WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Momentum for Team Lana Continues with the Force of the Emmalution (March, 25th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks WWE Main Event report, which may i add is going to bring some spectacular news! Though this particular moment somehow missed out on happening on RAW, Main Event provided the opportunity to further spruce the issues between Lana and various Total Divas, all this taking place during a scheduled match between Naomi and former Divas Champion Paige.

Paige emerges from the back with once teammate turned official babyface comrade Alicia Fox and Natalya at her side, per the current Total Divas vs Team Lana angle, while her opponent Naomi emerges with expectedly Tamina and the newest comrade and associate on the side of NaoMina, the sneaky Lana. Lana seats herself at the side of Tamina on the commentary table to witness the match. While Lana introduces herself to the commentators, the action begins in the ring as Naomi and Paige lock up. Naomi gets on the attack with her fast high kicks, overwhelming the diva early and furthering the assault with an inziguiri. Naomi executes a split leg drop, shades of her once comrade Cameron to get the first near fall of the match.

Naomi taunts Paige constantly, leading her into the corner where she chokes her. Paige looks to come back with a kick, getting in some more before Naomi gets an eventual reversal, slapping Paige across the face before her running crossbody is diverted. Paige nails a Fallaway Slam to Naomi, followed with a running knee strike and Paige gets a near fall on Naomi. Paige eyes Lana slightly before an attempt to whip Naomi to a corner is reversed, with Paige crashing into a corner instead. Paige sends the charging Naomi over the ropes, with Naomi perfecting the landing on the apron, slapping Paige away to create space, then climbing the turnbuckles. Paige swiftly makes her way back to the turnbuckles to join Naomi, weakening her a little before sending her jaw first into the ropes. Paige begins to drag Naomi away from the ropes when an unexpected occurrence happens…

Out from the back comes Summer Rae, joined by her fellow NXT Alumni Emma. All Revealed to be a Plan of Lana’s, Emma and Summer bolt to ringside, attacking Alicia Fox and Natalya. Despite watching her friends be taken down, Paige tries to lunge at Naomi as she tries to focus on the match, taking a high kick instead from Naomi, who launches herself back into the ring, rolling Paige over and setting her up for the Slaymission submission maneuver. Paige taps, awarding Naomi the victory, but rather than celebrate, Naomi attacks her further upon the bell ringing. Clearing Paige from the ring, the victorious Naomi poses with Lana, Tamina, Summer Rae and Emma, officially forming the villainous force scheduled to take the Total Divas on at WrestleMania.

(Paige w/ Alicia Fox and Natalya vs Naomi w/ Tamina and Lana; Emma Returns)

(Team Lana Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
As Much as the mid match developments easily take away the focus from the match, i thought the match, despite it being unjustifiably short, was really good for the time given, and could have, in my opinion, easily replaced Charlotte’s match from RAW or even got time in the place of another match, as a return as impactful as Emma’s shouldn’t be left to a show that is considered a B Side Show, of little importance to RAW. But despite that, the return of Emma, which i never expected weeks ago, got the promotion needed to help promote the soon to be announced multi divas tag, and looking at the whole scenario, it now makes sense why Emma and Asuka were booked to clash on NXT, as a possible way to send Emma off and back to the main roster by bowing out in defeat against her best opponent in the particular territory. I’m Happy for Emma to get exposure as a heel on the main roster, and to also be on the side of someone she has much chemistry with, Summer Rae, so now i can only hope she gets treated like the talent she is compared to her original run when she was first promoted as the goofy babyface, especially because its well known how Vince can go off talents so quickly, Lana and the Ascension being previous examples. I Also Hope Emma’s return leads to the heels winning at Mania unless Emma gets a good payoff with a good feud to follow, but i wouldn’t be surprised to see the Total Divas winning with it being Bries Last Mania unless she was to allow Lana to pin her to send her off officially.  Another on the list of positives was how Summer also felt important in the developments rather than just being there because shes a heel, though i wouldn’t be surprised if she displays tension with Lana at or after Mania.

– Catherine


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