WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Ravishing Force May Have a New Member (March, 18th 2016)

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Welcome to a rather late report on this past weeks Main Event episode. As the build to WrestleMania for the side feud continues (with the exception of this weeks RAW to a certain extent) a new enemy made for Lana, aka Paige, battled Summer Rae in Singles action. It was to no surprise that per her confrontation many days before with the Ravishing Russian, that she would surely be on hand to provide some mischief..

Paige and Summer lock up to begin things, leading to Paige taking down Summer to the mat. Summer tries to raise herself from the mat to no avail and gets caught in Paige’s first pin attempt of the match. Breaking out of that, Summer gets no time to find momentum, as shes headbutted into a corner by Paige. Paige stomps at the fellow diva in the corner, then attempts a high running knee that Summer averts by sending Paige over the ropes. Paige manages her apron landing and manages to knock off a follow up attack from Summer, hitting her back with a forearm. Paige lets out her signature scream before being alert at the sound of Lana’s entrance music. The Troublesome blonde walks down the ramp and to ringside to inspect Paige’s match.

Paige blocks Summers attempted attack despite the distraction lead by Lana, forearming Summer to the mat. Paige glances over at Lana before executing her multiple knee shots to Summer on the apron, but before she can nail the final one, Summer counters and knocks Paige to the apron. Paige falls to the floor, with Summer following her out, grabbing her and running her face first into the apron. Summer rolls Paige back to the ring, charging after her as she makes her way back inside and setting her up to be choked against the ropes, closest to the commentary table and directly in Lana’s view. Summer furiously chokes Paige with her boot against the nearest corner turnbuckles to follow. Summers momentum only furthers when she drops Paige back first against the mat. After much offense, Summer covers Paige and gets a near fall on the former divas champ.

Summer resorts to a rear choke-hold on Paige, with Paige trying to force herself out of the blondes grip as she aims punches at her. Shes whipped to the ropes and into Summer’s roundhouse kick. Summer gets a near fall again on Paige. Summer reverts back to the rear choke-hold, with Paige eventually countering to break. Paige scores a load of kicks to Summer and nails a running knee in the corner. Paige tosses Summer out of the same corner and hits the running knee in the center to Summer for a near fall. Paige blows a mocking kiss to the unimpressed Lana then avoids Summers arm wringer counter and super-kicks her. Lana heads to the apron to try distract, allowing Summer to roll up Paige as she stalks the Ravishing Russian with easily cruel intentions. Unfortunately for Lana, Paige counters Summers roll up into her own and pins Summer. Paige wins the match.

Paige spends no time celebrating the victory over the fellow NXT Alumni, turning her focus to Lana who still hangs at the apron. Paige pulls Lana into the ring but Summer attacks Paige from behind. Following this attack, Lana floors Paige completely via the Chick Kick and walks out of the ring.

(Paige vs Summer Rae feat Lana)

Thoughts On This Match:
It was too short to my liking in all honesty, even though the post match developments saw more expansion of Lana’s ring skills yet to be fully showcased, and with the extra tease of Summer being on Team Lana just through the minor assist. Though Lana and Brie are the main enemies going into Mania, this match alone made me want a Paige vs Lana angle in the near future.

– Catherine


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