WWE NXT RESULTS: A Bow Out and An Extra Shot of Momentum (March, 23rd 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks Sure to be Lengthy NXT Report, featuring an also sure to be awesome NXT Takeover London Rematch between Emma and NXT Women’s Championship Contender Asuka in what may be Emma’s last match in the developmental system (as some may figure if you have watched this weeks WWE Main Event.) That, Plus Alexa Bliss takes on a familiar face from the Indys, Sara Dobson (Crazy Mary Dobson).

In addition to the announcement that Emma will face Asuka tonight, the villainous Aussie and her equally as villainous partner, Dana Brooke, are interviewed backstage. Emma is questioned on how tonight’s battle vs Asuka will be different from the last match they had at the previous NXT Takeover show. Emma states shes been doing much training, putting her mind together with the likes of Dana, because as they say, two minds are better than one. Dana says shes been helping Emma prepare because what else could she do with Asuka sidelining her, and though she may look fine, being the total package, she isn’t and if it was down to her, she would take Asuka on. Instead Emma has the job, and Emma makes it clear shes been waiting for the moment, to prove that she may have knocked her down before but shes not out. Emma gives out one final statement that she should be competing vs Bayley at Dallas and Asuka may be dubbed as the “Empress of Tomorrow” but she wont make it passed the day.

Moving on from a package about the newest NXT signee Shinsuke Nakamura, Alexa Bliss comes out with Blake and Murphy to face Sara Dobson in the first women’s match of the night. Speaking of Alexa, her smile disappears after sighting her boys to seeing Sara show off some early moves. Alexa locks up with Sara, who fends her off. Alexa appears angry, charging at Sara who ducks under the oncoming attack. Sara scores a dropkick to the face of Alexa, and Alexa backs into the corner, seemingly demanding Sara away but being ignored. Alexa moves from the corner and Sara crashes into the same corner turnbuckles. Alexa hits a high kick then snapmares Sara out of the corner and executes a load of aggressive forearms. Alexa attempts her first pin attempt of the match, which Sara kicks out of at one.

Alexa attacks the back of Sara, only adding more damage as she stomps on the back while hanging to the ropes. Alexa showboats then slaps Sara in front of the impressed former NXT Tag Team Champions, taunting the fellow competitor after and being caught in Dobson’s sudden roll up. Sara gets a near fall on Alexa. Alexa looks to quickly reverse momentum by hitting a knee to the midsection of Sara, snapmaring her after and applying a stretch hold. Eventually releasing, she targets the back of Sara with kicks and elbows. Alexa chokes Sara against the second rope then whips her from one corner turnbuckle to another. Alexa unloads with shoulder tackles to Sara against the particular corner, then whips her into another corner, only this time Sara smartly floats over it and positions on the apron. Sara manages to fend off Alexa slightly with a knee from behind the ropes, and she gets in a boot also before climbing the turnbuckles. Sara hits flying double knees off the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Sara then scoops Alexa upward but Alexa breaks from her grip with a big forearm strike, only missing her oncoming attack and instead falling into the second rope. Sara goes for the next move but Blake distracts the ref, allowing Murphy to move Alexa away from Sara’s attack and avoid it completely. After tossing Sara to the mat and kicking at her, Alexa scores a Glitz Flip then Sparkle Splashes her for the finish. Alexa pins Sara for the victory and wins the match.

Moving onward, and later the women are back again for the mentioned Main Event, as Asuka takes on Emma in an NXT Takeover London Rematch. Emma is out first, joined by a troublesome Dana Brooke, while Asuka emerges alone. Asuka and Emma begin with a lock up, leading to Emma forcing Asuka to a nearby corner. Emma releases her grip on Asuka, attempting a forearm but missing her target when Asuka quickly moves away. Emma avoids stumbling into Asuka’s lethal Roundhouse, then slowly motions out of the corner. Another lock up leads to Emma placing Asuka in a side headlock, following with a take-down while keeping Asuka busy, caught in the same headlock. Asuka whips Emma to break free, but Emma comes back by sending down Asuka with her shoulder. Emma takes to the ropes, unexpectedly tripped by Asuka, who gets back to her feet. Asuka secures her own headlock to Emma to reverse momentum, and Emma sends Asuka to the ropes in hopes of breaking free, but Asuka comes back with her own attack to send Emma to the mat. Asuka heads to the ropes, dodging Emma’s hopeful comeback attacks and also showing off a little unexpected dance move to taunt Emma. Asuka captures Emma in a jumping armbar but just before she can look to secure the finishing Asuka Lock, Emma finds much strength to make it to the ropes and force the fellow competitor to break. Emma tries to regroup from the outside apron, but Asuka has other ideas, and sends Emma flying to the ramp with a running hip attack.

