TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Dissolution of the Dollhouse (March, 22nd 2016)

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Greetings All to This weeks IMPACT write up, furthering the Knockouts Storylines going on in downtown Orlando. This week, a sneaky tactic by apparent contender to the Knockouts Title Maria Kanellis has shockingly made the Dollhouse’s remaining members contend with each other, not only for one-upmanship but for a chance at the divisions prestigious prize.

The Boastful Maria sounds off on her big (roll up) victory over TNAs current KOs champ Gail Kim, stating this as an action that proves she is a woman of action than rather just words. To add to that, she has something planned that will change the division forever.

Originally fighting Gail for the Knockouts Title tonight, out comes Maria, but rather than face Gail as the Champ so wants, she has a mic in hand and calls down the Dollhouse members Marti, Jade and Rebel. Maria compliments the heel trio, but outside of compliments there is also much more to be seen, and thus, through a meeting with TNAs management she has granted only one member of the Dollhouse a shot at Gail Kim’s title, pitting Marti, Jade and Rebel in a Triple Threat against each other to decide who exactly will take Marias Shot as Contender to the Knockouts Title. Though this match does indeed spell the “Death of the Dollhouse” Maria riles up the women by promising the victor will make it to future stardom. Having to take in the fact the match has been forced upon them, the Dollhouse do battle.

Maria joins the commentary table as mass bickering ensues between Marti, Jade and Rebel in the ring. Rebel tries to bring on the first assault and gets shoved by Jade and Marti in unison, and they are shocked as Rebel lunges at them again. Rebel seems to have had enough and charges at Marti and Jade, who take her down via double forearms. Marti and Jade declare their partnership as they stomp down on Rebel one after the other. Marti sets up Rebel in the corner and nails a number of stomps to the fellow Knockout, then assists in whipping Jade into Rebel in the corner, allowing Jade to connect successfully with double knees to Rebel. Marti and Jade continue to work together as they execute a back body drop to Rebel away from the corner turnbuckles. Both women try to pin Rebel at the same time, and the arguments spurt again.

Rebel tries to bounce back strongly with back to back forearms to Jade and Marti, taking to the ropes right after but being sent back to the mat via kicks from the other Dollhouse members. Jade allows Marti a chance to pin Rebel, and Marti gets a near fall. As Marti bickers with the referee for a small amount of time, the attention is turned to Jade’s sneaky pin attempt on Rebel, leading to a near fall. More arguments ensue between the hopeful contenders of Jade and Marti, but despite this, they counter an oncoming attack from Rebel. Jade and Marti target separate legs of Rebels, breaking into another argument over who should gain the advantage with the submission, both refusing to let Rebel go. Marti gives Jade a verbal piece of her mind, taking boths concentration off their supposed other friend, Rebel, who regroups by the ropes then takes down the Knockouts with a double clothesline. Rebel heads upward to the top turnbuckle, diving onto both Marti and Jade with her diving cross-body, getting a near fall on Marti.

Having sent down Marti with a backbreaker, Rebel also fends off Jade with a sudden roundhouse kick. Marti regroups in time to avoid Rebels single split leg drop, heading to the ropes and hitting the flip cutter to Rebel. Marti gets another near fall on Rebel. Marti scoops Rebel and connects with the side Russian leg sweep for yet another near fall. Marti whips Rebel into a corner, missing a boot to the fleeing Rebel in the same corner, and Rebel, having avoided the prior attack from Marti, gets a boot from Jade instead. Snapmaring her from the turnbuckles, Jade then gets some kicks in to Rebel. Jade is only equally as vicious as she hits a singular running knee to the face of Rebel, covering Rebel for a near fall. The Furious Jade continues to overwhelm Rebel and locks in a chin-lock, averting Rebels potential counter and sending her to the mat with a suplex. This allows Jade to score another near fall on Rebel.

Rebel makes it to her feet eventually and throws forearms to stall Jades upcoming attack from the corner turnbuckles. Rebel climbs the turnbuckles to join Jade, then Marti staggers over, sending both Knockouts down with a tower of doom suplex. Maria voices her praise as she eyes all three Dollhouse members who stay laid on the mat for a period of time. Once the three make it on their feet, Rebel ducks Martis clothesline but Marti regroups quickly and charges at Jade, taking her down with a clothesline. Stalking the angry fellow Dollhouse member, Marti seems to forget Rebel, who sneaks in and rolls Marti up, but the pin attempt is broken at two when Jade kicks Rebel. Jade goes on a full on rampage, demanding both Dolls up and hitting them with kicks. Jade flattens both Marti and Rebel, on top of one another, and pins both at the same time, not just winning the match, but earning her shot as the Knockouts Championship Contender.

(Maria Kanellis, Gail Kim and the Dollhouse Segment; Marti Bell vs Rebel vs Jade; Number One Contenders Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
First the positives. I Loved how each Knockout got decent ring time and a chance to showcase their ongoing improvements (referencing Rebel and Marti). The Negatives seem too many for me but I’ll voice them. I didn’t like how the first few moments were booked with Rebel attacking Marti and Jade, it almost made her overall place in the Dollhouse feel meaningless BUT it backs up the idea of a match of such stakes being about every woman for themselves. The match was slow in parts, but again, was a timely showcase for each competitor, and for me, Rebel is again showcasing much improvements so it would be a shame to see her be on the back-burner during Jade’s rise. That and Marti oozes personality and charisma as well as mic skills but im not sure what TNA will do with her in the near future. Jades win was no shock but i felt the overall match planning was creatives decision with no back up story for Rebel and Marti while Jade rises to glory, but in turn, also ending a stable that came together so greatly but lost much momentum and steam not only through multiple encounters with the Beautiful People, but overall through Taryn’s departure and the return of Gail. I Just hope there are plans for Marti and Rebel in the future, especially with Raquel no longer having a role as Lashleys manager, opening chances for her to be introduced to the Knockouts Division. But after multi chances at the title, Jade’s newest shot cannot go unnoticed, as a new Knockouts Champion is certainly needed to further chances for other Knockouts and to focus on the development of those who also hold the title.

– Catherine


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