Your Monday Post #102: Paige and AJ Lee vs Brie Bella and Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 31 (March, 29th 2015)

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Happy WrestleMania Week Everyone and Welcome to This Weeks Your Monday Post focused specifically on the topic of WrestleMania, which is soon upon us. As we continue to predict who goes over whom in this Sundays multiple diva bouts, lets jump back in time to the 31st WrestleMania that went down last year, as frenemies turned comrades for the night AJ Lee and Paige, both former Divas Champions, battled the Bella Twins in Divas Tag Team Action.

After the Fan-Sparked “Give Divas A Chance” Trend forced WWE in some way to act in the way of giving divas a chance, WWE stepped up on importance regarding the divas division, not only making divas matches feel important via commentary, but amping up the several month storyline between Paige and the Bella’s by bringing back an enemy of both the Bella’s and Paige, AJ Lee. It was documented that AJ had many issues with Paige, having being beat by the Anti Diva the night after WrestleMania 30 that, in turn, lead to Paige taking her divas title, leading to the “Crazy One” duplicating that strategy sometime later to become a 3x Divas Champion and spark the rage of the fellow competitor. However AJ put issues with the NXT Alumni aside, having known of Paige’s ongoing issues with the Bella’s, who continuously controlled the division over the time, and combining that with her own documented rivalry with the Total Divas Stars, despite struggles, AJ, reeling Paige into accepting a WrestleMania Tag Team Clash, went into WrestleMania 31 with the fellow diva to end their quest to dethrone the Bella’s on the main stage, hoping to be and overall ending up victorious, though any chance at taking a title in turn was spared as Nikki Bella’s reign continued for much time.

– Catherine


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