Returning to the match from a quick commercial break, Emma is back in the ring and in Asuka’s territory, as the Empress of Tomorrow appears in control as she targets Emma’s left arm continuously in the hopes of securing an armbar. Emma tries multiple times to counter and break free, even with use of the ropes, but to no avail. Emma gets in elbows but is sent back to the mat by Asuka, who targets the left leg of Emma into an eventual ankle lock. Emma uses the other leg to roll out, and this sends Asuka flying to the floor at the same time. Asuka climbs back to the apron but Emma trips her before she can fully climb back in. As Chants break out on the side of Asuka, Emma aggressively kicks at the back of Asuka, attempting to keep her down, and Emma only continues the momentum as she runs Asuka face first into the nearest corner turnbuckle. After some kicks, Emma snapmares Asuka, hitting with a knee to Asuka’s back before applying another stretch hold, also standing on the hair of Asuka. Emma goes right into a cover but gets a one count on the seemingly fired up Asuka, but before Asuka can strike back, Emma resorts to another stretch hold. Emma even resorts to a sleeper as she has Asuka grounded on the mat, keeping Asuka busy on the way back up with a rear choke-hold, and striking Asuka some more as she tries to make the comeback. Emma runs the ropes, but also runs into a sudden kick by Asuka, the first of few.

Emma avoids a third kick, rolling Asuka over and also forcing herself to her feet, ducking a swinging clothesline by Asuka and grabbing her by her hair to send her back to the mat. Emma goes for her next pin attempt on Asuka, resulting in another one count. Emma lobs her knee multiple times into Asuka’s lower back, applying additional pressure before being forced to break. Emma elbows Asuka then whips her from one corner to another. Emma knees Asuka head first in the same corner then sets her up upside down against the turnbuckles, hoisting up the upper body and leaving her defenseless and unable to counter a set of knees to her back. Emma takes herself outside, yanking Asuka’s hair from ringside for a few moments, then returning to the ring and distracting the referee for a short moment as Dana repeats Emma’s earlier move of pulling Asukas hair from ringside. Dana bolts to the previous position before she can be noticed. Asuka rests in the corner, but doesn’t recover in enough time to block the running cross-body from Emma. Emma rolls over Asuka for another pin attempt, another one count, much a surprise considering how much offense Asuka had taken. Asuka screeches as she forces herself out of another one of Emma’s pin attempts.

Emma viciously attacks Asuka near an opposite corner to try send Asuka down upon her attempted comeback. Asuka reverses a whip from Emma, but Emma hangs to the ropes rather than run into the possible attack by Asuka. Asuka dodges Emma’s clothesline and starts the comeback as she sends down Emma with the hip attack. Asuka gets a couple of kicks in, but Emma blocks her fourth, going for a clothesline that Asuka avoids. Asuka gets a spinning back elbow but misses a follow up roundhouse to Emma, and Emma scores a forearm to the face of Asuka. Emma dropkicks Asuka over to the ropes, but Asuka uses the impact to force herself into the ropes and bounce forward with a sudden hip attack. Asuka gets a near fall on Emma. Asuka watches Emma regroup in the corner, attempting to kick Emma against the same corner but missing. Asuka runs after a fleeing Emma, grabbing her hair, but Emma runs her into the corner with her shoulder. Emma rolls up Asuka and tries to pin while sneaking both feet onto the second rope, which the referee notices, disallowing her pin attempt after the count of two.

The Angry Emma bickers with the referee for halting her pin attempt, turns and luckily avoids Asuka’s kick. Asuka blocks a returning kick by Emma and cleverly reverses it into a Ankle lock. Asuka soon reverses this into a German Suplex. Asuka kicks Emma then eventually forces her into the painful Asuka Lock. Despite her hard fought effort, Emma taps and the Number One Contender to the NXT Womens Title emerges victorious.

(Dana Brooke and Emma Backstage Segment)

(Sara Dobson vs Alexa Bliss w/ Blake and Murphy)

(Emma w/ Dana Brooke vs Asuka)

Thoughts On:
Sara/Alexa: Relatively short, but glad it wasn’t a one sided effort as i loved some of Sara’s comeback moments that showcased her own ring skill, which i have yet to see to a full extent. To Me, the Match just served as a way to show just what the NXT Women’s Divisions competitors can do, even if there wasn’t wholly a story behind it but just rather that reasoning and im also loving (maybe out of a little biasedness) the assists of Blake and Murphy that are making them a factor in Alexa’s matches and in her eventual victories. All i wish for is a little more ring time and a little move-set expansion by Alexa but other than that, an enjoyable short encounter.

Emma/Asuka: LOVED this match. Even if it wasn’t on par with the previous effort back at London, what stood out to me was the mega changes in the story of this match, basically showcasing what Emma has learned from the previous experience with Asuka and to come out with the ability to fully ground Asuka and dominate her in ways no other woman has yet to do in the division to a certain point, and on top, she was able to dominate Asuka at points without more controversial assists, putting the focus wholly on the two in the ring than on Dana who was mutual support 98% of the time. Looking at the spoilers many weeks ago, i never would have thought this would be Emma’s last NXT match considering her being called back up to the main roster this week, but there’s no other way she could have gone out considering Asuka is (in my opinion) her best opponent and the opponent shes shown to have the most chemistry with out of all she has faced in her secondary run. Though Emma saying goodbye to NXT is bittersweet considering how much the fans clung to hope of her facing Bayley, there’s no doubt NXT will be happy to have given Emma the opportunity of a run with Asuka that allowed her to show herself to her full potential, so now we can only hope the main roster duplicates this unlike what they did with Emma the first time.

– Catherine


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