminds her how she doesn’t do BFFs considering the past betrayals. Charlotte is pleased regardless of Becky because of her willingness to accept her invitation to the ring, believing she can count on her when needed, which Becky agrees to, but more so the ability to count on her to take her championship. Charlotte isn’t too pleased at Becky’s statement but before she can retaliate, out comes the second diva Charlotte wanted to address, the “Bo$$” Sasha Banks.

Charlotte sarcastically greets Sasha, who reminds the Champ that she is the Boss thus she is on no ones schedule therefore she isn’t told what to do, hence the moniker. Becky steps in and questions whether the rest of the road to Mania will be executed with consistent bickering, which Charlotte seems to be heavily against as she tries to “calm” the situation. Charlotte remembers the journey of the three at NXT, and how she had informed her father of the fellow talents, and how Ric had the belief that just through what Charlotte uttered, that they sound like the Horsemen, or the next Horsemen. Charlotte tells the two that as the conversation continued, she came up with the moniker of them being “Horsewomen” instead, which expanded to be the moniker of the various four that have been birthed in NXT, with only three currently standing on the main roster, the three in the ring.

Through recognizing what made them this said name, Charlotte seems to want to apologize for her actions, and after hugging her dad, she instead turns and reiterates her apology as only being due to believing that Sasha and Becky could ever be called “Horsewomen”. Becky and Sasha are both un-amused and not surprised, as Becky expected for the “Real Charlotte” to show, the current persona. Sasha asks Charlotte whether she believed they would be brought out here to be embarrassed, and Charlotte retaliates by saying that shes embarrassed to give the moniker of “Horsewomen”, passed down from her fathers faction, to the two women she thinks don’t deserve it, trading glances with Sasha and Becky. Becky gets the chance to bring on her own verbal retaliation, saying she may have had hope for the Champ to have a “Shred of Human Decency” despite all she did to her, but she went and threw away everything they worked for. Becky continues to fire back, telling the fellow diva she can take back the name and call her whatever else, but by Mania, Charlotte will know her as Just Becky Lynch, the Woman who “ripped off her arm” and took her title. Sasha is obviously displeased over Lynch’s statement, disagreeing with the Irish Diva while reminding her that she was the one who forced Charlotte into submission to take her previous title, her NXT Women’s Championship. On top, out of all of them, Sasha has yet to be pinned in the ring.

Becky now turns her attention verbally speaking to Sasha, as she believes to have earned her right into the match, but Sasha states otherwise, since she already had an opportunity at the Royal Rumble and blew it, which, technically speaking, would mean she gets in the back of the line after losing contention, but Becky reminds Sasha of the finish executed by Ric Flair to ensure Charlotte would keep her championship. After removing herself of that loss, she hits back further at Sasha by telling her it takes more than “an ego and dollar store Jewellery” to be a Boss. Charlotte cackles as she watches the two get ready for a possible fight, but the realization of the true target sinks in when both Sasha and Becky turn their faces to the once smiling Champion and they clobber her. A Exploder Suplex and Backstabber eventually sends the Champ from the ring to close their segment.

(Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Ric Flair and Sasha Banks Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
When the segment was first announced, i had no idea what to expect, maybe a possible “shade” fest or something along the lines of Charlotte making lies about the two fellow competitors during their time at NXT, and even though the segment couldn’t go without a reference to Ric (again) its a part of Charlotte’s character, the self entitled brat character that lives off the family success to a mass extent, and i loved Charlotte’s Promo work in this segment. Only negative besides the reference to Ric rather than a whole focus on the individual characters was how Charlotte sold the Backstabber to a mere extent, or to a no-sell at all but im interested to see what they do with all three ladies in the next two weeks that doesn’t just involve reverse momentum.

– Catherine


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