WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Sharp-Shooting To The Bigger Stage (March, 18th 2016)

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Returning from a Small Break, WWE Superstars is back with some women’s action this week, featuring a rematch last executed on the Superstars card for the divas, as Two Divas hoping to be fit onto this years WrestleMania card, the Veteran Natalya and the NXT Alumni Summer Rae, clash in singles action.

Natalya heads to the ring first for the particular match, followed by the Opponent Summer Rae. The Match doesn’t kindly go without a mention of a feud that stemmed between the two through Total Divas that wasn’t booked as the feud it could have been. Summer, after some short taunting, locks up with the Queen of Harts, but the veteran diva easily takes over as she takes down Summer to the mat. Summer manages to counter into a head-scissor nearly as quick, but Natalya kicks out of it and we are left with a standoff between Nattie and the un-amused Summer.

Its Back to square one for the two women as the two execute another lock up. Natalya attempts to target the left arm of Summer but reverts to a roll up instead. Summer tries to escape a grounded waist-lock and eventually breaks off from Nattie with an elbow. Summer manages a take-down into a pin attempt, but the count ends when Natalya bridges out. Natalya backslides Summer for the first near fall of the match. Natalya seems to be plotting to use the backslide again but Summer breaks free long before, trying to send down the fellow diva with a boot, but Natalya catches her and blocks it. Just like in their previous encounters, Summer is “pleading” for mercy. Summer asks for Nattie to let her go, and gets exactly that when she ends up swung face first to the mat. As if Summer wasn’t hurting enough, she also takes a basement dropkick from Nattie. Nattie tries to drag Summer from the ropes, but to no avail. Summer sees Nattie attempting to attack again as she sets herself up in the corner, and has the ref back her off. Natalya shows her furious side, trying to lunge at Summer, but Summer again has her forced away.

Summer vents as Nattie starts up a “Summer sucks” chant and avoids the oncoming attack, leading to Nattie crashing into the corner turnbuckles. Summer takes advantage of the position to chop block Natalya from behind. Summer stomps down on Natalya in the corner, then dropping her back first against the mat in the same corner. Summer attempts to cover but the ref cancels after noticing Natalya’s arm under the ropes. Summer keeps the momentum regardless, continuously attacking Natalya’s legs. Summer applies the Indian Death-lock to Natalya, and after many moments of momentum, Natalya slaps Summer and starts breaking free of the divas grip. Natalya targets the leg of Summer for a possible submission, but Summer reaches the ropes before it can do further damage. Summer attempts to reverse momentum as she comes back with a sudden clothesline that gets her a near fall on Natalya. Summer argues with the ref and it proves nearly costly when Natalya takes advantage to roll up Summer, getting a near fall as a result.

Summer knees Natalya below the gut, scoring a kick also to the back of Natalya. Summer nails an elbow drop to the left leg of Natalya, targeting the same leg after while also throwing off Nattie’s attempt to counter. Natalya seeks the ropes but instead eventually finds a counter maneuver to use, and in turn, she kicks Summers nose. Summer, as it appears reminiscent of exactly what she “did” to Nattie on Total Divas, doesn’t take kindly to the prior maneuver and she slaps the veteran diva. Of course, this leads to Nattie hitting back with a slap of her own. Natalya comes back extremely fiery with a side Russian Leg Sweep swiftly followed by an attempted Sharpshooter that Summer breaks off early into execution using her boot. Summer finds her way back up and hits the roundhouse kick to Natalya for a near fall. Summer vents for a while over this result, proving costly as she spends the time arguing rather than unleash physicality. She eventually attempts a leg drop, but the recovered Natalya moves away, opening a chance for retribution. Natalya takes Summer down then locks in the Sharpshooter Finishing Submission, forcing Summer eventually to tap and awarding her the win. Natalya wins the match.

(Natalya vs Summer Rae)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another Good Match between Natalya and Summer Rae, and again, one of their best. Looking back at this match then thinking back to their first few encounters, its clear how far Summer has come in the ring and there’s also no denying how much Summers move-set has expanded and how well over the time she has adapted to Natalya’s submissive move-set, and again, the chemistry on display is again feeling reminiscent of Sasha vs Becky to the point where, with continued improvement, these two can easily steal a show against each other. A Very enjoyable match between the two divas who easily deserve a WrestleMania slot, and I’ll go as far as say this is an underrated match of the year candidate not only based on chemistry but other factors, but then again, Superstars and other B Side shows is a way of giving various divas time to showcase themselves to a majority in the ring.

– Catherine


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