Lucha Underground Results: Surprises Set the Stage for Not Just Muertes’s Dethroning (March, 23rd 2016)

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Welcome All to My Last Report of Pre Mania Week, this time focusing on an action packed episode of Lucha Underground. As Hyped over the past few weeks, and as built dramatically by a Certain Mistress of the Underworld Catrina last week, Aztec Warfare would go down for close enough to an hour this week, only this time with the twist of the Lucha Underground Championship being on the line, a move executed by Catrina in revenge for Mil Muertes losing the title to the defending champion Fenix.

Enraged over Mils defeat, Catrina takes it out on two competitors in the Aztec Warfare battle Fenix, the now Lucha Underground Champion, and Pentagon Jr in the opening segment. Being the Jefe of the temple, Catrina believes Pentagons chance was taken the moment he tried to hurt her. None Shaken by the angry tone, Pentagon tells Catrina he isn’t afraid of her, adding that she doesn’t command him. Pentagon makes things clear that if he serves anyone, it is only his master. He declares that he is someone who has no fear but Catrina insists that he has yet to know true fear before turning her attention to the other competitor, the man all remember for dethroning Mil last week, Fenix. Catrina is sure that Fenix barely survived the battle vs Mil Muertes last week, assured also that the defending champion will take his last breath tonight, while Mil regains his championship gold. Having said this, she disappears from the scene, as neither show intimidation towards her threats.

We Head to the ring to begin Aztec Warfare, which will go on for the remainder of the show as the only bout of the night, the rules being that combatants are only eliminated via pin-fall or submission. Before we head to this match, we also learn that Pentagon Jr has not been invited to compete, obviously at the demand of Catrina. As also revealed last week, the defending champion, Fenix, is the first entrant in this particular match. Taya is the first and only woman to enter the match as the ninth entrant, joining Jack Evans and Johnny Mundo in a beat-down on Rey Mysterio, Fenix and Prince Puma. Clearing the other two from the ring, Mundo, Evans and Taya circle a laid out Rey inside the ring. Taya and Evans hold out Rey for Mundo to Mock, but things soon get serious when the next entrant emerges….that being Cage. Cage clotheslines Mundo, following by also taking out Taya, then Evans after being barely moved by a dropkick.

Returning to the match from a break, Cage sets up Mundo for a possible ringside powerbomb, which Taya tries to throw him off doing. Taya attempts to dive onto Cage, or into his arms, scoop slammed onto the ground. While his girl recovers, Mundo unleashes a comeback assault on Cage. If that wasn’t brutal enough, Mundo tosses Cage through an office window, smashing the glass in turn. Taya is later back body dropped into the apron by Cage, moments before the insane Marty the Moth enters the battle. Sometime after Chavo’s entry into the match as number fifteen, Taya pulls down the ropes to avert Rey’s attempted running crossbody, and Mundo charges over to Cage, smashing cinderblocks over his head. Taya takes advantage of this attack from Mundo to pin Cage and eliminate him from Aztec Warfare. Taya ends up suplexed seconds later and pinned to be eliminated.

Entering at Twenty is the former Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes with Catrina at his side. Unlucky for the Mistress of the Underworld, the man she had threatened before, Pentagon Jr, emerges from the back to distract Mil, and furious at this, she takes it out on Vampiro, calling him over and slapping him before freezing at the presence of the returning Dario Cueto, the original boss of the promotion and of the temple. Catrina is furious as Dario resumes control of operations upon returning in front of an upbeat crowd, announcing a last entrant into Aztec Warfare, his brother, the Maniacal Matanza, who eventually goes on to become Lucha Underground Champion.

Thoughts On This Match:
Last Looking at Wikipedia and seeing how long Fenix’s reign supposedly is or was, i was surprised to see Matanza’s debut air so quickly, though i also expected it. I’m not sure if this is the season finale, i doubt it considering there was no video vignettes to finalize the episode, but Catrina and Mil seem to be set to feud with Pentagon for a while, but im also expecting some sort of confrontation between Catrina and Dario, and maybe even herself and Black Lotus in the future. Talking the match, it was absolute Havoc in a good way, and i cant say enough about how amazing also the Mack is and how well executed the story of Matanza has been. Lucha Underground is all business, and that only continues onward. Another great showing.

– Catherine


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