CATTIE’S CATCH UP: Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim; Steel Cage Match for the Knockouts Championship (May, 29th 2015)

taryn 419

Welcome All to a New Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. Having caught up with this weeks IMPACT which i will eventually report on, we saw the (unfortunate) dissension and ultimate break up of the Dollhouse. The Stable forged by Jade and Marti Belle last spring, expanded with the addition of then Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell, then Rebel later into 2015, then Awesome Kong as the substitute leader with Taryns departure, saw their unity dissolve over a potential shot at the Knockouts Championship, a title once within the hands of the Stable.

On the Same Year, Taryn Terrell’s addition and overall takeover as Leader of the Dollhouse lead to her and the fellow dolls, Jade and Marti, pursuing Gail Kim for many months in a relentless quest to overthrow Gail and allow Taryn to reign over the Division as the greater Knockout. After many personal jabs following Taryn’s swerve heel turn, Gail squared off with the once respected competitor on the May 29th episode of IMPACT, within six sides of steel. Not only would the veteran be defeated by her longtime rival Taryn, but the strong fellow Knockout Awesome Kong was left to helplessly watch Taryn decimate Gail and injure her when the match closed, making a further statement for the Dollhouse on the division they seemingly took over up until Gail’s return.

– Catherine


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