WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: No Luck On The Side of Flair (March, 24th 2016)

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On top of the major developments on the divas side feud this week on Main Event, this weeks Smackdown picked up where RAW didn’t leave off with some development in the main divas feud, as Sasha Banks and Charlotte, two opponents well known for their numerous show stealers back in NXT, clashed in a non title match with one excited (as well as plotting) Lasskicker, viewing the women’s clash from ringside. The Question remains however whether Charlotte will continue the Momentum from Monday or will Sasha continue to extend her undefeated main roster streak?

For the first time in a LONG LONG time the Divas are opening Smackdown, as Charlotte, joined by her Hall of Fame Father Ric Flair, opens with a promo relatable to WrestleMania. Sasha then comes out to a nice reaction for the match, while Becky also joins commentary. Sasha chases Charlotte in the opening moments, but the Divas Champion bolts to the outside. Sasha has enough of Charlotte’s outside taunting, chasing after her once again, following her to the ring and taking a forearm to the face. Charlotte yanks Sasha into the ring, taunting the audience before Sasha makes a comeback as she takes the Divas Champion to the mat. Sasha pounds on Charlotte with furious forearms, then eyeing Ric before hitting the ropes, imitating the Flair Strut and slapping the Hall of Famers daughter. If that wasn’t hard enough for Charlotte, she ends up on the end of Banks dropkick as well. Sasha goes for her first pin attempt of the match, getting a one count result.

Sasha takes Charlotte into her hands again, only this time brought down by a hard knee strike by the Divas Champion. Sasha reverses a whip by Charlotte, roping her into a forearm. Sasha heads back to the ropes, but as she makes it there, Ric brings on a distraction. Sasha eyes Ric then ends up taking a big boot from Charlotte, who capitalizes on the Hall of Famers assist. Charlotte pounds the back of Sasha’s head against the mat a number of times, then attempting a suplex which Sasha attempts to block, only to end up on the end of Charlotte’s counter into a neckbreaker. Charlotte keeps Sasha busy in a chokehold, taking some punches in the midsection from the opposer. The Divas Champion takes Sasha to the ropes and sets up the next move which Sasha counters. Sasha rolls up Charlotte to get the first near fall of the match.

Sasha takes down Charlotte using both legs, covering her while bridging but its soon cancelled when Charlotte raises herself and Sasha from the mat. Charlotte sends Sasha flying with an exploder suplex, attempting to attack Sasha afterward in the corner but Sasha blocks the oncoming assault with an elbow. Sasha blocks Charlotte’s second attempted strike with a boot, but misses her clothesline, instead being sent to the mat via a hard chop from Charlotte. Before Charlotte can continue, Sasha fires back with a chop, taking another from Charlotte before returning the favor with a forearm. Sasha ducks under Charlotte’s offense and starts firing multi forearms at her, then sending her to the ropes. Charlotte tries to boot Sasha, who cleverly blocks it, grabbing the foot, sending it downward and kneeing her. Sasha crashes onto Charlotte for another near fall.

Shaking off the pinfall result, Sasha continues the offense as she scores double knees to Charlotte against the corner. Blocking both of Charlotte’s feet, Sasha swings them over to the ropes, setting her up between the ropes for double knees, which the champ averts by heading outside. Sasha doesn’t wait for the champ to return, attacking her between the ropes. Charlotte soon sees herself face to face with Becky, nearly launching Sasha into her. Becky takes offense to this, so Sasha just shoves her away. Sasha hits the ring, ending up on the end of the chokeslam from Charlotte, who takes her time to taunt and set up the figure eight, which Sasha capitalizes on, as she pulls Charlotte midway into a roll up, pinning the Divas Champion. Sasha wins the match.

Sasha doesn’t even get ten seconds to celebrate this victory, as Becky, angry over earlier, charges to the ring and lays her out. Becky doesn’t only have her as a target in mind however with Mania on her mind, also attacking the Champion before walking to the back. Charlotte tries making it to her feet, but Sasha darts back in, hitting with a backstabber out of nowhere. Sasha also leaves the ring, having also left a path of carnage.

(Sasha Banks vs Charlotte w/ Ric Flair; Non Title Match; Becky Lynch on Commentary)

Thoughts On This Match:
Just Like Main Event this week, another good match despite the time given, though it was indeed longer than the mentioned. It was a sure preview for anyone new of what Sasha and Charlotte can duplicate from their NXT bouts, using what they execute in those for their main roster matches, using the expected back to back (chemistry full) offense to put on an incredible short encounter. I Loved the post match developments with Becky particularly, displaying her as the no nonsense Becky Lynch, no puns, no jokes, just full on eyes set on the prize, the only negative being how Sasha seemed to have recovered from Lynch’s assault so quickly.

– Catherine


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