TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Battle for Deserving Righteousness & Future Championship Glory (March, 29th 2016)

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Hello to All. Welcome to this weeks IMPACT report, the last episode of March as we head into April. In A Match the Spoilers (the ones that i saw) didn’t pick up, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne battled in a Number One Contenders Match booked wholly by the Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. The Story may be confusing for the time being but the summary of the backstage segment sums it up…

But before we get to that, former world champ Matt Hardy, alongside his wife Reby Sky, Tyrus and Spud, is fuming at his brother earning a title shot against the current and recently crowned champion Drew Galloway, protesting over his rematch clause. The Complaining former title holder is interrupted by not just Maria but Mike Bennett. While shutting down Hardy’s complacency, he makes it clear that the business is in need of a “Miracle”, adding that he is sure to be the world champ, to Rebys dismay. Reby then steps in in defense of the former champ by getting in the face of Maria. Matt and Tyrus then have to hold back Reby from brawling with Maria, who stays unafraid or moved by Rebys threat. As if Matt couldn’t be mad enough to hear Mike professing to be the next champ, hes also interrupted by the longtime rival, EC3 who promises to put Bennett through hell, EC3 comedy style. Rather than get Mike tonight, EC3 instead gets Matt, Tyrus and Spud.

Welcomed Backstage by Jeremy Borash, is the Lovely Knockouts Champ Gail. JB reflects on how Gail was initially set to defend the Championship last week against Maria, but instead Maria used her own sneaky ways to pass on the opportunity (literally) by giving her contendership spot to one member of the Dollhouse by forcing them to take on each other, with Jade ultimately standing tall when the match came to its finish. Gail makes it clear how long shes had issues with Maria to JB, with the added statement that Maria running out of the possible match proved again she was all talk. Knowing Jade is the contender now, she wishes her luck anyway, but as Maria has done, Gail has also managed to turn to TNA management and decide another contender, thus calls in the Beautiful Peoples Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Both Women thank the Champ for the opportunity, and Madison declares this next match is nothing personal, just business. Velvet finalizes by saying the match is to prove who wants it more, and wishes Madison the best of luck before walking off with her seemingly unimpressed partner.

Following a segment between the reunited BroMans, Velvet is midway to the ring, posing with the signature pose on the apron Beautiful people style before the entrance of Madison Rayne follows. Velvet and Madison rally the crowd on the bell, and as Madison continues that, she happens to have her back turned to the fellow Beautiful People member who ropes her into a sudden roll up, leading to a near fall, the first of the match. Madison looks a little confused at this, but Velvet continues to show respect regardless. They Rally the crowd up again before engaging in their first lock up of the match. Madison arm drags Velvet to the mat and gets a near fall. Velvet grasps onto Madison with a headlock, taking control during the secondary lock up. Madison soon reverses into her own side headlock, sent to the ropes within moments by Velvet. Madison comes back with an elbow that takes Velvet to the mat. Madison runs the ropes, averts a counter from Velvet and rolls her into another pin attempt, and another near fall.

Velvet trips Madison into a pin attempt of her own, leading to another near fall. Madison rolls Velvet over once more to score another near fall. Velvet counters into her own. It comes to a stalemate as Velvet and Madison stare down from opposite sides of the ring, and they try show one another sportsmanship again, only this time Velvet tries to drag her closer towards her, refusing to let her grip loose. Madison takes offense and screeches at her. Madison runs Velvet back first into the corner, forearming her after releasing her grip. The Two go back and forth on forearm shots into the corner. Madison eventually takes over with a number of hard chops to the chest of Velvet. Velvet is whipped to an opposite corner, taken down by a clothesline from Madison. Madison covers again for another near fall.

Madison nails a running dropkick for yet another near fall. Madison hits a northern lights suplex, bridging in another pin attempt, with the same result. Madison charges over to a re-cooperating Velvet in a nearby corner, but ends up being hit by a boot. Velvet uses both feet to send Madison away, then she begins to fire back with some clotheslines. Velvet nails a spinning elbow, connecting with a flurry of high kicks, finalizing with a neckbreaker off the ropes and an additional bulldog for another near fall. Velvet kicks again, setting up for another bulldog, but Madison counters it, leading to Velvet running to the ropes with no grip on Madison instead. Velvet regroups in time to avoid Madison’s running shoulder tackle into the corner, leading to Madison being sandwiched in between the turnbuckles. Velvet readies for her finisher, but Madison takes her down with her legs and bridges into another pin attempt, one that sees her go over Velvet. Madison wins the match and despite some presumed tension, Sky instead celebrates with her.

(Matt Hardy, Tyrus, Spud, Reby Sky, Mike Bennett, Maria and Ethan Carter Segment)

(Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne; Number One Contenders Match)

Thoughts On:
Opening Segment: Okay i did originally miss the beginning of IMPACT, but i NEVER expected Reby and Maria to interact at all, and as much as i aren’t a fan of Reby currently, shes a fantastic heel for sure. But of course they aren’t going to let two heels fight so thats understandable. Also EC3 is playing excellently has a face, including having me in stitches over professing to the “Lord of Professional Wrestling” over eventually taking out Bennett. $’s!!!

Velvet/Madison: On top of the Reby and Maria interaction, this was another moment i didn’t see in the spoilers, but it thoroughly explains Madison’s insertion into the eventual upcoming title match. I Did like the storytelling throughout this match, that being every woman for themselves, playing up also the power trip (should i call it that?) between Gail and Maria, but i also feel like this is Velvet’s last match. Sure maybe it isn’t true that Velvet is leaving, maybe it is, but she couldn’t go out against a better opponent career wise since she has had so much backstory with Madison, and unless she stays, then i see any chance of a future angle between the two dropped. It’ll be interesting to see how Jade and Madison get their match against Gail, and whether and/or how they interact over the few weeks.

– Catherine


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